Monday, September 9, 2019

Arguing for Legalization of Gay Marriages Essay

Arguing for Legalization of Gay Marriages - Essay Example It is evident that the society and the legal system have undergone enough metamorphosis to be able to expand their definition of civil marriage and family as a union of equals regardless of their gender (Mello 56). Gay couples are people who have made an emotional and moral commitment to love each other, like in any other heterosexual marriage and should be equally legalized. In support of legalization of gay marriage, gay parents can raise emotionally stable children like any other heterosexual couples. This is contradictory to most people who are driven by an assumption that gay parents are incompetent as parents and are unfit for children upbringing. In addition, there s enough evidence that children brought up in gay marriage on average are healthier and sometimes even happier than children brought up by single promiscuous parents. Most anti-gay marriage activists have recently argued that gay marriage should not be legalized in order to preserve the ideal of a basic and traditio nal marriage, opposing evidence has been given since then to proof that same sex does would not disrupt that and that just because same sex marriage is not mentioned, does not mean it does not or should not exist. Socially, there is absolutely no doubt that the common and large numbers of marriages in the society are between a woman and a man, the rest are between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. All the gay marriages in the current world have proofed to be beyond any legal system. They are couples who are living casually ordinary life with an obligation to satisfy each other as partners in life. This is what any general marriage or family entails. Like in most states in the world and in Massachusetts the want to marry is a product of the love, commitment and a want to share a life with each other as it was by a plaintiff. These statements by The Globe helps to convince the society why the society should respect each other want to be with or spend life with whomever they want to, regardless of the sex. This is a point based on â€Å"pathos† Gay marriages are good for children rearing or up bringing. This is a reason why the Globe suggests that it should be legalized. Mello has found out that â€Å"numerous states in the world have affirmed that to deter gay or lesbian marriages from having children is to impose more discrimination on a group of people who have been previously mistreated because of gender†(28). Further, it is quite irrelevant to ban gay marriages based on the quality of their childrearing skills. Marriage is not entirely based on multiplication, and nurturing children and that logically the gay parents are legally allowed to adopt children, even though procreation is not usually a factor in their union. In any case, there are several benefits that children gain from their lesbian or gay parents’ marriage. There are several provisions fro married couples; first, the parents have a generally financially stable level be cause of role sharing. The insurances and leave financial allowances improve the material well being of children in a marriage. There is a provision for social security survivor benefits and inheritance incase the parents die. Gay parents like heterosexual parents are able to pull their resources to provide enough material wants for their children. This further supports what the editors, in The Globe wanted to put across when

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