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IBM Corporation: Competing Globally Essay

1.Do you agree with IBMs employment response to arguing from software development contractors in India like Wipro that are expanding into IT consulting services? wherefore or why non?In order for IBM to continue its gain it pass on have to expand into areas like India. They need consulting groups who can individualize their product and keep the costs low in markets like Mexico which not only makes their product more readily available and affordable it hit a type of familiarity among customers that keeps them buying the same products from the same marketers.2.Will IBMs envision to give away some of its IT assets and intellectual property and increase its digest of gift-source software products like Linux be a successful emergence strategy in the brutally competitive marketplace in which it operates? why or why not?To keep up with the growing study for youthful software and product solutions it is imperative that IBM embrace and support open solution software products like Linux. As the saying goes, If you cant beat them, join them. Linux is growing by leaps and bound and is quickly especial(a) the software maker like Microsoft who at this point does not severalise in open source software. If they do not adapt to the new way that software is being used they will be scantily another software company that has been left behind.3.Do you agree with IBM researchers assumption that IT will remain hard to use, expensive, and tire out-intensive, and with customers continuing to need help solving phone line problems for a long time to come? Should IBM bet its business on that assumption? Defend your answers to both questions.IT will absolutely remain labor intensive hard to use and expensive because engineering science changes by the nano-second. As soon as one form of technology is mastered it is what I call current history meaning that it may be thetechnology this is used currently but there is a newer, more efficient, reactive and interactive solutio n already available.

Death at midnight by Donald A. Cabana Essay

terminal at midnight is the story of Donald Cabana of his encounters while working in a prison house house called Parchman Penitentiary which was located in Mississippi. When cabana first landed in Parchman, the prison was somewhat human what with inmates being subjected to tasks such as planting cotton, vegetables and slaughtering the pigs and kine for their own consumption. On leaving Parchman a year later, Cabana returns as a warden only to find that it had been altered what with the crops now lacking and a naked gas chamber put in place.We can tell that cabana is against the destruction penalty judging from his adamancy to enter the chamber for years. Moreover, we note Cabanas efforts to vindicate the men on death row. He observed that all these men had one thing in common a disadvantaged background. In his escapades, he cultivates a special friendship with one inmate named Connie give out Evans whose crime was murdering a convenience store clerk. They manage to form a str ong bond and through this, he is able to see alone how humane Connie is judging from how sorry he is for his crime.In one instance, Cabana says, Executions rape away the veneer or life for twain the warden and the prisoner. Connie Ray Evans and I transcended our environment, and the roles in which we had been cast. The two of us had somehow managed to become real hoi polloi to each other. There were no more titles or social barriers down which either of us could hide. However, their union is cut short when Connie is randomly elect for execution by the state of Mississippi in a scend of anti-crime fervor. (Cabana A. , 1998) According to Cabana, death penalty is not the solution to getting discharge of the roots of crime.He proposes first examining the causes and consequences of the protracted warfare that our system of evaluator fosters and then proceed thereof depending on whether we find it palatable or not, even in the face of bitter contrary experiences. He is of the j udgement that every human being has a spark somewhere hidden in him that will make it possible for redemption and rehabilitation. (Cabana A. , 1998) Clearly, the aim of this ledger is to oppose the death penalty and to show just how irrelevant it is in rooting out criminal behavior.The theme of friendship and disillusionment is tumefy portrayed here. Cabana tries to demonstrate this using his relationship with Connie who he feels did not deserve to be executed. The authors style in this book is both narrative and analytical because as much as he narrates his encounters and experiences in prison, he is also quick to analyze and form an opinion regarding the justness system. References Cabana A. D. , (1998) Death at Midnight The Confession of an Executioner. City UPNE

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C-Direct Insurance Company

201KM sort PROJECT CASE STUDY 3 Case Study 3 The C-Direct- Insurance Company Developed by Peter Race, Henley Management College blazon out centres hold fast become unrivaled of the most important channel for organizations and their customers to interact. There are around 4,000 call centres in the UK today,employing everyplace 400,000 people. The coach sell insurance policy indus endeavour is increasingly victimisation call centres to doorway and do its market. The C-Direct -Insurance Company has its call centre in Newcastle, England. The company itself is scarce 6 categorys old and exceptionalises in selling automobile insurance policies direct to customers. The processAdvertising and promotion initiatives attract customers interest and consecrate enquiries to the CD invite oculus. These lead to the pro imagination of credits for personal car insurance. In order to give the quotation, CD operators need to collect the customers personal and vehicle related dat a (in total 17 items) and input them to the computer. The process is as follows Customers call the CD blazon out Centre (the focus of this case) by a freephone telephone offspring and submit the required information. This is entered directly into a computer terminal during the call, their questions answered, and quotation entrustd within 12 minutes.Customers can pay by credit twit and receive immediate insurance cover. Customers receive their personal insurance crack cocaine confirmed in writing by mail, about 23 eld after initial contact. Mr teeny, the Operations Manager, is responsible for all operations in the shout Centre. The Call Centre employs 105 people in tether shifts over a core day between the hours of 0800 and 2000. The resources for the Call Centre are its facilities for example the buildings and the staffs workspace/workstations the equipment for example, computers/systems the People who use them. motorcar insurance is compulsory in the UK, so customers a re price small and tend to shop around to compare the companys bid with those of competitors. Only about 17% of CDs offers are reborn into policies. The operations worry strategies of scheduling, capacity and quality commission were reactive earlier than proactive for example, poor forecasting of demand resulted in excess manpower being under utilised. modules were in flexile and showed slim sympathy or dread to frustrated and angry customers.The interfaces with gestate functions such as Marketing or reading Systems Department tended to be confrontational rather than birthive. Fortunately, in the early geezerhood, competition was not very tough and Mr Small had no special performance targets or formal control mechanisms he was literally his cause boss. The policy change After five years of noble growth, over the last twelve months sales lead lonesome(prenominal) grown by 3% and the company is beginning to struggle with diminishing profits. The main reasons for th e slowing have been identified New Entrants 15 companies in the last 2 years, producing a wave of direct insurance startups.These companies have targeted the same customer segment as CD, the market for which has remained stagnant. Customers are more price smooth and new entrants offer extremely low prices. Substitute Products are unvarying customers still require car insurance. The new situation has forced fill inment to review business policy options to provide a competitive advantage. look has shown that for direct selling insurance ingatherings, the key market drivers are to raise a wider range of insurance intersection points, so minimising the need for customers to deal with many an(prenominal) suppliers. Offer low prices Provide excellent service. A recent intragroup report showed that the CD Call Centre still had potential to mend service directs and cost efficiency. The decision was therefore taken to extend the overlap range and improve service by address ing Product flexibility CD go away respond to customers demand by entering a new product household insurance and deliver it via the Call Centre, alongside car insurance. Household insurance is often requested by customers and they have been in the sometime(prenominal) disappointed not to source it from CD.Furthermore, the product margin for household insurance is high, thanks to low average claims. Since only a few competitors really offer household insurance, management believed they could generate an above average profit margin in the first year after launch. Responsiveness In order to make the new product no-hit, it testament to a fault be indispensable to fulfill customer expectations for m response. Consequently, operations management go away need to ensure quick attack to the Cal Centre and efficient treatment of customers for both products.Quality Improve customer service at least to match competitors banners. Internal analysis has shown that the auto insurance lapse rate (customers not renewing their policies) which is an indicator of customer triumph was above the market average. To avoid this trap with the new product, significant improvements in service delivery of all CDs activities is needed (including occlusion of claims, which is not part of the Call Centres responsibilities). Cost examine price decrease of insurance premiums by reducing internal costs.All possibilities for advertize cost reduction must be exploited to permit a price level lower than the top five price leaders. By launching this policy change, senior management believe a successful implementation leaveing lead to higher customer satisfaction and then to profitable growth. Influences on the operations The change in business policy pull up stakes have an impact on M. Smalls current operations strategies. The policy change has been separateed at somatic level but the benefits will have to be delivered by Mr Small, the Operations Manager, in the proximo.Th erefore, Mr Small will need to address the changes to operating systems structures and operations management objectives. The determination of the tradeoff between customer service and resource exercise will be a key factor for sustainable operation, peculiarly in this competitive environment. The new business policy decision will affect Mr Smalls current practice in ii ways. First, he will have to interface with the project setup to manage the launch of the new product and modifications to the delivery processes.Second, Small will have to establish operations management strategies to allow the business to meet the objectives of the policy change. The hear phase Workforce The existing staff will be responsible for the new product, alongside the existing offering. Therefore an intensive dressing programme on Information Technology (IT) enhancements and new product features will be required. To improve the overall quality and service provision, customer acquisition techniques an d friendly handling of difficult customers will be covered during the schooling.Mr Small will work with the training department to develop a training plan which will take at least four days per group to deliver (each group has about 10 employees). Therefore, he will have to schedule the training so that the normal business will not be hampered by too few staff in the Call Centre. The new training approach will also have a long term influence, because training updates for employees will be held at least once a year. One of the aims of the training is to reshape corporate culture so as to engender a commitment to high efficiency and excellent ervice. This will demand empowering the workforce to focus on customer service, unitedly with better collaboration between staff, by using more teamwork, to raise the overall efficiency levels of the operation. Mr Small will also have to put up a feedback process to evaluate the satisfaction level of the staff, to help identify continuous impr ovement sports stadiums. Better motivation will be achieved by introducing a new incentive system, using verifying customer feedback as a measure for rewards. Facilities & equipmentThe current workspace/workstation for a Call Centre staff member is a small, open boxlike area (less than one square metre), containing a terminal, keyboard and telephone. The boxes are very close together and do not have a proper noise protection. Staff complains about the workstations, because with the background noise of five or more colleagues, dumbness is difficult, and the spot of data input errors are high. Staff have little space to write notes, so for example, noting down a telephone number to return a call to a customer is very difficult.After looking for at the staffs workspace, Small realised they would have to modify the building in order to create more space and provide noise protection. He thought that only by providing a agreeable and ergonomic workspace would he be able to ensure h is staffs full commitment to performance improvements. A careful forecast of future demand will be necessary in order to install the right number of new workstations and avoid under/over utilisation of resources. Technology A new terminal mask (template or standard screen) for the Call Centre needs to be developed by the Information Systems Department (ISD).This mask must contain all questions that need to be answered by the customer. To ensure service quality, ISD would have to create a flexible IT system, which would enable the Call Centre staff to quickly switch from one screen to another, according to customers demand. The competitor benchmark for metre to switch screens is less than 3 seconds. Furthermore, high IT reliability is vital, because breakdowns in the ult have stopped all activities of the Call Centre, (since they depend on online doorway to the mainframe) and customers could not be served during that time. Mr.Small wonders if an ISD/Call Centre staff taskforce sh ould be setup to explore the main historical problems for poor reliability, define development areas and try to find the best possible solution. Organisation Experience in the past has shown that the first few months after a product launch to be critical. Therefore, a new role of a first alert support person needs to be established. The first alert person will help improve service by patrolling the Call Centre and fortune the staff during busy times, in cases of difficult customer questions or with skilful problems.Furthermore, they would have a coaching role for new employees and also support staff training. The Human Resource Department (HRD) will need to develop the job description, provide a career plan for that role, manage the necessary recruiting and training process and determine how this new position fits into the organisation. Questions 1. Prepare the Project Definition Report for implementation of the policy change. This report should cover vision purpose (including a st akeholder analysis) objectives scope strategy project phases and project organisation. 2. What are the risks for the project and how should they be managed?

Philosophy: Course Summative Assignment

Inspiration Project It Is your purpose to apply three (3) of the philosophic theories studied In class to a number of songs and make a presentation to the class, which Illustrates some of your Insights. Step single Find Three (3) Songs Think of some of your best-loved songs. See If the lyrics to any of your favorite songs reflect some of theories that we studied In class. Remember, our units of study In this extend Include Human Nature, Metaphysic, Ethics, Epistemology, Social and Political Philosophy. Step 2 Apply the Theories to the SongsOnce you have picked your three songs, apply the theories from class to the songs. Make even melodic line notes that clearly link the theories to the songs. You may apply more than wiz theory to each song but you must have at least 3 different theories in total, at least star per song. Step Three Conference With Your Teacher Arrange a Culminating line of cash in ones chips Conference with your teacher at which you will present A point trope summary of your song choices, showing which theories you plan to use for each song. Lyrics to your 3 songs. An explanation of which song you plan to present to the class (see below).Step Four position a Report using the point form notes as your guide, bring out a 1000-word (more or less) report that illustrates how your elect philosophical theories are reflected in the songs. Your report will include an analysis of each song and an activity of at least one theory per song. Your report will work best if you present the lyrics and analysis to one song together beforehand moving on to the next song. Please include references and a choice list. Step Five Present a Song using a program like Powering, make a presentation that brings ONE of your elect songs to life. Inning your song as the background music, make a pictorial matter presentation using photos and the song lyrics to Inspire your viewers. Make sure your impression presentation reflects the philosophical view that you feel Is present In the song. collectible Dates Conference Written Analysis prevention Philosophy Course assuming Assignment By plaza It is your objective to apply three (3) of the philosophical theories studied in class to a number of songs and make a presentation to the class, which illustrates some of your insights. Think of some of your favorite songs.See if the lyrics to any of your favorite songs fleet some of theories that we studied in class. Remember, our units of study in this course include Human Nature, Metaphysic, Ethics, Epistemology, Social and Political Using the point form notes as your guide, write a 1000-word (more or less) report that Using a program like Powering, make a presentation that brings ONE of your chosen songs to life. Using your song as the background music, make a tv set presentation using photos and the song lyrics to inspire your viewers. Make sure your video presentation reflects the philosophical view that you feel is present in the motorb oat/DVD.

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Founding Fathers Essay

In the past century, in that location has been a increase debate as to the motives of the founders of the republic and as a result the temper of our organisation. While Marxist analysts such as Charles beard contended that the founders were wealthy selected that ultimately required a conservative document intended to weaken the paltry popular majority, different scholars like John Roche believed that the fathers had no such schedule and they were working purely to reconcile states interests. Pluralists, such as Hofstadter, believed that the intact force per unit area of checks and equilibrates intended to create a slow policy-making process in which no interest can completely win and oppress other interests over a long period of time. While the scholars, Beard and Roche, deposit a strong defense of their opposing argument, it appears, based on the constitutional document and historical analysis that Hofstadter provided a more accurate portraiture of the founding fathers and their purpose in flesh the various pieces of the physical composition.The men who wrote the constitution came from a naval divisionicular background of wealthy and organisationally elite great deal and as a result one of their main concerns in the freshly developing nation was the apology of their seat. Under the Articles of Confederation, there was no guaranteed discipline of property and the economy was becoming a mess as there was no powerfulness to keep it controlled. Charles Beard states in his document, They were anxious to a higher place everything else to safeguard the rights of private property against any leveling tendencies on the part of the propertyless masses.In a country where the majority rules, the wealthy some became vulnerable to possibility of the poor world taking their belongings. Beard believes certify of this can be seen throughout the Constitution, such as the Contract and duty clause which both limit state powers and allow recounting t o gravel trading and property rights. The second piece of evidence is that certain branches of the government, the Senate, President, and peremptory Court, are non directly elected by the people.John P. Roche suggests that the material body of the Constitution was essentially a democratic process involving the unification of the state, political, and sparing interests of the nation. Roche recognizes that the framers were an elite, save he is careful to point out that they were a political elite dedicated for the most part to creating an efficient and at the aforesaid(prenominal) time controlled national government that would be able to overcome the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. The framers were not an organized few dedicated to particular notions of political or stinting beliefs beyond the need to create a national government that would be capable of uniting the disparate interests of the state. When the Constitutionalists decided to challenge the Confederation, they used the methods of political legitimacy. The 3/5 compromise allowed more representation of the lower population in the house of representatives and the bill of rights was formed in order to image state rights and check the central government. Roche believes the bicameral legislation of the constitution was impelling at producing pluralism.Finally, the last theory of what the founding fathers intended for the purpose of the Constitution to be was to create a balanced government that followed the philosophy of checks and balance which derived from the Enlightenment ideals of Montesquieu. In The Founding Fathers An Age of Realism, Hofstadter argues that the agenda of the founding fathers was not only to ensure the rights of property for the wealthy elite, but also for the poorer masses. to the highest degree of them would probably have admitted that the rich, unrestrained, would also plunder the poor. The purpose of the Constitution was to create a government that allowed bot h the elite and individuals to maintain their rights and opportunities in the nation. The enclose made sure to include legislation that aided the wealthy but also pieces that helped represent the larger population.The contract and commerce clauses saved property rights and strengthened the central government, but then the Bill of Rights and the tin of Representatives gave power to the states and the poor majority. In addition, while the President can veto bills, Congress has the chance to override the veto with a 2/3 majority. The Senate, representing states, and the House of Representatives provide involvement for the majority in the Constitution, while the President and autocratic Court are chosen by the minority and provide protection for the smaller group of individuals. The founding fathers madesure to include checks and balances when they actual the Constitution in order to ensure a fair government where one group does not hold the most power.Both Beard and Roche have cont rasting views on what the purpose was of the founding fathers in their framing of the Constitution, but both are ultimately flawed as it is ill-timed to say that their agenda was limited to selfish greed or self-sacrifice for the majority. The real agenda, as Hofstadter explains, was to form a balanced government that ensures the canonical rights for both the majority and minority, allowing the wealthy and the poor to be represented and protected under the branches of the government and legislation through a system of checks and balances.

Educational Technology

Exam Name___YVETTE TORRALBA-MOSES___________ TRUE/FALSE. Write T if the teaching is genuine and F if the asseveration is false. 1) Technological literacy gougenot serve as the primary rationale for desegregation trainingal applied science. 1) _T______ 2) One thing we have learned from the history of technologies in education is that teachers r atomic number 18ly have time to bring on their own instructional media for teaching. 2) __T_____ 3) Research over the past 40 years has shown conclusively that engineering science-based methods are usually superior to traditionalistic star and only(a)s. 3) _F______MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the oneness substitute(a) that best completes the statement or answers the question. 4) Educators who come from a vocational emphasise and belong to the ITEA professional organization use this term to refer to uses of engineering for teaching and learning. 4) B______ A) instructional engine room B) technology education C) educational technology D) instructional systems 5) In which of the following eras did Integrated Learning Systems (ILSs) become favorite? 5) _D______ A) profit Era B) Post-Internet Era C) Pre-micro computing device Era D) Microcomputer Era 6)What is one thing we have learned from the history of technology in education about the role teachers will play in the future? 6) __B_____ A) To be effective, schools must keep up with new technology-based methods. B) Despite technological innovations, military personnel teachers will always be very important. C) Due to technological innovations, human teachers gradually will be phased out. D) The most successful teachers are ones who sustain technology into their methods. 7) What does AUP stand for? 7) __D_____ A) legitimate Use Procedures B) Authorized Uniform Procedures C) Authorized Uniform Policies D)Authorized Use Policies 8) Why do teachers need to develop their own rationale for development technology in education? 8) __A_____ A) integrating technology is time-consuming and relatively expensive to use. B) Parents are a good deal foreign to their children using technology in classrooms. C) Teachers often have to persuade administrators to concur technology uses. D) Newer technologies continue to require different rationales than older ones. 9) Which of the following is one of the big issues shaping the current and future climate of educational technology? 9) ___B____ A) Macintosh vs. Windows platform usage in schoolsB) directed vs. constructivist learning strategies C) co-op vs. individualized learning strategies D) web-based vs. broadcast distance learning delivery gyp ANSWER. Write the word or expression that best completes each statement or answers the question. 10) Though many educators tend to think of technology as devices, Saettler reminds us that the historical function of educational technology was a/an ________ earlier than a product. 10) __tool and process______ 11) This term evolved from computer literacy and ha s come to mean technical skills that answer prepare students for the workplace. 1) _____________ 12) What kind of software, first introduced in 1994, marked the beginning of more than widespread Internet use? 12) Computer assisted learning________ 13) Attacks on computer systems by hackers and viruses make it necessary for schools to install firewalls and this kind of software. 13) _firewall software______ 14) What term is use to describe the disparity between the use of computers by girls and boys which some pile feel leads to girls entering science and mathematics fields less often than boys? 14) _____________ 15)ISTE has worked with groups such as NCATE to identify this set of technology skills that should be inevitable of all American teachers. 15) _NETS______ TRUE/FALSE. Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false. 16) Using drill and practice to promote automaticity is a directed strategy. 16) _F____ 17) Having humble groups work cooperatively to dev elop a hypermedia product is set more with constructivist models than with directed instructional ones. 17) ___T___ 18) One of the essential conditions for effective technology integration is adequate technical assistance for teachers. 8) __T____ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 19) Which of the following technology-based strategies exponent muleteer have considered an effective way to shape learned behavior? 19) ___C___ A) forming responses done multimedia rewards for good behavior B) using visual examples to bridge bountiful/expert and child/novice levels C) drill and practice that gives reinforcement for even out answers D) using Internet illustrations to stimulate recall of prerequisite skills 20)Which of the following might be a kind of technology strategy based on constructivist learning models? 20) _C_____ A) Identifying skill weaknesses and targeting tutorial and drill software to them B) Giving stud ents a German language tutorial because a teacher is not insureable C) Showing video-based problems that students solve through small group work D) permit students write papers by word processing, rather than by exit 21) What two kinds of instruments can teachers design or select during Phase 3 of the TIP Model to assess changes in attitudes during a technology-enhanced lesson? 1) __A___ A) Rubrics and semantic differentials B) Likert scales and semantic differentials C) Rubrics and observation checklists D) Likert scales and rubrics 22) In writing outcomes and objectives for technology-enhanced lessons, which of the following should teachers always consider? 22) __A___ A) skills and attitudes to be learned B) teaching approaches to be utilise C) learning processes to be used D) technology skills to be learned 23) Which of the following should be asked during Phase 6 to determine if the technology-enhanced lesson worked as planned? 23)B_____ A) Have the technology resources bee n integrated well? B) Could a different technology produce a better event? C) Do teachers agree that the technology was necessary? D) Were all available technology resources used? 24) What is one of the most important guidelines for teachers and others to follow when writing proposals to secure technology funding? 24) _D____ A) Give descriptions of relevant background for all personnel. B) view as sure to address the primary goals of the funding agency. C) Give detailed account statement to justify funds for technology resources. D)Make sure sufficient interrogation history and background is included. SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. 25) Howard Gardner would probably approve of assign different roles in small group multimedia development projects because they can attend address this concept that is central to his theory. 25) _Theory of Multiple Intelligences__ 26) What would Vygotsky call a process of helping students develop new math skills by using video-based problems to build on their own knowledge and experience? 26) _social process in learning_______ 27)What do teachers see when they determine that a technology-based strategy is better than the traditional one they were using? 27) _____________ 28) This model gives teachers a general approach to address challenges involved in integrating technology into teaching. 28) _Technology Integration Planning Model_______ 29) This software prevents access to specific web site addresses or to web sites that contain certain keywords or phrases. 29) _Firewall Software_ 30) What is the name for the policy that schools should have students sign to help make sure they are aware of appropriate behaviors on the Internet? 30) _Authorized Use Policies______

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Business Purposes Meetiing Aims and Objectives

The BBC is continuing its focus on delivering the best thinkable value for for licence compensation payers. It means focusing on alter force and generating maximum consequences on their assets. By 2013 they will stand delivered efficiency savings tot all tolding nearly 2Billion meeting their 3% annual savings target.They be now two years into their five-year efficiency programme, and by 2013 the work they already done will generate efficiency savings of 1,453million, which is the equivalent to 73% of their total savings target. They have succeeded in reducing the license fee evasion to just 5.2% of income a 0.1% improvement on last year.BBC intercontinental has achieved a significant subjoin in pull inability this year from 106million to 145million by growing its new business areas. This improved performance will get the BBC as they will put it into new and original programming.Maximising the furbish up of the license feeMaximising the returns they brighten on programmes paid for by the license fee. Their main commercial subsidiary, BBC Worldwide was created to generate the maximum return on programmes paid for the license fee payers. To achieve this they sell BBC programmes, formats and sell across the world.Spreading the benefit of the license fee across the self-coloured of the UKThe BBC is for all license fee payers across the whole Of the UK. They are committed to growing the whole countrys creative industries and production talent.That is why one of the account metrics is the proportion of money they spend on the network televisions exterior of London. Keeping costs down where ever possible. They Have made an increase in Scotland, Northern Island and Wales. According to an independent study impact of the BBC as helped create and support over 7,000 jobs in Glasgow, Cardiff and Bristol.They also offer a pension scheme to all their employees at a rate that is logical and affordable to all those who work for them. So all in all the BBC are meeting both their aims and objectives according to my research. They make a profit as well as help support the public and represent the nation together with its music stations and televised programmes. They have to work indoors their budget given to them by the government and if they underspend then they have to give it back. Their turnover is relatively healthy and they do continue to make a profit each year which is good for all of us in the long run.

Independence for women Essay

Independence of wo workforce Speaking of wo handss independence, pot pass on venture of the image that women determined to fght with men in workplace. This is widely recognized in our life. In fact, the independence not only mean argue with men in the career, its about women find their have got position or not. So independence is a self-understanding because it may decide you can compensate to a greater extent than personal benefit from the sparing, ideological or social, and it pull up stakes pay back you have a good attitude and new values. Women should be economically independent, and then they have qualified to talk about approve or quality.In order to make a living, unmarried women cant put wishs on marry the rich men. Many girls who always rely on rich men, over time, those men may feel tired. Because of economic problems, the girls boyfriend testament have contradiction with you. If there are more and more conflicts, your feeling will fade. Moreover, Women should keep their own Job or still have economic source when they married. In chocolate movie, Josephine because of her identicalness has problem. She had to rely on her husband. His husband thought her life was saved by him. So he hit and humiliated her all the time.She cant get respect or equality in her family. Ideology determines womens behavior, so only being able to form their own opinions, it will make you behavior gets more approval from others. Womens behavior is their flavour of ideology. People often said, wonderful thinking, wonderful life. In chocolate movie, the heroine has her own opinions. She always did everything according to her ideas. Finally she got more attention and help wad change old opinions. Besides, Ideology affects womens relationships with others. Even some men like give women suggestions or ideas.If women have different intellect to appoint with them, they may be amazed at womens thinking, and also will praise women. Social independent make women adapt t o social growth and change, and it leads you have more improve. Women easy to lost goal or mind in the constantly changing society. Women cant expect person can give you ideas. In the namesake movie, the heroines husband always sash with her, and helps her figure out problems. When she lost her husband, she didnt know how to continue the light of live. Social independence can attract more attention from others.In chocolate ovie, because of the leading lady was good at independent living, it makes people pay attention to her. Finally, they found, it leads their life to good direction. Therefore, it won more respect and love for her. All in all, women independence doesnt mean on the whole dependent on others, it is womens self-understanding because it can get more benefit, and it will get more love and attention from other people. So, economic, ideological or social independent is necessary for women. At the same time, I hope every woman have ability to independently, and they ca n play more and more important role in social life, including myself.

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Hate Crimes toward Sexual Orientation

We will conceive not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Dry. Martin Luther King Jar. Every mean solar day, some(prenominal)(prenominal)place in the world, men, women and children ar tortured and even killed be shell of their beliefs, their race, the modal value they look, or the way they live. And this will go on until the rest of the world stops macrocosm quiet and demands a stand against the hatred that causes these crimes. Hate crimes are sound known issue in todays corporation.According to Joseph Healed, star possible explanation for at least some hatred rimes is that they are fueled by comprehend threats, frustration and fear, and anger and scapegoat is one reason tooshie the cause (2011). All domain possesses a voice to the injustice of force out. Inclusion of intimate orientation in the federal shun crime law was spurned by the U. S. Senate in the late asses, even while hate crimes targeting specifically mirthfuls and lesbians incr eased during the same period (Kamala & Nolan, 1999). Sprees of violence are always order to one an separate, oddly to state of wards the weak and defenseless.The racial spree killer genus Benzoin Smith, the ragging stopping point of James Byrd, and the humiliating murder of Matthew Sheppard, all stand as reminders that the bigotry that kills is much more than the few unfortunate reminders of the United States account (Perry, 2001). There is a signifi cant dealingship amid hate crimes and psychological bear on to the victim and the victims community where a priority response is in reality implyed. The consequences caused and done by hate crimes cannot be measured solely in terms of somatic injury or dollars and cents.Intimidation of other members of the victims community, leaving sew feeling isolated, vulnerable and unprotected by the law is effected straight with the presence of hate crimes. By making members of lowity communities fearful, angry and risible of other gro ups and of the power structure that is supposed to protect them. These incidents can ill-use the fabric of our cabaret and fragment communities. There was a blob has been engraft where there lots of victim experienced hate crimes based on knowledgeable orientation.One of them which attracted me the closely was from James, who was gay black male (2010), he set forth how he as assaulted in a public place by someone that he did not even know l was bombardmented at a bar by a complete st roll outr This has been the worst chapter in my journey. As a result of the attack, my right hummers was broken at the do working(a) neck. The incident occurred at a bar in the citys largest entertainment regularise. The districts progress to is Power and Light. It is common knowledge to residents of our area, the district has experienced many problems with issues of discrimination.I work across the street from the district and never experienced any problems until this. The attack occurred in side the bar. It was after a huge football game for our local squad. At a certain point, this really drunk guy startle yelling and calling me names Not one of the bouncers or servers asked him to leave. The totally thing happened very quickly. One minute he was calling me fag, the next minute I was being attacked. As he tried to hit me in the face, he lost his footing and fell on top of me in the process. As a result of his weight and mine, my hummers in a flash broke.I could feel the bar start, almost instantly At that point, the wait faculty helped Him up and asked him to leave. I was in so much put out at that point, and embarrassed. Not once did any of the bar personnel or district security ask me if I was okay. In that moment, all I could do was leave out of pure disbelief and shame. Once I arrived home, the pain was completely unbearable. I sent a text to one of the team members from the bar asking her to send emergency personnel to my home. The experience, for me, has been breeding-changing. Im now uneffective to drive. Im now unable to work. It even has affected my schooling.I am right-handed, and this whole postal service has given me a whole new understanding of how the world can react to others. According to Barbara Perry, Hate crime often referred to as ethnocentric is much more than the act of mean-spirited bigots and it is embedded in the structural and heathen context at bottom which groups interact (2001). The benefit of criminal offense, a rapine of an existing criminal code were assumed by the term hate crime and it may be applied only where a tell offense, or underlying crime, is committed as a result of prejudice or prejudiced (Healed, 2005).Such restriction may fulfill the concept within the law enforcement community, but it is not particularly satisfying from a sociological perspective. Although in National Coalition of anti-violence Programs said that documented cases of antigen violence remained comparatively stable in r ecent years, social advocacy group try that countless cases of antigen intimidation, verbal harassment, and physical assault occur every day but go unreported (2005).What is perceived as hate crimes today, in another time or place, may be standard ope valuate procedure which means hate crimes are acceptable in some countries and it is common thing to do which is seed will not give an impact in harmful way toward others. Based on what Perry said, Op commoveive violence is nested within the complex of exploitation, normalization, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism. It is the processes and imagery associated with cultural imperialism that supports these practices ideologically.Together structural exclusions and cultural imaging leave minority members vulnerable to systemic violence and especially hate crimes (2001). Therefore, it is difficult to construct a complete definition of the term. scene of LIGHT-Q Great minds such as the president, benignantitarians, theorists, beh aviorists cause tried o spring the concept of hate crimes and each defining it in their own term. However, humanity still failed to grasp the concept by only reading between the lines.For some Christian Right leaders points of view, the leading causes of the destruction of American society and culture are due to the gay rights movement and its so-called queer agenda. In his own words, Focus on the Family Founder James hellgrammiate says, The battle against gay rights is essentially a second civil war to put control of the U. S. Government in the right hands, meaning those who disavow gay rights (2010). There are lots of apparitional leading who are most promising misunderstand and misconstrue are often cowering behind the First Amendment or Justifying their consummations by perverting Holy Scriptures.Throughout the years, religious right in America has adopted and retained variety of strategies such as defamation. Its leaders have involved in the crudest type of name-callin g, claiming that gayness is a choice, dehumidifying or describing them by creating prominent myths and instilling fears upon others. Myths such as gay slew molest children at far higher rate than hetero knowledgeables, by delineation gay men as a threat to children loud be the most efficacious weapon for stimulating public fears about homosexuality (Escalates, E. & Steinbeck, R. , 2010). According to American Psychological Association (PAP), Homosexual men are not more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexual men are (2010). Followed by a professor at the University of California, Davis, Gregory Here said, One of the top researchers on prejudice against homosexuality, reviewed a series of studies and found no connecting evidence between gay men molesting children at higher rate than a heterosexual male (cited in Escalates, E. & Steinbeck, R, 2010).Due to instilled fears from communities of faith, it make believed another path for homophobia to take on such as antigen aggressiveness. Need to understand the concept of how sexual stigma is expressed towards sexual minorities in order to extend how antigen assault is enabled. The idea that hate crimes involve scapegoat is excessively supported by the spontaneous, unplanned, and highly emotional nature of this crime. It caters a Justification for expressing anger and detestation towards sexual minorities. In order to understand how sexual stigma is expressed, we need to understand owe antigen aggression is expressed.Sexual stigma refers to the negative regard, inferior status, and comparative powerlessness that society collectively accords to any non-heterosexual behavior, identity, relationship, or community (Here, in press p 2). According to Parrot and Peterson, To this day, contemporary theorist still believe that antigen aggression is motivated by the convergence of several different mechanisms, specifically three complimentary theoretical models that explain the motives for antigen aggress ion have garnered the most attention sexual prejudice, ere dynamics and thrill seeking (2008).While sexual prejudice, ally dynamics, or thrill seeking may be the sole make factor for a particular act of antigen aggression, it is posited that antigen aggression may also be facilitated by dissimilar combinations of these motives. Understanding LIGHT-Q (Victim) In order to create a better empathy or perspectives on hate crimes, one of the first steps is to understand them. One of the most difficult challenges of developmental milestones for gay youth is having the courage to reveal their sexual orientation to parents (Savings-Williams, 2001).The disclosure of sexual orientation by a family member clearly fits the description of a stresses because family values may be called into question, such as beliefs about sex, sexuality, and religion. A childs coming out is a salient event that often distorts several aspects of the family system such as family values, roles, expectations and b oundaries (Crosier-Burnett et all, 1996). Every parents dream and expectations for a son, who was judge to marry a woman, have children, and carry the family name, may be shattered.The viciousness of hate crimes also has consequences for the entire gay community. It is not an exaggeration to give over that bias-motivated attacks function as a form of terrorism, sending a nub to all lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals that they are not safe if they are visible. An aggression based on sexual orientation such as physical aggression, verbal aggression, property damage, etc. , comes with a psychological impact to victims. Risks range from anxiety to depression, fear to post-traumatic stress and possibly, suicide or death (Here, Gillis, & Conga, 1999).The varieties of hate crime factorization can be seen such as in gay-identified settings, public spaces, at home, in schools, in the workplace and by friends and family members. tear down when one does not personally know the victim, hate crimes can jeopardise the illusion of invulnerability that is so important in ones daily livelihood Nonfat-Pullman & Parker, 2012). To top it all, the existence of hate crimes might make even minor instances of harassment more frightening for the victim. Consequently, an incident that appears minor in memory might nevertheless have considerable psychological impact on the victim.One type of agency particularly well suited for groups of victims of hate rimes is a local human rights or human relations agency that traditionally deals with cases of inequality such as hate crimes toward sexual orientation. Some human- relations commissions have a community relations component that specializes in dampen conflict in the community. Not-for-profit registered charity safe houses like Pink trigon offer services such as providing peer support, educational, research and advocacy services for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, two-spirit and queer (GLOTTAL) persons in the National Capital r ole (2012).Certain school systems, those seed to dealing with interrupt tension, can also grant the official context for such groups, particularly when Juveniles are involved, either as victims or perpetrators. Mental health associations or interfaith organizations often have programs designed to promote positive interrupt relations and can provide a setting for groups of hate crime victims. Documentaries such as For the volume Tells Me So (2007) directed and produced by Daniel G.Karakas, provide the viewer or society with homosexuality and its perceived conflict with religion, as well as various interpretations of what the Bible says about name-sex sexuality. It also includes lengthy interview segments with several sets of religious parents regarding their personal experiences raising homosexual children and also interview with those children. Hate crimes on sexual orientation are crimes fueled by perceived threats, frustration and fear, and anger and scapegoat through the practi ces of sexual prejudice.Sexual orientation commonly conveys a wrong belief that gay people are more likely to molest children at higher rates than heterosexuals. This appears to have more knockout psychological effects on gay men and lesbians, including oppression, stress, anger and even, death than do other crimes. The government should take a decisive action toward hate crimes which makes a minority groups life worst. They are also human beings who have a right to live a normal life like any other without having any scorn from any other people surround them.

1st and 2nd Peter

1st and 2nd instrument The Christians around the cartridge holder I bill was written were undergoing some intense persecution. Soci everyy they were shunned, abused, insulted and ridiculed, and Peter realized that the draw were getting worse. Nero was Emperor of Rome during the succession I Peter was written. He oversaw the persecutions of Christians. Peter wrote this letter to offer encouragement to Christians detriment this persecution. (I Peter 218-20) As a result the church in Jerusalem was world scattered through by Asia Minor.Some of the ways Christians were being persecution during Neros time were, being nailed to crosses or sewn up in the skins of wild beasts and left in the sun to die a horrible and painful dying. They were used as torches to illumine Neros par hookings. Through this time it was Peter who reminded them that Jesus has amaze an example for every whiz and that although in that location is much suffering on Earth, they are promised an everlasting inh eritance in heaven. It states in I Peter 221-23 that this suffering is all part of what immortal has called to you. Christ, who suffered for you, is your example.Follow in his steps. He never sinned, and he never deceived anyone. He did not retaliate when he was insulted. When he suffered, he did not threaten to get even. He left his case in the hands of God, who always judges fairly. That is what the letter rejoices. Although the Christians wanted so noxious to get even with Emperor Nero and his spate, they stayed humble, and pulled through their suffering (I Peter 39). The author calls Christians to be holy as God is holy, for they are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and Gods chosen people.In the al-Quran it does state that as a Christian you have resolute to not go back to the nefariousness desires such as immorality and lust, feasting and drinking and wild parties and worshipping other idols, but you exit be zealous to do the will of God (I Peter 42-3). The Bible say s that there will be people who are surprised that you dont participate in their wicked ways and they will say evil things about you and torture you (I Peter 44-5). This is much analogous the Christians during the time of Nero.Nero didnt understand why Christians didnt believe and worshiped like his people did, therefore he on the whole rejected their ideas and put them through a lot of torment. One reason for their persecution was their life-style as aliens and foreigners in the ethnical culture. Peter wanted Christians to know that, yes, we as Christians are aliens and foreigners not plainly to Rome but alike to this world. We are only visitors here, and in our poor time we have here we must live and glorify God in everyway possible (I Peter 117 & 1Peter211).Nero is described to be fair- haired, with weak blue eyes, a rather large neck, and a potbelly. He came off to have a very strange mixture of absurdity. Nero was artistic, weak, sensual, bi-sexual, aggressive, extravagan t, and posterior in life rather disturbed. Early on in his command, Nero came crossways as very a civilized person. He gave the senate more than liberty and considered ending the murder of criminals and gladiators in the arenas, he made city massive reforms and was very upset that the law required him to put 300 slaves to death over the fact that their master, a powerful senator, was poisoned by them.Many historians report that he was very reluctant to do it. Later on in his ruling he became absolutely obsessed with the arts, recreation, and sexual desires. He had many personal business and began to go about his evil ways once his mother began spread head rumors. The main reason Nero persecuted the Christians was because of something that happened during the burning of his city. It was around 64 A. D. when the Great onslaught of Rome took place. Rome had 14 different districts and only 4 of them remained untouched.The fervency burned for a total of 6 days and 6 nights. At that time, people started a lot of rumors about Nero, saying that he fiddled succession Rome burned and this rumor spread throughout Rome, creating other rumors. wad believed that Nero was the one who started the fire so that he could totally wipe out Rome and start a new city named after him in its place, also that he could build a better palace. Nero didnt like the fact that people were spreading rumors about him so he decided he needed a scapegoat to blame the fire on.He chose the Christians. Neros attempt to use them to take all of the blame off of him failed. Everyone glowering against him after this tragic event and the senate decided that he should be flogged to death. only instead of going through this humiliation, he made the decision to excite suicide. He died in 68 A. D. and during his 14 years he managed to commit a bloody reign of terror and to the world he will always be remembered as an insane tyrant. The culture around the time of Nero was rather interesting.Mu ch of the furniture they used was couches, not too many chairs, and they just about always reclined even at the dinner table. The most popular agency was the lavatory were there were rows of toilets with arm rests were people would sit and talk for an arcminute or more. Baths were equivalent to that of a modern day athletic club. in that location were sev date of referencel rooms including the exploit room and the warm room where sweat was scraped off by slaves because soap was unknown.Foot races, boxing, and wrestling were minor sports in this era but chariot racing and gladiator contests where the most amusing to watch. These events tie in to the persecution theme of I Peter. When Emperor Nero decided to blame the Christians for the burning, he threw them in to the arena and made them face gladiators and wild animals, killing them. Peter says that we should expect ridicule, rejection and suffering and that persecution makes us stronger because it refines our faith (I Peter 22 1-25).Nero completely rejected the idea of family. After his stepfather adopted him, he was engaged to his half sister Octavia, and after awhile he became involved with a fair sex named Acte. As he became even more lustful, he began having an affair with another woman and his mother got enraged and sided with Octavia. He then attempted to kill his mother, more than once it was said. He tried poisoning her 3 times, he also tried to murder her by loosening her ceiling on a boat and almost drowning her but she managed to escape.After his failing attempts, he then chartered an assassin who clubbed and stabbed her to her death in 59 A. D. Peter truly promote the idea of family life in the fact that he urged all family members to process other with sympathy, love, tenderness and humility (I Peter Chapter 3). Finally, the theme that is found generally in II Peter is the false teachings. One of the reasons that Nero persecuted almost all the Christians was that fact that they didnt conf orm to the heathen culture that he support during his reign.Heathen culture emphasize the importance of relationships with gods and goddesses, ancestors, spirits of the land, and others in the community. Since the Christians living in Rome at the time believed in the one true God they were mocked and tortured, but in no way did they halt into the false teachings that were in their surroundings ( II Peter chapter 2) Works Cited Nosotro, ritardando Nero. 13. 05. 2007. 13. 05. 07 . Christian, Imanual. bible. org. I Peter how should we live in a Pagan Culture. 13 May 2007 .

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Assignment on Motivation and Appreach to Learning

In this es severalise I would like to discuss the factors that take a leak me to do my masters in trade and also why I choose Bangor University. Since childhood, various aspects of the business world intrigued me but the most thought-provoking of them in all in all is marketing. Here, the primary reason for which I wanted to pursue MBA in marketing from Bangor University I firmly believe that I go unwrap be benefiting in my professional as well as my individualal life. I am keenly interested in enhancing my association further beyond my home country, thus I open Bangor Business School is an magnificent place to h ace and only(a) my professional skills and on that pointby fetch a satiny future.I firmly believe in motivation and Maslows Hierarchy opening motivate me a lot to wee my masters. My approach to learning is equal as that of the Sensor Stimulation guess (Laird, 1985). Larid suggested that majority of the learning is through with(p) by observing, which is to the highest degree 75% and I agree with him. The issues that anticipate in a mathematical throng trim rat be of m both reasons I personally faced m either gathering prevail problems for the last twain years when I was civiliseing at Bharat Petroleum potty throttle (BPCL), India.The problems which I faced bandage takeing at BPCL in mathematical group work atomic number 18 privation of watchword just around(predicate) the project work and personal ego problems with the aggroup processs. Rectification could be d unrivalled when all the group portions meet often and discuss their respective problems or a strong decision from the management side leave behind also work for the problems faced in groups. What motivated me to study my Masters form at Bangor According to Meahr & Mwyer (1997) Motivation is a theoretical redo used to explain the initiation, direction, intensity, persistence, and quality of behaviour, especially inclination-directed behaviour.The hypothesis that motivated me to study my masters is Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory (Abraham Maslow, 1943). The theory is basically a classical definition closely the gracious motivation. Maslow Theory is explained on the basis of five needs of a gentle being. The basic five needs are as follows, 1. Physiological needs. 2. gum elastic needs. 3. Social needs. 4. Esteem needs. 5. Self-actualization needs. Physiological needs faeces be delimitate as the basic needs such as air, food, water, clothing and nourish or it sack up be defined as the basic requirements of a kind-hearted being, without the basic needs n matchless mickle stretch out in the universe.Emotional, physical and environmental safety poses under the safety needs. In breaker point the safety needs set up be of security from jobs, family, health and so on cosmos a mortal soul the support from the life partner, parents, peers and so on is pertinent and this known as social need for a homosexual being . It may also include the care and affection also. wiz corporation achieve his/her goals in life only with the support from family and friends. Internal and out-of-door esteem needs are the principal needs for any human being. Internal esteem needs actor the need that is excogitateed inner(a) the person, which could be self-respect, confidence, freedom etc.Some people are highly confident about the path where they are traveling and they testament be certainly achieving their goals without any obstacles. External esteem needs comprises of full-size businessman, status etc. People in the society are highly conscious about the status and the power that they are holding in the society and this motivates them to achieve their goals. Finally comes the self-actualization needs, self-actualization move be defined as the believe for self-fulfilment. Self-actualization means the strong desire to achieve our goals by measuring our capabilities.It also helps to gain more knowledge an d make the life more creative. When we commence psychologically the opportunities also grow continuously. The last factor of Maslows theory that is self-actualization influenced me a lot, from my school take aim itself I was precise much interested in the business area and I came to this field. by and by reading this theory during my graduation days my innovation to take the masters increased. I potful hopefully word that this theory motivated me a lot to take my masters. After my graduation in Mechanical Engineering I had been working in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India.At that sequence my mind always thinking about the masters and I started checking for equitable universities and I set in motion Bangor would be the best cream for me to take the masters and to achieve my goal. When I was going through the university website legion(predicate) things attracted and it found to be interesting as well. The main thing is it is cardinal of the oldest and far-fame d institutions in UK. It had an overall experience of more than 120 years in teaching with the international students and when I looked the ranking chart I found Bangor University is having a favourable rank. legion(predicate) of my friends told me Bangor Business School is the best choice to take your masters.The early(a) most-valuable thing about this place is the exist of living it is really low when we are comparing with other universities and cities. The university is having a wide range of library and IT resources. Bangor is also having a strong inquiry wing and I like to do my research in marketing sector here itself. Bangor is also having a bang-up job district which will help the students to get their part cartridge clip job easily. Many career workshops are conducted by the university, by this we will be acquiring assistance in making a curriculum vitae, how to attend an expertness test and competency about interviews.More over Bangor is having a beautiful geogr aphic structure and the city is quiet and free from the noise pollution. All these factors do me to take my masters in marketing from Bangor. MY APPROACH TO LEARNING. Learning can be defined as the permanent change in ones behaviour or potential from a direct or indirect experience. My approach to learning is almost like the Traditional stunning stimulation theory (Larid, 1985) which explains that the learning comes to the maximum level when the senses are stimulated.Larids theory mainly focus on the five basic sensory motion of a human being, which tells us that in majority of the adults which is about 75% learning is through seeing. Hearing comes next with only 13%, and the rest three senses such as touch smell and smell comprises only 12%. If a person is having a good quad-fold senses, he can be a good learner. According to turn offs The concepts of individuals have different needs and concerns at different times, and that they have subjective interpretations in different contexts. From my personal experience I can site out that Larids theory is a very good approach to learning.I had done my graduation in mechanical engineering and at that time we had to study a lot about the working of big machineries like lathe, grinding machine, universal testing machine etc. At the time of lecture in class about the working teaching of machines I was non fully digested about the working, but when I go to the lab and see the working of these machines I was fully convinced about the working. This is the kindred case when we are studying about the working prescript of automobile engines. From my childhood I prefer to see objects rather than perceive about it.I had or so other approaches also towards my learning which is known as approach for accelerated learning. It consists of four main objectives, they are 1. Target 2. Plan. 3. leash keep. 4. Do it for life. (Source accelerated learning et. al) The premiere thing that should be in ones mind when he/she s tarts their learning is goal and objectives which can be called as target. Making the target is the first step towards our goal, from this flake one can set their direction towards their goal. Target can be divided into three factors. The first factor is one should find and test the reason why he/she set this goal.The second element is one had to explore their goal, which means one mustiness have a good idea about the goal and also about the life afterwards achieving the goal. The third factor is one must have choke box knowledge about the objectives which he/she had to complete on the way to goal. cooking has a great enormousness in learning. After setting the goal one must prepare a course map, in this they had to mean their study time, time for doing their assignment, reading articles also time for entertainment. If at that place is no entertainment a person can be narrow minded. For all this a good be after must be there.Usually from my childhood itself I had a good p lanning about my studies and this helped me a lot to transcend my goal and that helped me more when I was working in construction field. In construction field planning has a great value and there we had to plan the work for the coming twain or three weeks in advance. If ones planning fails company had to suffer a lot. After planning about the studies he/she should fall in line with the studies. During this execution one can pause occasionally and check whether they are sorrowful in right track or not. If he/she is going in the wrong direction of their target they had to recheck heir planning and the correct it. I usually follow this way on my studies because by this I can calculate how far my target is and how much distance I had secrete on my way to the target. The final factor is Do it for life, means after reaching the goal one must make some time to enjoy what they had achieved. So when one is using their knowledge, indeed they can reinforce their self-image which will giv e them a great sense of satisfaction. ISSUES IN A GROUP WORK. While working with an individual or a group of people, ones attitudes and behaviour changes which is termed as social influence.When we are working in a group many problems can come into play. It will affect the smooth working of an organisation. So when we are start a group work we must be mindful of the issues that can arise in a group and we must be organise to figure the issues. The issues in a group work can be as follows 1. Problems due to forgetful planning. 2. Less control on the process. 3. No new ideas or tuition on discussion. 4. Lack of discussion about the ideas. 5. Unable to complete the project on time. 6. Poor participation by the group members. 7. Frustration between the members in the group. 8. Playing a command role by a team member. 9.Being of the target. 10. Communication problem. (Source Berk and Lintem et. al) Planning plays a pivotal role in a group work while doing a project. If one is no t having a proper planning then he/she will not able to run the project smoothly. When I was working in a mechanical firm we gave more importance to planning department because there we are using heavy cranes for the erection of equipment for a high fare and if the planning fails boththing is gone. So when we are starting line anything we must plan it very well. Not at all for job, when one is doing a group assignment during their studies also a good planning must be there.When one is doing a group assignment a person must be there to principal the team and conk out the group members in the right direction. Otherwise every group members will be in confusion about the proceedings and this may cause many problems. If the group members are having no new ideas or information about the work they are doing, then they will not be able to complete the task in time in a good manner. One should be well aware about the bailiwick that he/she is doing. The important factor in a group work i s the discussion. The team drawing card must call a group concourse and discuss about present position of the work, how they can proceed, new ideas etc.If there is no discussion going on about the strategies, then the team members will be performing accordingly to their wish and later it becomes very difficult to complete the task in a good fashion. lone(prenominal) from a balanced discussion new ideas will be emerged. sentence management is one of the critical factors in a group work. thither must be a time table and the group should proctor it. If there is no prioritized time schedule for a task and at the last moment the group had to scramble to finish the task and in the end fails to meet the expectations.In some cases some of the group members did not participate in discussion and they will remain quiet and just hear the discussion only. As a result the other the team members had to work a lot to compensate for this and it effects the smooth functioning of the group. Frustr ation among team members is a quite normal problem occurring in a group work. In a group, if he/she thinks that their ideas are not giving any importance or preference by the other group members and as a result they will be getting frustrated and because of this a lot of problems may arise.At the time of discussion when one or two dominates the session other team members may think that their ideas are not giving any priority and it may affect the team outcomes. Being of the task means, after getting the task the team members will not take it seriously and they waste time on playing or gossiping. At the last moment only they will be aware about the task and fails to finish it before the deadline. This is usually seen in many of the group works. Proper chat among group members is a very important factor in a group work. If there is no communication between the team members they cant produce a good output.This is one of the main problems that I had faced when I was working in BPCL, In dia. How one can overcome the above sited problems in a group is discussed below. STRATEGIES FOR SOLVING GROUP PROBLEMS. For solving the problems in a group work there are many approaches, it mainly depends on the problems nature and the person who had involved in that problem. Usually rational approach is use to solve the problems. Rational approach means analyse the problem, check for alternatives, appraise every alternative, select one, apply it and check whether the problem is rectified or not.Enough time must be given to the group members to introduce themselves such as their name, identity etc. A brainstorming section should be conducted to develop an idea about the group project. In that section select one person as a team leader and decide the epoch and time for the next meeting and start to work on the task. This will help to complete the task in a better manner. This will help to rectify the problem which causes due to slow start and poor planning. In the brainstorming s ection every team members must be there and each one had to contribute their own ideas.After generating the few ideas evaluate it and try for further. If these approaches are not working they can approach the autobus for guidance. List out the ideas which are proposed in the discussion and they must be sure that all the ideas had been tested. Encourage the team members to get some yucky suggestions sometimes it may help to create new ideas. For resolving the problems cerebrate to the time management, timelines must be established in which all the group members must agree on that. For every meeting the team member must come with a progress report on what they had been doing after the last meeting.The team members must help each other for the closure of task, for example a person is not able to do his work due to some illness or some other reason. One of the other problems in a group will be lack of participation by members. For this the team had to found out why he /she is quiet and not active. Make a chat with that person in the presence of a non-participating member to recognize the reason for the absence of occasion and the one who had talked must try to solve it. I had a connatural experience when I was working in BPCL, India. We handled the situation in the same manner and the reason for that guy was some family problem.Next we can check out how one can solve the frustration between members. Every member must respect the ideas of others and this doesnt mean that one had support the other peoples idea blindly. They can evaluate and provide profitable comments about the idea. When one had to disagree with ones idea do it graciously and the team members must bear in mind that they had to go for negotiation and comprise while working in a group. In some group work issues may anticipate when one or two members dominate in the discussion and to resolve this, team leader must take care of it. Every team member must be given chance to explicate their ideas. So when a person is transcendent the time limit one can tell politely that your time limit is over and let us now hear what others had had to say and it will be useful for you also. For solving the communication problem first of all one had find out what are the issues that effect a group work because of poor communication. Then check out for which task it is mainly effecting. For example, if there is a misunderstanding between the team members one had to take steps to solve this by giving a clear idea about the task and clarify their doubts. CONCLUSION. No can survive in todays world without learning.I can hopefully say that self-actualization need in Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory motivated me a lot to take my masters in marketing. Why I choose Bangor University for my masters is that Bangor is maintaining a good rank in the pinnacle universities rank list in UK and the cost of living is also very cheap when compared with other cities in United Kingdom. My approach to learnin g is almost comparable to Larids Traditional sensory stimulation theory and the four factors that bear on mind while studying is target, plan, track progress and do it for life. Group work will help an individual to sharpen their capabilities.

Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Shakespeare and Webster Present Hamlet and Bosola as Tragic Heroes. Essay

Bosola from Websters The Duchess of Malfi and village from Shakespeares settlement, twain toast elements of Aristotles model of the sad whiz through two of the characters, Shakespeare and Webster use the features of the tragicalal maven to engage Elizabethan and Jacobean audiences in an exploration of issues linked to the reincarnation, religion and philosophy. This essay will explore how the playw rightfulnesss present the tragic flaws in their gunes character and how they face struggles imputable to their inner passage of arms and may exhibit scoundrelous behavior however are non complete tyrants. Greek philosopher Aristotle recorded his ideas about tragedy dramas and the tragic hero in his noted hold back of literary theory titled Poetics (335 BCE), the book was rediscovered during the Renaissance and became commonly used as a playwriting manual. Aristotle stated that the tragic hero is a character of noble stature and has greatness but al curtilagegh they are ga in vigorn as pre-eminently great, they are not perfect.The tragic heros d possessf tout ensemble will come down to being gener whollyy of their own doing through the result of free choice rather than disaster or villainy or some other malevolent hazard. Aristotle characterised the tragic hero as displaying hamartia which is usually trans later(a)d as tragic flaw. in that respect is to a fault some increase in awareness and a smack of discovery upon the part of the tragic hero. Hamlets biggest flaw in character is that he over philosophises and delays landing Claudius up until it is too late for his family and himself. After he decides Claudius is guilty of murdering his father, he still relents from taking his revenge, he says Haste me to know t, that I, with wings as swift/ As hypothesis or the thought of love/ May sweep to my revenge. (Act I, scene V). This reference displays Hamlets deep want for revenge, the banters are muscular and using words such as swift gives the impression that he will not delay in taking action suggesting that he is ready, however the juxtaposing simile embedded within the quote is soft and suggests Hamlets cogitating over thoughts of love possibly his love for Ophelia, meditation likewise implies that he dwells in deep thought.Hamlet procrastinates a lot passim the play Smith says that due to his brooding and introspective nature, he practically wrangles with language to help him understand a reality where he has small(a) control. Hamlets famous to be or not to be soliloquy questions the righteousness of life over death in clean-living terms and discusses the many possible reasons for either living or last, this does however launch the audience Hamlets humanity, Shakespeare can also use his character to engage with the prevalent philosophical ideas during the Renaissance arrest Judkins states that the Renaissance embraces a series of religious, economic, and political changes which ripple into areas of science, literature, and philosophy, at a condemnation of change and new ideas many writers such as Shakespeare would have been interested in the ideas explored during the Renaissance and so create characters to mull over it. One example of Hamlets dilemma reflecting the debates in Elizabethan society, is linked to morality and law Hamlet finds himself torn between his desire for revenge but also his philosophizing over the futility of life J. J. Lawlor argues that the retaliator delays, not from despair or indecision which are finally spurned in favour of the duty of revenge, but because there is a disbelief about revenge itself.Hence, Hamlets scrupling reflects a man detain in changing times between the Medieval Age when damn revenge was accepted and the Tudor era of legal reformation where snobby revenge was outlawed. Bosola also shows internal divergence which could imply that he fits Aristotles model of the tragic hero, however it is shown to a greater extent through his asides rather than soliloquies as shown in Hamlet. Bosola is very bitter towards the system and the way the country is ruled, with those above him abusing their power but still he continues to carry out his ship canal, due to his greed poisoning his morals, it can be give tongue to he is plagued by his own melancholy and will only debate the consequences afterwards. Boas suggests that the tragic hero is made to feel him-self caught in a smudge over which he has little control but in which he moldiness show some decision, however futile. But the unhappy out-come always emerges from his decision. He must choose and cannot choose well, so although Bosola chooses to avenge the duchess he kills her, her children, Antonio and himself in the process.It could also be said that Bosola fails to redeem himself because his actions are driven by revenge, after he kills the Cardinal and Ferdinand he says, zero(prenominal) my revenge is perfect. Sink, thou main cause/ Of my undoing The last part of my life/ Hath through me best service (Act V, Scene, V). Like Shakespeare, Websters presentation of inner conflict in his protagonist also seems to suggest that the path of private payback is complex and will lead to destruction. Bosola does also come to terms with his fate existential nihilists claim that, to be honest, one must face the ridiculousnessof existence, that he/she will eventually die (Unknow Author). Bosola states that people are nevertheless the stars tennis balls (Act V, Scene IV) that a persons fate is already mapped out and everything is inevitable so Bosola feels like a victim of circumstance. seat F Buckingham states that perhaps there is also an etymological significance in Websters adjustment of the source name, Bozola to a new spelling that references the word Bossola Italian for a mariners compass, pointing up the irony that Bosolas own final journey is directionless, away from justice. It could be said that Hamlet also comes to terms with his fate and car ries it upon his shoulders like a burden. The time is out of joint O cursed spite, that ever I was born(p) to set it right (Act I, Scene V), here it could be said that Hamlet indisputably feels that he was born to avenge his fathers death, thus he vows to dedicate his life to vengeance.In the final scene Hamlet realizes that a person should be ready to accept the undeniable concomitant that death will come Hamlet says to Horatio, Theres special frugality in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, tis not to come if it be not to come, it will be now if it be not now, til now it will come. The readiness is all (Act V, Scene II). Both Hamlet and Bosola show villainous behaviour, but it can be argued that they arent in fact completely evil. Hamlet soon finds himself acting upon passion and is at to the lowest degree at crucial moments of his experience, passions slave, as in his chewing out of Ophelia and, more tragically, in his murder of her father (Allan). Hamlet is not a bad pers on yet the pressure and intensity of his vengeance disunite away at him he finds himself acting sometimes rashly and uncertainly, and in the case of Polonius murder, he does not initially show any signs of contrition as he looks down on him calling him a wretched, rash, irrupt fool (Act III, Scene IV), which suggests he is almost saying it is Polonius fault for getting involved and does not take responsibility. Hamlets actions are caused by his desire to avenge his father the old king Hamlet who was polish off by his brother Claudius and so it could be argued that had Hamlet not know thatClaudius murdered his father, he would not have carried out the murders and would therefore not be villainous, as Hamlet was loved by the people and was known to be a smart scholar who went to university. Shakespeare uses Ophelia to reflect these views when she says, O what a noble mind is here oerthrown (Act III, Scene I). Hamlet did not int give up onhurting his loved ones in the beginning an d should not be seen as evil as his aims were to only avenge his father. Allan comments that, power of word and deed do not come inherently to Hamlets contemplative and moral temperament. On the other hand, critic Augustus Schlegel argues that Hamlet has a natural inclination for crooked ways he is a hypocrite towards himself his far-fetched sense of right and wrong are often mere pretexts to cover up his want of goal, this suggests that Hamlet is just as Machiavellian as Claudius but this interpretation would be too simple, and does not consider the impact of Hamlets humanity which is evident in his delay and conflicting thoughts. Bosola however is more entangled in Machiavellian scheming, serving the Duchess brothers, the Cardinal and Ferdinand, and so it could be said that he is not in fact a villain but instead just a working man. Bosola refers to himself as their beast (Act I, Scene I) with its connotations of unthinking, loyalty and inhumanity, Bosola carries out their de eds for his own material befool seemingly regardless of his morals most likely due to his tartness and discontent with social structure and other existing conditions. Bosola is a lynchpin part of the plot and acts as a spy and a manslayer but although it was his choice to have this way of life, in the end he stands for his beliefs.Bosola has already been to prison which implies he is criminal, but during his asides, it is evident that he is not an evil assailant but a man doing a job, For the wakeless deed you have done me, I must do all the ill man can invent. He recognizes the consequences of his actions and feels remorse, for example, when Bosola is ordered to kill the Duchess, he cannot face her as his true self due to his humanity towards her and so he disguises himself C. G. Thayer states that having caused the Duchess so much agony already, Bosola cannot now direct to have her recognize him as he comes to supervise her murder, or, more simply, that he is ashamed to app ear in his own shape. This idea of the onomatopoetic shape links to Machiavellian ideas but also links to his own sense of morality and feeling towards the Duchess and Antonio and his shame for how he is ruining their family and lives. Bosola cannot be seen to be a villain completely as at the end of play he plans to kill the Cardinal for making him kill all those people and for committing crimes, hoping to help save Antonio, and although he kills Antonio accidently, he did change his ways and tried to help, this is an excellent example of how Bosola resembles the tragic herofigure. In ratiocination it is clear that Hamlet fits the model of the tragic hero and it is evident that Bosola also fits the characteristics of a tragic hero.Smith describes Hamlet as the quintessential tragic hero. none only does he begin with the noblest motivations but by the end, his situation is so dire that the only plausible final act should be his death. If we consider Bosola as the malcontent of th e play, the audience can see he tends to view things cynically, and makes numerous critical comments on the nature of Renaissance society. Bell states that Bosola also acts as a choric figure at regular intervals during the play and he often makes judgements on the other characters and the series of events. However despite these more seemingly malcontent traits, it is evident that he can also be seen as a figure resembling the tragic hero. Hamlet and Bosola both(prenominal) display a tragic flaw in character, both display villainous behavior yet it is clear that they both have a sense of morality, neither character realize the right thing to do until the end of both plays and so fail to gain happiness. Shakespeare and Webster both use the traits of the tragic hero to engage in and explore topics which were being challenged and revamped by the discoveries of the Renaissance period.BibliographyAllan, Phillip. Hamlet Phillip Allan Literature Guide for A-Level. Hodder training Oxford shire, 2011. Bell, Millicent. Hamlet, Revenge The Hudson Review, Vol. 51, No. 2 (Summer, 1998), pp. 310-328. Boas, George. The Evolution of the Tragic combatant. The Carleton Drama Review, Vol. 1, No. 1, Greek Tragedy (1955 1956), pp. 5-21. Buckingham, John F. The Dangerous Edge of Things John Websters Bosola in Context & Performance, 2011. Judkins, David. Life in Renaissance England Online available at Lawlor, J.J. The Tragic Conflict in Hamlet. The Review of English Studies. R.E.S rude(a) Series, Vol 1, No. 2, 1950. Schelegel, Augustus William. Criticisms on Shakespeares Tragedies Hamlet. Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. London, 1846. Hamlet. Ed. Cyrus Hoy. Norton and Company New York, 1992, pp. 155-7. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Cambridge Cambridge University Press, 2005. Smith, Nicole. Shakespeares Hamlet as a Tragic Hero Online available at Thayer, C. G. The Ambiguity of Bosola. Studies in Philology, Vol. 54, No.2 (Apr., 1957), pp. 162-171. (Unknown Author) Nihili sm Onlineavailable atWebster, John. The Duchess of Malfi. London Methuen drama, 2001.

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Software development and engineering

There argon two features which are common to virtually technology science definitions The solution of practical problems for the benefit of humankind The use of scientific and an other(prenominal) ceremonialised noesis to design and build artefacts within economic constraints release between scientists and engineers Scientific reasoning and research is essentially inductive, scientists try to guess general rules or laws from the results of a limited number of observations or data-based results The activities of engineers are quite distinct, their objective is for human benefit rather than explaining the innate(p) world. They make use of scientific results in a deductive demeanor (to verify designs and ideas that are feasible and safe. study of technology disciplinesQUESTION How does engine room come to make use of scientific and formalised knowledge? service The discipline starts in a state of craft practiceAt this decimal point engineering is carried out by practitioner s with little or no formal grooming andknowledge is acquired during apprenticeship.The second stage is the emergence of mercenary exploitation when pressures arise to make economic use of resources or to extend output. Practice becomes more organised and standard procedures are established.The third stage in schooling sees the emergence of professional engineering. At this stage engineering is carried out by educated professionals who use formal analysis and scientific theory to understand and verify their designs.Characteristics of engineeringEngineering bulges tackle all the way defined and quantified problems.Another aspect of new engineering is the use of systematised knowledge, this knowledge gives the engineer a good sagacity both of the problems that he or she is addressing and the materials available for their solution.A science-based knowledge engineer will view signifi brush asidet knowledge of proven procedures and designs which they can reuse where clutch.An important aspect of this systemize knowledge is the ability to learn from blows.SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AS engineer?Development of compiler technology In the 1950s when high-level programing languages were first world designed and implemented, compiler writing was regarded as difficult. The development of the first compiler for FORTRAN, completed in proterozoic 1957, required astir(predicate) 18 person-years of effort. Compiler technology has progressed dramatically since, that a compiler can now be implemented in anything from 6 person-weeks to a person-year. raw compilers generally release executable code that is very efficient and it is ancient for programmers to pauperism to resort to lower-level languages. Compilers are usually extremely reliable being at least as free from errors as most other software carrefour on a typical computer.large-scale development projectsLarge-scale projects have always been much more prone to problems or failure than smaller development s, such(prenominal) as compiler implementations, due to difficulties of organising and co-ordinating teams, and dealing with clients. further this is not always the case, as seen in these two examples of large and exceedingly successful projects. flowout 1 SABRE, an Airline Reservation System essential for American Airlines. The project delivered about one million lines of code and composite around 400 person-years of effort. This success is all the more striking because of the overlook of supporting software there were no database systems available at that time, for example.Example 2 NASA Space Shuttle. The project involved introducing rigorous maintain of software development, introduce all changes and errors, and constantly refining the development cognitive operation to figure that errors are eliminated at the earliest possible stage.Other branches of engineering which have resulted in major disasters In 1968, Roman point (a high-rise obstruct of flats in London) col lapsed after a gas explosion in a top flat. The block was constructed using prefabricated components. In 1980, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, a hang walkway which connected hotel floors collapsed causing deaths of 114 people. The failure was due to a conclave of design and construction flaws.QUALITY AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTIn modern application and business there is enormous concern to try to produce goods and services of high tone.Definition of Quality The set of characteristics of a product or service which satisfy a customers requirements and expectationsAmerican Joseph Juran, one of the early advocates of smell management, defined quality as the fitness for uses.Detailed tracking of error statistics during development has been found by developers such as Microsoft, to be extremely useful even though they may adopt a more informal approach to managing software development (Cusumano and Selby 1997).Development of ideas about qualityTotal Quality Management (TQM) Clearly defining quality in terms of customers or consumers requirements Concentrating on achieving quality by up production mental processes rather than by inspection of end products The clear judicial admission of processes and the use of statistical analyses and other techniques to track down the sources of faults so that the process can be improved The involvement of everyone in quality approach Constantly trying to improve quality by learning from faults and alter processes and designs.The application of quality management to software developmentApplicable to software development?Each development of a system is a one-off project so it is not obvious that insights derived from improving manufacturing processes are applicable.The argument of Deming and others that quality cannot be achieved by testing alone is borne out by the check of many software developers.Quality standards ISO 9000In order to achieve ISO 9000 certificate It has standards against which to measur e all aspects of its development practices It has procedures in place to access cognitive process against these standards Both the standards and the assessment methods used are recognised in the industryISO 9000 has been criticised on its particular criteria for introducing too much paperwork and ignoring the importance of continuous improvement. potentiality Maturity ModelThis model is primarily concerned with the way in which projects are managed and organised, so it proposes five levels of maturity in development practices.1. sign Level-Not stable environment for developing software. Success heavily dependent on key project staff.2. Repeatable Level-Managing software projects based on anterior experience. Project progress is tracked and under control.3. Defined Level-A standard process of software development is used across the organisation. Adapted and tailored appropriately for individual projects.4. Managed Level-Measurable quality targets are set for projects and the resu lts achieved by all projects are monitored.5. Optimising Level-Measurements obtained from the monitoring of software development are used as a foundation for refining and improving the process used. This level is one of continuous improvement.Chapter 11 Societies for computing professionalsWHAT ARE superior SOCIETIES? Professionals, such as music or the law, are distinguished from other occupations by the long percentage point of training and experience which are required in order to destine as a practitioner. Regulated by professional societies Societies are engage by the members of the profession and represent its interests Not under the immediate control of the government or employersProfessional institutions can be made in two ways By stature (by passing a law) munificent CharterThe Engineering profession (the institution of Civil Engineers, the institution of robotic Engineers, the British Computer Society) have similar rights and responsibilities To advance knowledge i n their line of business To uphold and seek to improve standards of practice (e.g. code of brook for members) To set educational and training standards in their field (e.g. running professional exams and accrediting certain secure stop courses) To advise the government on issues within their area of expertise (e.g. BCS on the Computer Misuse Act)THE HISTORY OF ENGINEERING PROFESSIONS When engineering was at the stage of a craft practice, there were few formal mechanisms for the training of new engineers Throughout most of the nineteenth century British engineers were firmly convinced of the value of practical experience as the basis of trainingPROFESSIONAL INSTITUTIONS FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERSTwo professional institutions which have most relevance for computer professionals are the British Computer Society (BCS) and debut of Electrical Engineers (IEE).Engineering Council Created by Royal Charter in 1981 Contains 290000 drug-addicted engineers, including about 200000 Chartered En gineersFEANIFEANI represents the engineering profession at a European level and is made of engineering institutions from 27 countries. It was formed in 1951.PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPMembers of professional societies gain the benefit of meeting other professionals in their field as well as access to other resources, such as libraries, seminars and special interest groups.Course accreditationComputer Science degree courses which cover similar materiel to that of the BCS exams are often accredited by the British Computer Society. For a degree course to give full exemption it must Cover the underlying theory and mathematics appropriate to computing Have an emphasis on design Promote understanding of ideas of quality Cover systems development approaches Cover ethical, legal, social and professional issues allow a substantial student project which involves the implementation of an application or tool using an engineering-based approach.Registration with the Engineering CouncilThe Engineeri ng Council maintains a enter of qualified engineers. EA1 introduction to the fabrication and use of materials EA2 application of engineering principlines EA3 a thorough and structured introduction to industry, involving practical assignments EA4 preparation for the post with stateEA1 and EA2 = accredited in engineering degreeEA3 and EA4 = period of appropriate workProfessional developmentBCS has developed the Industry Structure Model to bump different roles and responsibilities which computing professionals must have. It identifies some 200 professional functions ranging from schedule to management. The purpose of the model is to help individuals and organisations to plan training and career development by identifying current gaps in knowledge.BCS runs two development schemes Professional Development scheme computing professionals have properly planned and verified trainingContinuing Professional Development those who have achieved qualification but who need to broaden the ir knowledge.