Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Educational Technology

Exam Name___YVETTE TORRALBA-MOSES___________ TRUE/FALSE. Write T if the teaching is genuine and F if the asseveration is false. 1) Technological literacy gougenot serve as the primary rationale for desegregation trainingal applied science. 1) _T______ 2) One thing we have learned from the history of technologies in education is that teachers r atomic number 18ly have time to bring on their own instructional media for teaching. 2) __T_____ 3) Research over the past 40 years has shown conclusively that engineering science-based methods are usually superior to traditionalistic star and only(a)s. 3) _F______MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the oneness substitute(a) that best completes the statement or answers the question. 4) Educators who come from a vocational emphasise and belong to the ITEA professional organization use this term to refer to uses of engineering for teaching and learning. 4) B______ A) instructional engine room B) technology education C) educational technology D) instructional systems 5) In which of the following eras did Integrated Learning Systems (ILSs) become favorite? 5) _D______ A) profit Era B) Post-Internet Era C) Pre-micro computing device Era D) Microcomputer Era 6)What is one thing we have learned from the history of technology in education about the role teachers will play in the future? 6) __B_____ A) To be effective, schools must keep up with new technology-based methods. B) Despite technological innovations, military personnel teachers will always be very important. C) Due to technological innovations, human teachers gradually will be phased out. D) The most successful teachers are ones who sustain technology into their methods. 7) What does AUP stand for? 7) __D_____ A) legitimate Use Procedures B) Authorized Uniform Procedures C) Authorized Uniform Policies D)Authorized Use Policies 8) Why do teachers need to develop their own rationale for development technology in education? 8) __A_____ A) integrating technology is time-consuming and relatively expensive to use. B) Parents are a good deal foreign to their children using technology in classrooms. C) Teachers often have to persuade administrators to concur technology uses. D) Newer technologies continue to require different rationales than older ones. 9) Which of the following is one of the big issues shaping the current and future climate of educational technology? 9) ___B____ A) Macintosh vs. Windows platform usage in schoolsB) directed vs. constructivist learning strategies C) co-op vs. individualized learning strategies D) web-based vs. broadcast distance learning delivery gyp ANSWER. Write the word or expression that best completes each statement or answers the question. 10) Though many educators tend to think of technology as devices, Saettler reminds us that the historical function of educational technology was a/an ________ earlier than a product. 10) __tool and process______ 11) This term evolved from computer literacy and ha s come to mean technical skills that answer prepare students for the workplace. 1) _____________ 12) What kind of software, first introduced in 1994, marked the beginning of more than widespread Internet use? 12) Computer assisted learning________ 13) Attacks on computer systems by hackers and viruses make it necessary for schools to install firewalls and this kind of software. 13) _firewall software______ 14) What term is use to describe the disparity between the use of computers by girls and boys which some pile feel leads to girls entering science and mathematics fields less often than boys? 14) _____________ 15)ISTE has worked with groups such as NCATE to identify this set of technology skills that should be inevitable of all American teachers. 15) _NETS______ TRUE/FALSE. Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false. 16) Using drill and practice to promote automaticity is a directed strategy. 16) _F____ 17) Having humble groups work cooperatively to dev elop a hypermedia product is set more with constructivist models than with directed instructional ones. 17) ___T___ 18) One of the essential conditions for effective technology integration is adequate technical assistance for teachers. 8) __T____ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 19) Which of the following technology-based strategies exponent muleteer have considered an effective way to shape learned behavior? 19) ___C___ A) forming responses done multimedia rewards for good behavior B) using visual examples to bridge bountiful/expert and child/novice levels C) drill and practice that gives reinforcement for even out answers D) using Internet illustrations to stimulate recall of prerequisite skills 20)Which of the following might be a kind of technology strategy based on constructivist learning models? 20) _C_____ A) Identifying skill weaknesses and targeting tutorial and drill software to them B) Giving stud ents a German language tutorial because a teacher is not insureable C) Showing video-based problems that students solve through small group work D) permit students write papers by word processing, rather than by exit 21) What two kinds of instruments can teachers design or select during Phase 3 of the TIP Model to assess changes in attitudes during a technology-enhanced lesson? 1) __A___ A) Rubrics and semantic differentials B) Likert scales and semantic differentials C) Rubrics and observation checklists D) Likert scales and rubrics 22) In writing outcomes and objectives for technology-enhanced lessons, which of the following should teachers always consider? 22) __A___ A) skills and attitudes to be learned B) teaching approaches to be utilise C) learning processes to be used D) technology skills to be learned 23) Which of the following should be asked during Phase 6 to determine if the technology-enhanced lesson worked as planned? 23)B_____ A) Have the technology resources bee n integrated well? B) Could a different technology produce a better event? C) Do teachers agree that the technology was necessary? D) Were all available technology resources used? 24) What is one of the most important guidelines for teachers and others to follow when writing proposals to secure technology funding? 24) _D____ A) Give descriptions of relevant background for all personnel. B) view as sure to address the primary goals of the funding agency. C) Give detailed account statement to justify funds for technology resources. D)Make sure sufficient interrogation history and background is included. SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. 25) Howard Gardner would probably approve of assign different roles in small group multimedia development projects because they can attend address this concept that is central to his theory. 25) _Theory of Multiple Intelligences__ 26) What would Vygotsky call a process of helping students develop new math skills by using video-based problems to build on their own knowledge and experience? 26) _social process in learning_______ 27)What do teachers see when they determine that a technology-based strategy is better than the traditional one they were using? 27) _____________ 28) This model gives teachers a general approach to address challenges involved in integrating technology into teaching. 28) _Technology Integration Planning Model_______ 29) This software prevents access to specific web site addresses or to web sites that contain certain keywords or phrases. 29) _Firewall Software_ 30) What is the name for the policy that schools should have students sign to help make sure they are aware of appropriate behaviors on the Internet? 30) _Authorized Use Policies______

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