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Outsourcing-harm to america Annotated Bibliography

Outsourcing-harm to america - An nonated Bibliography grammatical caseOutsourcing has been in practice since the early 1980s and continues to grow among large the Statesn corporations. Not only hasten we seen that it hurts our economy, but is affecting the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is averaging 9.3% in todays market, compared to 5.8% in 2008 and 4.6% in 2007. Since 1986 fifteen million high compensable jobs have left the United States and American workers. Some industry watchers believe as many as 200,000 service jobs could be lost each year for the next eleven years (Cook, Nyham). According to the entropy (1999-2009) given by the bureau of labor statistics, United States -- there has been an increase in job privation in the private sector in the last 10 years (Bureau of labor, 2010).Corporate America is sending jobs oversees so that their companies can save money, not thinking of the impact it has on us as individuals, and our families. Outsourcing is a chain rea ction the more products we outsource, the more factories that are being shut down in American, meaning more American job loss, and the rise of the unemployment rate Jobs are disappearing, wages are move below inflation, and it is stressful in the workplace because at any moment ones job could be moved. overseas. It is cleanup American workers faith in their employers and putting a toll on their psychological well-being.We as a nation convey to stop buying imported goods, and stop voting on bills that deregulate outsourcing. We need to realize we are the power, and we can make a difference. That in turn will be a step in the right direction.It is well known that United States economy recovered from mild break in 2001 however, unemployment has risen from 4 % to 6% -- almost 50 percent increase. Well, one thing that is not known widely is that jobs have also been created during this hard period not only in rude(a) York City, San Francisco or Michigan jobs have also been

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Corporate governance of Westpac Banking Corporation AUSTRALIA Essay

bodied ecesis of Westpac Banking Corporation AUSTRALIA - Essay ExampleCorporate governance has become the buzz word and has unadulterated in drawing a good deal of public interest because of its visible significance of corporations and familiarity with respect to sparing healthCorporate governance is a complex concept as it deals with many different economic happenings Looking at a broader perspective corporate governance can be regarded as a set of procedures, customs, guidelines, rules and regulations affecting the way a corporation is planned, directed, governed or controlled. It also includes the relationships among the stakeholders and the aims for which the corporation is managed. The main stakeholders entangled are the shareholders, management and the board of directors. Along with employees, suppliers, customers, banks the environment and the community as a whole.As mentioned prior corporate governance is a complicated and multi-dimensional subject. Corporate governan ce deals with issues of accountability and fiduciary duty, making undisputable wholly the guidelines and mechanisms are implemented for the safe guard of shareholders. Another focal point is to achieve hone economic through corporate governance to emphasize on shareholders welfare.Westpac Banking Corporation was founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1817 as the Bank of New South Wales and merged with the Commercial Bank of Australia and changed its name to Westpac in 1982. Today, it is a star(p) provider of banking and financial serve in Australia, New Zealand, and eight Pacific island nations. It is Australias oldest bank and offers general banking services to retail, commercial, and institutional customers and provides investment management and insurance. Westpac has strived to reach the position today it has by focusing on such(prenominal) issues only establishing a strong relationship with the stakeholders. Corporate governance is a field in economic science that investigates how to secure/motivate efficient management of corporations by the use of incentive mechanisms, such as contracts, organisational designs and legislation. This is often limited to the question of improving financial performance, for example, how the corporate owners can secure/motivate that the corporate managers will deliver a competitive rate of return. www.encycogov.com, Mathiesen 2002.Companies are scored based on specific issues such as board composition, management remuneration, accounting treatment and transparency. https//www.shareanalysis.com/asp/glossary.asp. Westpac has always focused upon promoting corporate justice, comminutedness and self-actualization. The corporate governance structure followed at Westpac specifies the proper allocation of rights and responsibilities of the board, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders and properly defines the rules and procedures for corporate stopping point making. Increased competition, stringent regulatory standards, and continuous change in customer wants and demands have put extort on global banking companies like Westpac to develop creative and cost-effective business strategies.Some of the examples of how corporate governance is implemented at Westpac are as follows (http//www.westpac.com.au/internet/publish.nsf/Content/WISEWP+Protection)SSL connectionInternet Banking system uses a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This creates a secure connection between the customer and the Westpac. This is a passing beneficial technology developed by Netscape, Microsoft and RSA Inc that is supported by most browsers. EncryptionWestpac has employed precise security mechanisms to guarantee that the clients information and accounts are secured. The latest encryption technologies have been used to protect the selective information when being sent over the internet. Westpac Internet Banking uses certificates which generate security keys to verify the connectivity with Westpac banking. Every stakehol der has an account with all the details. As information sent between the browser and the Bank is encrypted, it makes it

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Financial Markets and Bank Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Financial Markets and Bank vigilance - Essay ExampleThe sticks are faced with credit risk that involves change in crystalise summation value due to changes in the ability of the counter-party to meet the contractual agreements (Thomas 2005). Performance risk includes the possible loses that whitethorn emanate from dishonest employees while operational risk include costs such as unfitness to meet regulatory requirements or settlement failures (Rao 1999).The slangs net profit margin for 2012 was prejudicial due to lack of growth of the non-customer interest income. The net profit margin was positive in 2013, scarce the current miserable interest environment prevailing in the market will continue maintaining the net interest income growth rate low. This means that the bank should divest the low-yielding non-core assets like investment securities portfolios in mark to scale up the banks net interest margin. The operating margin was too low to generate substantial increase in net profits in 2013.The return on invested neat growth rate stagnated thus demonstrating imprudent investing strategy due to low returns from the non-core business segments. The improvements in return on assets and return on equity were low while the leverage position declined middling due to injection of additional capital through rights issue.The stringent regulatory environment forced the bank to improve on its capitalisation and implement measures of lowering its leverage. Some of the measures implemented include the rights issue and decline in the risk-weighted assets (RWAs) (Gregory 2011).Barclays loan to deposit ratio stood at 110 percent in 2012, except the ratio declined to 101 percent in 2013. The deposits were almost equal to the customer loans thus demonstrating increased wariness in retail lending. The investment banking business segment is funded by a high proportion of liabilities. The bank should have sufficient liquid assets to withstand any market and internal st resses (Mehta and Fung

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Cross Cultural (Intercultural) Management Skills Essay

Cross Cultural (Intercultural) Management Skills - Essay ExampleKnowledge management is the systematic practical application of knowledge to improve companies performance through facilitating inter-organizational informational sharing and experience. Breiden, Mohr and Mirza (2005 p.15) say that cultural knowledge management competency can therefore help solve management problem. Some of the tasks which ar included here are interactive translation, developing participative competence, cross cultural net maneuvering, creation of collaborative atmosphere and finally developing of a participative competence. For instance, when French speaking expatriate working for the United Nations is send to South America there he/she will find totally different cultures in terms of language and the kind of food plurality eat. It calls for ability and readiness to learn and appreciate that other cultures are also important.Building positive relationships with others is a precise important skill. I t is best(predicate) to develop relationships with locals and colleagues through relational skills development as opposed to being merely task oriented. One should be an all rounded person who is not self centered with monomania of social orientation and social adroitness with superb skills in solving disputes, cooperating with friends and affiliates, unlike majoring in work competition and performance excluding the social life. For example, when one is from a Western nation and goes to work in India, it is advisable to participate in some of their services so that they can feel that you are part of them.

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International retailing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International retailing - Essay ExampleOn the 28th of July in 2006 Wal-Mart exchange its 85 grasp German outlets to Metro AG, which is a diversified cash and carry retail chain that has Germanys largest market share (Clark, 2006)1. 1997 marked the year that Wal-Mart entered Germany when it completed negotiations to acquire 21 outlets belonging to the Wertkauf hypermarket chain (Wal-Mart Facts.com, 2007)2. This was pastime by Wal-Mart acquiring 74 stores of the Interspar hypermarket chain that is a subsidiary of Spar Handels AG (Wal-Mart Facts.com, 2007)3. The preceding be Wal-Marts compliance into the European market, utilise Germany as the launch point. Listening to customers represents one of the first and most classical aspects in entering a remote market as the nuances of consumers differs in their respective countries, thereby requiring adjustments in marketing, presentation, in operation(p) and other procedures.Wal-Marts extraordinarily successful American operations t hat meshed leading edge marketing, a new approach to its corporate culture as well as organisational structures, resulting in the company beingness vaulted into the largest and most successful retailer in the world. ... The preceding success in the United States does non necessarily represent an effective, and or workable game plan in other markets. Given Wal-Marts paper and successes, the company only entered the international market in 1991 that pales in comparison to Carrefour, which has been retailing in foreign markets for in excess of thirty years (Incandela et al, 1999)4. The international market represents a different set of challenges, experiences as well as internal operating dictates that need to be understood and incorporated into a retailers operational mode, a lesson that Wal-Mart learned in Germany. This study shall delve into Wal-Marts entry into the German market to determine the reasons as to why it was not successful there.Wal-Mart and Germany Wal-Marts lack of success in Germany is a classic example of using a business model that is not applicable in terms of the market it is applied in. A look into the facets that represented a contribution to the foregoing entails delving into the market entry strategies as well as operational tactics that were employed, with the foregoing compared with market entry and expansion theories as well as practices. Wal-Marts entry into Germany represented the fact that it has the largest market in Europe as represented by its population, strong economical underpinnings, affluence of its citizens as well as the awareness of products made in the United States (United States discussion section of Agriculture, 2004)5. Germany ranks tierce internationally in terms of consumer food expenditures (United States Department of Agriculture, 2004)6. Critical recommendations as offered by the United States Department of

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The topic can be proposed by the writer Assignment - 2

The payoff can be proposed by the writer - Assignment ExampleThis is the reason for having proficient computer skills in Microsoft office.Derrick has excellent leadership skills from his ability to portion out issues step-by-step that is, prioritizing urgent and most important issues first. This he has turn out from his capacity to balance school and work while ensuring that efficiency is not compromised. His leadership skills surpass his make-up skills. For this reason, he acknowledges that lineage delegation is part of the functional environment. He appreciates that everyone should create a suitable working environment to maximize their capabilities.His ability to handle difficult situations is an indication that he can work in a team and has team leadership skills. His knowledge on how to handle difficult situation in the working environment indicates that he can work under minimum supervision while maintaining a high level of discipline and professionalism. Derrick understa nds how to perfectly perform tasks. He explains that he once surpassed his supervisors requirements by adding value to an assignment that involved contacting customers using a spreadsheet.Derrick attributes his diverse skills to his educational background. He acquired an sort Degree of Business Administration as he was working at a full-time job Again, an indication of his capacity to balance school and work. He agrees that combining school with work can be a hectic undertaking. However, that does not deter him from doing so. He has proven to apply effective techniques on how to handle pressure. He attests that he is slow to react and ensures that he is calm when prioritizing tasks. This ensures that important tasks are carried out first, and fulfil the required standards. Such a technique is an indication of his ardent leadership skills.Derricks attitude is reinforced around patience, honesty, and humility. Such qualities are what

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Tissue Viability Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tissue Viability Nursing - stress ExampleBesides of all these fields, a local and instantaneous help and taproom is of crucial grandeur for the disease discussion as well. Generally speaking, tissue viability implies shield and management of wounds (Ebersolle and Hess, 1998). Such important aspects as impel ulcer prevention, leg ulcer prevention, chronic edema and transmitting control be endogenetic in the field of tissue viability interposition. In order to improve my nursing experience with taking armorial bearing more or less patients with tissue viability, there is a need to improve the status of this disease in the health care system, especially, with regards to older patients. There are many drawbacks concerning the disease status on local and national levels It is profitable to consider the amalgamation of tissue viability with related therapeutic areas for economy of scale, cost efficiency and improved economy of care Services within the NHS have been too paroch ial, focusing on local issues rather than regional or national ones (Marshall, 2010). A high quality of tissue viability nursing depends not only on a nurses skills, but also implies a combination of many other impertinent factors, which, if combined, would lead to a positive result. On the basis of my own experience, I would like to note that prevention is much more effective than tissue viability treatment. I have been engaged in tissue viability treatment at many different stages from the process of the disease identification to the operational delivery of care. The following causal agency happened to my patient with tissue viability and means a serving for me. One evening a patient with paraplegia has complained about septicaemia from a urinary infection. On my behalf, I performed caring actions, which I had to complete. Thus, I completed a pressure ulcer risk assessment that indicated the patients high risk but he spent some other night on a standard mattress overnight. As a result, a large sacral pressure ulcer was developed. In order to prevent much(prenominal) kind of incidents in my further practice, I had to overtake with my colleagues and to get support from a confidential counseling service. Moreover, in the institution where I am employed, such kind of incidents has shifted accents in the field of tissue viability, which has now been considered in the context of tissue damage prevention. Nurses are supposed to reduce infections they can bring to patients. For example, even if there are several sepses in wounds, in force(p) anti-microbial dressings of medical personnel can prevent further infection expansion (Spencer et al, 2001). With this regard, an efficient practical graven image in tissue viability nursing was introduced when our institution underlined that it is on behalf of all people involved in the treatment process to take a responsibility for infection level decrease and prevention. Anyone can bring germs into a nursing home and there is a need to prevent and take control over a potential hazardous level of infections. Therefore, I have been often involved in trainings devoted to infection level decrease and my knowledge has been constantly improved and modernized about the possible ways of protection against infection. Moreover, older people are not very attentive to their appearance they have a lot of cognitive and mental problems, as well as

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A world of Ideals(Eighth Edition) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

A world of Ideals(Eighth Edition) - Essay ExampleHer studies which led to the creation of the Declaration of Sen sentencents and Resolutions demonstrate the period of time and history in which women may be found to have endured plenty of stages in move with moral criticisms and the challenge of attempting to liberate from the slavery of submission to men whether or not they hold a place in a dominant community.Regardless of nationality, religion, philosophical affiliations, women of the 19th century assumed intermediate roles that bore no potential of becoming competitive with mens superior status and they were disadvantaged even of the right to vote and air personal opinions until, as Stanton indicated, the foundation of the law of equity. to a greater extent than the knowledge of seeking evidence of truth in understanding the natural order with respect to affectionate relations and their impact on identifying which the dominant side is, it appears that Stantons presentation co nstitutes the essence of investigating a more specific and delicate matter. Thus, resolving to recalculate self-evident truths by way of conveying a subject on gender inequalities which require no additional proofs despite change in time designates her argument on a winning position, I

Abstract Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 26

Abstract - see ExampleIn this study the researcher wanted to identify which food markets have a higher predictability of the age series. The researcher even wanted to identify the relationship between the returns of Indian sprout market and the R/S ratio. To conduct the study the author obtained the closing stock rates if different indices that were being trades on Indias stock exchange and this data comprises of data obtained from year 2000 to 2010. The researcher identified that all the stock indices that were employed in the study were close to 0.5 Hurst exponents who shows that the returns from the stock exchange are completely random and the market is quite efficient. The researcher even identified that when the values of R/S ratio were elevated, the returns were even increase and when the R/S ratio was low, the returns were even low. The researcher concludes that the R/S ratio can be used making trading decisions and while analyzing a particular trend in the stock

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The African American Term. Or Discrimination Essay

The African American Term. Or Discrimination - Essay ExampleHis demand that he should be considered an African-American because he is an African and an American citizen sounds genuine at first glace. But Swarn reveals the issues related to such a proposition from the perspective of those who oppose it. The fact that Colin Powell, the son of Jamaican parents, and Barack Obama, the son of a Kenyan father and an African mother, have reached the pinnacles of US politics explains how the African immigrants have become an integral tell of the black community. However, it remains to be seen whether the essentialist African-Americans would identify with them in all spheres. Mr. Alan Keyes, Obamas Republican challenger for the Senate potty in Illinois had questioned Obamas claim to be an African-American, stating that he lacks the consciousness that was formed by a hereditary pattern of slavery that the ancestors of African-Americans had gone through. Though Obama and Powell prefer to cal l themselves African-American, many of the children of African Immigrants just prefer the full term African, or Jamaican-African or Nigerian-African, depending on the places of their origin. Some others prefer the more generic term black for their identity. Bobby Austin, who opposes the African immigrants being integrated to the category of African-Americans, explains that some people feared that black immigrants and their children would snatch up the hard-won opportunities made likely by the civil rights movement. Several surveys support this view, indicating that the children of black immigrants are making use of educational and employment opportunities in a greater number than African-Americans. Dr.Austin affirms that the suffering of the African-Americans that have lasted many decades is not at alleviated with the help of the civil rights movement, because the black immigrants pose a threat and hindrance to their social and ethnic development. Mr. Obamas view is that the Afri can

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Argument Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Argument Analysis - Essay ExampleThe analysis of the advertisement shows that the messages in the video are crucially important to be understood by drivers and mass who are going to drive and these points are presented effectively in the advertisement.The video describes a situation when both drivers are about to make a doss situation on a road, but abruptly time stops and the drivers go out of their railcars. The driver who made the mistake asks the one who drives too unshakable to slow down, but he cant because he drives too unfluctuating and there is so little time and distance between their cars that theres nothing anybody can do to bar the crash. The one who made the mistake shows that there is his little son on the back seat, but the fast driver realizes that the alarm conditions were his fault because if he hadnt driven too fast they could have avoided the crash and there would be enough time for the father and son to skip on the road originally him. So finally the d rivers get back to their cars and the piece of the crash is shown for a moment. The advertisement finishes with a melanize screen and the message of the video appears Other large number make mistakes. Slow down.The advertisement isnt designed to sell anything, it is socially important its ethos aims to evoke peoples responsibility and capability of opinion about others while driving, because we all live in the world where there are other people around us and it is a part of ethics to include other peoples gentlemans gentleman factor in our decision making. The ethos sends the important moral message that it is crucial to follow your civil duty, thats why the advertisement was made based on touching and strong drivers feelings of grief and regret. As removed as the advertisement is sponsored by New Zealand Transport Agency it becomes clear that it aims to decrease the amount of car accidents on roads and the agency is also responsible for this. The target audience for this

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Principles of Organisational Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Principles of Organisational Behaviour - strive ExampleIt is necessary that every employee realizes his or her contri exactlyion in the organizations work and image. pauperism comes from within the person. Motivational factors could be implanted by the management externally however the employee has to feel the revolutionize himself. Hence it is a process to create the urge and define the path for him or her. Clarity of inclinations gives theme to the person what he is striving for. The real challenge for a manager lies in defining the path. If the goal is too difficult, it will give the air of impossibility and is discarded by the employee. On the contrary, if it is too easygoing then it loses the attraction of challenge. Apart from this the manager needs to have a clear idea somewhat the role every individual plays in the team to align his goals with those of team. A well-defined job explanation gives a clear idea of specific job roles, responsibilities. Group level Leaders hip Leadership in an organization comes at various levels. It starts at one to one level, progresses to team level and then assumes the boilers suit macro level of leading the organization. All the three aspects contribute to an employees growth in an organization. give up leading at appropriate level benefits not only the team but also the training of the organization as well. ... vides direction with the help of well-defined goals and structured path, which is further broken into objectives for departments, further follow up to teams and eventually to every individual playing as a team member. Hence it is also pressing that leadership at every level must identify future leaders who could take everyplace further responsibilities of delivering the task to the organization. There should be a great stress on identifying leaders and evolution them. It is the only way the human resource can be developed and made competent. Hence identifying leadership competencies is as necessar y for a manager as to acquire them. Often it is also noticed that thither are two leaders in the organization natural leaders and appointed leaders. Natural leaders tend to get better results. Alternatively appointed leaders could be trained to prove themselves but could be lengthy process. Organizational Level Organizational culture and temper The culture of a collection can now be defined as A pattern of shared basic assumptions that the grouping learned as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well enough to be considered legal and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems. (Schein 373-374) (www.soi.org) Organizational climate is the set of characteristics that describe an organization and that distinguishes one organization from other organizations are relatively enduring everywhere time and influence the behaviour of thepeople in the organization(For ehand & Gilmer, 1964). (http//organizationalclimate.wordpress.com) Although similar, elements of both the concepts have different relate on an employee. Both the definitions state the congeniality in the environment

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Women fce greter chllenges thn men in their ttempts to climb to the Essay

Women fce greter chllenges thn men in their ttempts to climb to the top of the corporte ldder - Essay ExampleMore modernly, however, there hs been n influx of women into non-trditionl, higher sttus occuptions, nd it ppers tht trditionl ptterns of occuptionl segregtion my be slowly chnging. It is considered, tht women fce greter chllenge thn men in their ttempts to climb top of the corporte ldder. This breath hs been mde delinquent to historicl chnges tht took plce in the distribution of gender workforce nd will be discussed lter in this pper.lthough women nd men hve lwys engged in purposeful ctivity, the set of ctivities tht mny people consider work or employment is non lwys cler. Historiclly, men nd women worked side by side together in the fields. Tody, however, distinction is mde between pid, reality work externl to the fmily nd unpid, privte work in the home. Ech of these spheres of work hs come to be excite-typed, with pid work cosmos viewed by mny s the domin of mles nd u npid work in the home the domin of femles. These perceptions re chnging but re electrostatic deep-seted in mny respects.Historiclly, men nd women hve hd very different experiences of work. Men hve either secured goods or worked externl to the fmily unit, wheres women often hve worked much integrlly s prt of tht unit. Beginning with industriliztion nd continuing to the workplce tody, mens nd womens experiences of work hve vried significntly, lrgely due to the continuing sex segregtion of occuptions. However, with the onset of two world wrs, two Blck nd White women stedily incresed their numbers in the externl, pid workforce. During the 1990s, the mjority of both men nd women, Blck nd White, were employed outside of the fmily unit. The reltions between men nd women - sometimes chrcterised s wr - hve since been trnsformed. In the City of London tody, for exmple, some highly pid expectnt mothers ttempt to time their bonus pyments so tht they fll inside the reference period used to cl culte mternity py entitlements. If they mnge to win bonus between 18 nd 26 weeks in advance their expected birth dte, they cn receive mternity py mounting to much more thn they ern normlly - nd with the pprovl of the Inlnd Revenue. How much of this chnge is due to the lw, nd how much would hve hppened nywy becuse of economic nd lbour mrket pressures It is, s lwys, difficult to sy. Yet most commenttors rgue the SD hs hd significnt impct on British working culture. Tody, it is unusul for women to be discriminted ginst directly becuse they re women, which is wht used to hppen, sys Michel Rubenstein, the founder of Equl Opportunities Review, specilist journl. The discrimintion tht tkes plce now is mostly round womens fmily roles nd resentment of the disruption it cuses. (Overell, 2006).Jmes Cox, n employment prtner t shurst, n interntionl lw firm, sys The City of London is the lst bstion of old-style employment prctices, where the focus is on working hrd nd ceding your life to your emp loyer nd clients. But in the lst few yers it hs been hit relly hrd by women tking employers to tribunls nd sometimes wlking wy with multimillion-pound compenstion pyments. It is those cses of the lte 1990s, directly due to the SD, tht hve forced the City to chnge its wys. (Overell, 2006).It is only in very recent yers tht there hs been notble rise in the number of people (mostly women) using sex equlity lw to chllenge employers. In 1998-99, 6,200 women took their employers to tribunl by 2003-4 the throw hd risen to 17,000 people

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Housing Crisis in the USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Housing Crisis in the USA - Essay ExampleAlan Greenspan, as the loss leader of the Federal Bank definitely had a stake in this and in fact, he and his team seemed to deal too much faith in the theory of an efficient grocery that is able to regulate itself (Shiller 89). Yet, these ideas of a perfect market where competition in the context of demand and supply is supposed to create market equilibrium are fundamentally flawed. In such cases where deregulation occurs, it is always likely that there impart be a time when the market will collapse under its own pressure.The increasing income disagreement is a major factor that led to the housing crisis. Increasing poverty in America meant that some households are not able to have the proper income to own a house and this led to the cornerstone of a huge market niche that the banks could not ignore. These people who make the greater majority of the pupation in the United States had to achieve the American dream of owning a house, yet they did not have the means because they could not access the normal mortgages. When banks, through the freedom afforded them by deregulation, discovered this niche, they started giving subprime mortgages. The subprime mortgages were a high-risk ship and as would be expected, they ended up having a negative impact on the economy because some of these subprime customers ended up defaulting on their mortgage repayments.In this case of the housing crisis and the adverse situations that followed, everyone is to diabolic in a different kind of way. The banks were to blame for being careless and also for misleading people to consider that these products (subprime mortgages) were good for them. People seem to trust banks very much and always believe that whateverthing these banks offer is without any hidden agenda. When banks offered the subprime mortgages, it was easy for these people to believe that it was safe to engage in the investments. The individuals are also to blame because t heir greed overshadowed their rationality.

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Flexural Test For Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Coursework

Flexural Test For Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer - Coursework ExampleAfter that a flexural examination each(prenominal)ow be done using a three point b lasting method. The main objective of this investigate is to expand the go throughledge about the GFRP and its behaviour. Glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester (GFRP) were subjected to wet immersion tests to know the results of the water absorption on the mechanical properties. 20 specimens with 10cm long of GFRP were used to this experiment, measuring their weight low different types of water and temperatures. Salt water and normal water was under 20c and 60c temperatures. The weight of these specimens was taken during a different time periods. The weight of the GFRP specimens was increased slightly in both types of water for a fewer days until it was stable. After that a flexural test (three point bending test) was done on these GFRP specimens. (H Dhakal, Z Zhang, M Richardson, 2006) Equipment 1 Water absorption test The absorption of water for the Glass fibre-reinforced polyester (GFRP) remains the key weapon for degrading mechanical property in this experiment. A water tub machine as in the figure (ten) and two cups of methamphetamine hydrochloride as on the figure (eleven) were used in this experiment. The water bath has 6oc water and the two cups were at 20c water temperature. The weights of one single specimen from individually root word were taken in a different time periods.... Group 1 and 2 were in two succusss mark with A and B as on the figure (thirteen). Jar A was containing fresh water and jar B was containing common salt water. The 2 jars were inside a water bath machine at 60c water temperature. Group 3 and 4 were in two cups of glass marked with A and B as on figure (eleven). Cup A was containing fresh water at 20c and cup B was containing salt water at 20c as well. Every assembly has five specimens. The weights of one single specimen from each group were taken in a diffe rent time periods using a sensitive overcome as on figure (fourteen). At the first day the weight was taken every second for 6 hours. After that the weight was taken once every day until the weight is settled. At the end the flexural test was done for all the specimens and every specimen has its own flexural graph. exercise thirteen jars at 60c temperature Figure fourteen sensitive scale Results and Discussion Water absorption test Water absorption test were conducted by immersing the GFRP specimens in de-ionised water and salt water. The water bath machine at 60c was containing 2 groups, group 1 was in A jar containing a normal water and group 2 was in B jar containing a salt water. Groups 3 and 4 were at 20c in a glass cups group 3 was in A glass cup containing a normal water and group 4 was in B glass cup containing a salt water. The immersion for the specimens into the water was all told for 144hr. after immersion for 1hr, one specimen from each group were taken out of the w ater and all surface water was removed with a clean soft dry cloth. The specimens were weighed regularly at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 24, 48, 72, up to 144hr. ( H Dhakal, Z Zhang ,M Richardson ,2006) After immersion the GFRP specimens into the water for a week at ambient temperature at 60c and 20c, all

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Nutraceuticals International Essay Example for Free

Nutraceuticals global demonstrate1. beet juice skunk beat product line instancy. Nutraceuticals International 13. 2 (Feb 2008). Summary/ revaluation Medications for tall railway line hale lav tote up to a lot of m acey each year. This is the reason why many an differentwise(prenominal) experts ar trying to look at cheaper alternatives in producing medicines that could alleviate the upsurge of this dreaded ailment.Cheaper medicines can drive in a form of herbal remedies. In this report that appe ard in a magazine Nurtaceuticals International (Feb.2008), it has been revealed that British interrogati iodiners at Barts and The London shal broken of Medicine found a new route of vitally reducing the argumentation extort of uplifted dividing line pressure patients. By fetching 500ml of beet juice each, they aptitude contract a chance of being cured of their high ocellus pressure.The group of researchers, led by Amrita Ahluwalia and Ben Benjamin, determ ine that it is the use of sustenanceary nitrate contained within beetroot juice that does the trick. The issuing can likewise be seen when people atomic number 18 eating green, leafy vegetables that ultimately resolvings in decreased transmission line pressure.Because of the antioxidant vitamin content of vegetable-rich diet people can be protected against tenderness disease. This article is very informative because readers can learn the importance of having comfortably diet can help everyone have a wellnessy life. Also, this article could encourage more experts in trying to find alternative ways of helping people with hypertension. Full school text Article Beetroot juice can beat source pressure. Nutraceuticals International 13. 2 (Feb 2008). seekers at Barts and The London School of Medicine in the UK have discovered that drinking just 500ml of beetroot juice a twenty-four hour period can authoritatively reduce channel pressure.The reading, published on-line on F ebruary 5 in the American Heart Associations journal high simple eye pressure, could have major implications for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Lead by Amrita Ahluwalia, professor at the William Harvey Research Institute at Barts and The London School of Medicine, and Ben Benjamin, professor at Peninsula Medical School, USA, the research reveals that it is the ingestion of dietetic nitrate contained within beetroot juice and similarly in green, leafy vegetables which results ultimately in decreased gunstock pressure.Previously, the protective do of vegetable-rich diets had been attributed to their antioxidant vitamin content. Effective one hour post ingestion prof Ahluwalia and her team found that, in healthy volunteers, blood pressure was reduced within just one hour of ingesting beetroot juice, with a peak drop occurring three-four hours after ingestion. Some degree of reduction proceed to be observed until up to 24 hours after use of goods and services. Researc hers established that the decrease in blood pressure was out-of-pocket to the chemical formation of nitrite from the dietary nitrate in the juice.The nitrate in the juice is converted in saliva by bacteria on the tongue into nitrite. This nitrite-containing saliva is swallowed and, in the acidic environment of the tolerate is either converted into nitric oxide or re-enters the circulation as nitrite. The peak time of reduction in blood pressure correlated with the appearance and peak levels of nitrite in the circulation, an effect that was absent in a support group of volunteers who refrained from swallowing their saliva during, and three hours following, beetroot ingestion.More than 25% of the worlds adult population be hypertensive, and it has been estimated that this imagine will increase to 29% by 2025. In addition, hypertension causes around 50% of coronary heart disease, and approximately 75% of strokes. In demonstrating that nitrate is believably to underlie the cardi o-protective effect of a vegetable-rich diet, the research of prof Ahluwalia and her colleagues highlights the potential of a natural, low cost approach for the treatment of cardiovascular disease a status that kills over 110,000 people in England alone every year.Prof Ahluwalia concluded our research projects that drinking beetroot juice, or consuming other nitrate-rich vegetables, exponent be a simple way to maintain a healthy cardiovascular administration, and might to a fault be an additional approach that one could take in the modern day battle against rising blood pressure. 2. Zoler, Mitchel L. Hypertension doubles female cozy dis office preponderance. Family Practice untesteds 36. 20 (Oct 15, 2006) 14. Summary Critique We exclusively jockey that hypertension affects the circulatory system of the human body.However, in this article by Mitchel Zoler (2006), it has been found that hypertensive women have double the risk of having versed disfunction than women with no rmal blood pressure. This proposition came after scientists have conducted a written report of 417 women. As Dr. Michael Doumas account in the annual meeting of the American Society of Hypertension, women with controlled hypertension had a importantly inflict prevalence of sexual dysfunction than did women whose hypertension failed to carry through goal levels during treatment (Zoler, 2006).In this particular study, all women were tasked to off a 19-question form that has been validated as a way to evaluate sexual function. The questions dealt with some(prenominal) domains of female sexual function desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain. The survey found out that among the women with hypertension, 42% had scores indicating sexual dysfunction, which is far in statistically significant when compared with 19% among the normotensives.Looking on how the researchers arrived at this conclusion can be doubtful because they merely based it on a survey, which can be a result of many other factors other than hypertension. Yet, this observation should not be taken complacently because hypertension is a common disease in the United States and its link to reproductive dysfunction in women should be open up so that doctors will know how to alleviate the worsening problem of hypertension. Full schoolbook Article Zoler, Mitchel L. Hypertension doubles female sexual dysfunction prevalence. Family Practice News 36. 20 (Oct 15, 2006) 14.NEW YORK Women with hypertension were in two ways as likely to have sexual dysfunction as normotensive women were, in a study of 417 women. The results also showed that women with controlled hypertension had a importantly lower prevalence of sexual dysfunction than did women whose hypertension failed to reach goal levels during treatment, Dr.Michael Doumas reported at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hypertension. But a thirdly finding was that women who were treated with antihypertensive drugs had a higher prevalence of sexual dysfunction than did untreated women. Dr.Doumas speculated that this was caused by the effects of certain antihypertensive drugs, such as diuretics and beta-blockers.Treatment with other drug types, the angiotensin-receptor blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, appeared to reduce sexual dysfunction, he said. We choose to treat hypertension because of its effect on adverse cardiac outcomes. But in that respect is a hint that we can lower blood pressure with some drugs and also have practised effects on female sexual function, said Dr. Doumas, a physician in the department of intimate medicine at the Hospital of Alexandroupolis in Athens.The study enrolled 216 women with hypertension and 201 normotensive women. Their average age overall was about 48, and all were sexually active. The women completed a 19-question form that has been validated as a way to evaluate sexual function. The questions dealt with several domains of female sexu al function desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain. Among the women with hypertension, 42% had scores indicating sexual dysfunction, compared with 19% among the normotensives, which was a statistically significant difference. The prevalence of sexual dysfunction increased significantly with the duration of hypertension.Among women who had been hypertensive for fewer than 3 years, 16% had a score indicating sexual dysfunction the rate rose to 33% among women with hypertension for 3-6 years and 79% among women with hypertension for more than 6 years. Age also showed a significant interaction with prevalence. Among women aged 31-40 years, the prevalence of dysfunction was 21% the rate rose to 38% among women aged 41-50 and to 57% among women who were older than 50 years. The prevalence of sexual dysfunction was 48% among women treated for hypertension, compared with 33% among the untreated hypertensives, a significant difference.The average age was 48 years in bot h groups. But the prevalence was lower still among the hypertensive women who had their pressure controlled by treatment. With control defined as a pressure of slight than 140/90 mm Hg, the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in women with controlled hypertension was 27%, significantly less than the 51% of women with uncontrolled hypertension who had dysfunction. Its not yet known how antihypertensive drugs exert differing effects on sexual function. In general, drugs that cause vasodilation appear to improve sexual dysfunction, Dr.Doumas said. 3. Liver linked to mischievous disease. USA Today (Magazine) 135. 2737 (Oct 2006) 10. The liver-colored is important in the human body because it produces many enzymes that aid the digestion of our alimentation stirring. This is why it can be alarming to have liver disorders because it can affect our system from metabolizing food. For example, in the United States, many people consume an excessive amount of protein. The metabolism of exces s protein, especially living creature protein, can put a strain on the liver and kidneys in fats include dairy products, vegetable oils, and red meat.In this report from USA Today, it was found that liver disorders may trigger a bitter type of hypertension. As a physician from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center named Dan Rockey informed, this type of hypertension is called doorway hypertension that affects the blood feast into the portal vein, which feeds blood to the liver. This report is alarming because the short-term mortality rate of having portal hypertension is about 30% (USA Today, October 2006). Dan Rockey and his colleagues are undergoing research to open new ground for this disease and to find possible clinical approaches.Portal hypertension can trigger shed blood and learning of fluid found in the abdomen. It is important to take more research on this type of hypertension because it can possibly become an epidemic if it is not treated. Also, we c an take bills in taking care of our liver by reducing alcohol intake and eating healthy food. Full Text Article Liver linked to crazily disease. USA Today (Magazine) 135. 2737 (Oct 2006) 10. Mechanisms causing a potentially deadly type of hypertension that result from liver damage have been identified by Don Rockey, a physician at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.Portal hypertension affects the blood flow into the portal vein, which feeds blood to the liver. Rockey identified the cellular activity that results in portal hypertension. He and his colleagues then took the research a step further, showing that, if the process can be interrupted, the hypertension subsides. Portal hypertension is a deadly disease that complicates many forms of chronic liver injury, he explains. When this occurs, in its most severe form, the prognosis definitely becomes guarded, frequently leading to the need for a liver transplant. The short-term mortality for patients with portal hypertension is about 30%.The latest research opens new ground and has implications for possible clinical approaches. The end result of portal hypertension is bleeding and development of ascites fluid in the abdomen so, if you could treat it early, you could prevent bleeding or the formation of ascites, Rockey observes. Portal hypertension is similar to the widely known essential hypertensionwhich impairs blood flow to the heart systemsexcept it affects blood flow to the liver-related systems. The liver is an essential organ that washes the bodys blood of wastes and poisons.Cirrhosis of the liver occurs when the cells are damaged. Scarring often results, reducing blood flow and raising pressure on veins. The high pressure can cause veins to burst, resulting in internal bleeding and, potentially, death. Previous studies have shown that, at the cellular level, portal hypertension results from reduced production of needed nitric oxide, which regulates expansion of the blood vess els. Rockeys research identifies how the nitric oxide production breaks down due to the effects of the protein GRK2. The protein attaches to another protein called AKT, interrupting the entry of nitric oxide.4. Zoler, Mitchel L. Hypertension diagnosis often missed in children. Family Practice News 35. 11 (June 1, 2005) 15. We might not know it but children can develop hypertension too. Since the late 1980s, the rate of pre-hypertension and hypertension among U. S. children and teenagers has act to increase. However, according to Zoler (June 1, 2005), experts miss 85% of these cases. In this article, Dr. Charlene K. Mitchell informed that the problem with analyze hypertension in kids is that in that location are too many threshold pressures for most physicians to keep straight.The guidelines for diagnosing children with the condition are dissimilar than those for adults. The point at which children are considered to have hypertension is determined by age, gender, weight and hei ght, and childly patients usually are not diagnosed until they have higher-than-normal readings for at least three visits. American Academy of pediatrics guidelines require that blood pressure be taken at every doctors visit, but some physicians do not then calculate whether it is too high, especially if the child is healthy otherwise.This is why Dr. Mitchell suggested the researchers should be competitive in finding a solution not to miss the diagnosis of hypertension in children. The allude of miss the diagnosis of hypertension in kids can be tremendous because it is a killer disease. Doctors missing to identify it could not suggest medications and this can be life-threatening for the children. More just research should be conducted to identify what method is appropriate in find the occurrence of hypertension in children. Full Text ArticleZoler, Mitchel L. Hypertension diagnosis often missed in children. Family Practice News 35. 11 (June 1, 2005) 15. New Orleans A diagnos is of hypertension was missed in 85% of children with high blood pressure in a study of 287 youngsters who were examined at two university-based, pediatric clinics. The problem with diagnosing hypertension in kids is that on that point are too many threshold pressures for most physicians to keep straight, Charlene K. Mitchell, M. D. , said at the annual meeting of the Southern Society for Pediatric Research.Because the threshold for diagnosing hypertension varies by age, height, and gender, there are a total of 420 various diastolic and systolic pressures that determine whether a particular child has high blood pressure, said Dr. Mitchell, a pediatrician and internist at the University of Louisville (Ky. ). The total is 420 because there are 15 different age-specific threshold pressures for children aged 3-17 years, 7 different height-specific threshold pressures between the 5th and 95th height percentiles, different thresholds for girls and boys, and different thresholds for dias tolic and systolic pressure.The threshold criteria for borderline hypertension would add another 120 pressure thresholds for diagnosing hypertension. The numbers are chopped up too much. Its far too complex for abstemious management, Dr. Mitchell said. If physicians must unceasingly look on a table every time they check a blood pressure, well continue to see underdiagnosis. Her solution to the number surfeit is to cluster several ages with a single diagnostic pressure threshold. However, eventually she would like to have study results establish pressure thresholds for diagnosing hypertension that are empirically derived, rather than based on statistics.If the diagnostic criteria are simplified, physicians will be much more likely to identify hypertension in children much more often, Dr. Mitchell said. We need to be much more aggressive about recognizing hypertension in children than we are now, she added. Her study was designed to task physician accuracy at identifying hypertens ion in children aged 3-17 years being seen for routine, well-child visits from July 31 to Aug. 15, 2003. Of the 287 children examined, 90 (31%) had hypertension by current standards, and 35 (12%) had borderline hypertension. But further 15% of those with hypertension were diagnosed by their examining physicians.The results also showed that physicians were more likely to diagnose hypertension in children with a higher body spate index (BMI). The children who were correctly diagnosed as hypertensive were, on average, in the 92nd percentile for BMI. Those who had unrecognized blood pressure elevations were, on average, in the 76th percentile for BMI. 5. Bradbury, Jane. The chicken and egg in hypertension, The Lancet 349. 9059 (April 19, 1997), p. 1151. It is important to know where essential hypertension will trigger from because it can aid doctors to foresee the development of this dreaded disease.To wit, there is an ongoing debate of whether essential hypertension occurs when there is a perceived micro vascular mental defectiveness or is when doctors see higher levels of blood pressure. In this article, UK clinicians found that males with a familial predisposition to high blood pressure, a reduced number of capillaries and impaired microvascular dilatation precede hypertension. In the research conducted by Professor David Webb and his team from the University of Edinburgh, they utilized the four-corners epidemiologic model in predicting the triggering point of hypertension.Their study in 1977 determined the measure of blood pressure from 1809 married couples. In 1985, 864 of the 1624 year-old children that came from the previous couples had their blood pressure measured too. Then, the researchers classified four groups of outlet by combinations of personal (high or low) and parental (high or low) blood pressure. Through these extensive studies, they determined that microvessel characteristics which might be trusty for increased vascular resistance in essent ial hypertension.Mostly, it is the males with high blood pressure whose parents also had high blood pressure had significantly impaired dermal vasodilatation compared with the other three groups. Also, they researchers observed they had significantly fewer capillaries in the finger during venous occlusion. This article can be helpful in the research of determining hypertension before it develops into a full-blown disease. Full Text Article Bradbury, Jane. The chicken and egg in hypertension, The Lancet 349. 9059 (April 19, 1997), 1151.What comes first in essential hypertension-microvascular abnormalities or a rise in blood pressure? UK clinicians report this week that in men with a familial predisposition to high blood pressure, a reduced number of capillaries and impaired microvascular dilatation precede hypertension. Prof David Webb (University of Edinburgh, UK) and his team used the four-corners epidemiological model to unravel cause and effect in hypertension. In 1977, blood pre ssure was measured in 1809 married couples. 864 1624 year-old materialization from 603 of the families had their blood pressure measured in 1985.Four groups of offspring were defined by combinations of personal (high or low) and parental (high or low) blood pressure. Microvessel characteristics which might be responsible for increased vascular resistance in essential hypertension were measured in 199395 for one hundred five men drawn from the four populations (J Clin Invest 1997 99 187379). Men with high blood pressure whose parents also had high blood pressure had significantly impaired dermal vasodilatation compared with the other three groups. They also had significantly fewer capillaries in the finger during venous occlusion.Factors which are associated with high blood pressure in offspring whose parent had high blood pressure are more likely to be causal than those that are associated with high blood pressure in the offspring irrespective of parental blood pressure, write the authors. The results suggest that defective angiogenesis may be an etiological component of hypertension, either environmental or genetic, and are arranged with the higher incidence of adult hypertension in people with a low birth weight. These findings, says Webb, should taper attention on the importance of early life factors in the programming of hypertension.6. McCarron, David A. Diet and high blood pressure the paradigm shift. Science 281. 5379 (August 14, 1998) 933-934. Doctors and nutritionists always exhort people to make a change to healthier diets because it can aid all of us in preventing deleterious diseases. According to McCarron (Aug. 14, 1998), human are near unique in their natural propensity to develop elevated arterial pressure, a fact attributed to both genetic and environmental factors. Many experts point an accusing finger on salt being the one that can contribute to the occurrence of hypertension.However, McCarron (Aug. 14, 1998) revealed that the importa nce of salt in the pathogenesis of hypertension is still being debated and be undetermined. Experts began to accuse the extreme use of salt as the one that causes hypertension when early studies indicated that salt intake increased blood pressure. However, McCarron (Aug. 14, 1998) indicated that many of these studies have since been discounted for design and methodologic flaws. But even where the methodology is sound, sodium intake cannot be linked to hypertension or higher population-wide blood pressure.In more conclusive studies, there existed a obligate evidence that adequate intake of minerals, rather than prohibition of sodium, should be the focus of dietary recommendations for the general population. This article is enlightening due to the fact that it debunks the legend of salt being the primary cause of developing hypertension. The author suggests that we should limit our mineral intake and not just salt alone, in order to live a healthy lifestyle. We should not alter our diet to our own detriment, but we should shift it to become health-conscious because we are already armed with the knowledge of whats ethical for us.Full Text Article McCarron, David A. Diet and high blood pressure the paradigm shift. Science 281. n5379 (August 14, 1998) 933(2). Hypertensiona serious health problem for industrialized societiescontributes significantly to the risk of coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure. Among vertebrates, humans are nearly unique in their natural propensity to develop elevated arterial pressure, a fact attributed to both genetic and environmental factors. Only certain highly inbred strains of rodents and genetically engineered animals also spontaneously exhibit hypertension.Public policy has generally recommended that blood pressure can best be controlled by restriction of sodium chloride intake and with medication (1). Recent research has, however, emphasized the powerful fiber of total diet in the et iology and treatment of hypertension, suggesting that the focus of current public policy regarding nutrition and blood pressure is too narrow. Limitation of sodium chloride in food has historically been the dietary mantra of those who bound nutritional policy for hypertension.Nevertheless, the importance of salt in the pathogenesis of hypertension has long been debated (2-4) and remains undetermined (5). The anxious focus on sodium began when early studies indicated that salt intake increased blood pressure. These studies, many conducted decades ago, include epidemiologic surveys in primitive societies, clinical trials in patients with kidney disease, and animal investigations in which sodium intake levels cannot be realistically extrapolated to humans (6). Many of these studies have since been discounted for design and methodologic flaws.But even where the methodology is sound, sodium intake cannot be linked to hypertension or higher population-wide blood pressure (7). Two recent meta-analyses of randomize controlled trialsone examining the effects of sodium restriction (8) and the other of calcium supplementation on arterial pressure (9)provide compelling evidence that adequate intake of minerals, rather than restriction of sodium, should be the focus of dietary recommendations for the general population. Assessing 56 trials of sodium restriction, Midgley et al.(8) concluded that individuals with normal blood pressure gained nothing from limiting sodium intake and that only older (is greater than 45 years) hypertensive people might improvement, a conclusion recently sustain by other investigators (5). Midgley et al. also reported that the magnitudes of the blood pressure reductions were not consistently related to the amount of sodium intake, indicating that confounding factors were contributing to the changes in blood pressure. Indeed, in a meta-analysis of calcium supplementation trials, Bucher et al.(9) identified a small but consistent drop in blood pressure when normotensive and hypertensive persons consumed more calcium. They speculated that baseline calcium intake or increased biological need for minerals might be responsible for the blood pressure variability not otherwise accounted for in their analysis. These two reports presaged the outcomes of two boastful clinical trials from the NIH, published in 1997 (10, 11). The Trials of Hypertension Prevention (TOHP) II is the largest and longest study ever penalise to test whether sodium restriction lowers arterial pressure and prevents the emergence of new hypertension cases (I0).No benefit was detected for the primary endpoint diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure decreased minimally (0. 7 mmHg), almost precisely the value that the Midgley (8) analysis projected. Furthermore, the TOHP II data demonstrated a disassociation between the extent of sodium restriction and the observed blood pressure reduction. The second large-scale study was the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension ( hotfoot) trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine (11). As would be predicted by Bucher et al.(9) in their meta-analysis of calcium studies, in persons whose intake of dairy products (and therefore calcium and other minerals) was well below currently recommended levels, blood pressure decreased significantly when the recommended amounts were included in their diets. In the DASH diet that was rich in dairy products, fruits, and vegetables and lower in fat (with sodium held constant), blood pressure decreased 5 to 6 mmHg in subjects with normal blood pressure in those with tame hypertension, this blood pressure reduction was doubled, to 11 to 12 mmHg.Reductions of this magnitude have been observed previously only with antihypertensive medications. A second DASH diet, which included increased amounts of fruits and vegetables but did not include dairy products, produced more modest but still significant systolic blood pressure reductions, easily tran scendent those observed with sodium restriction in TOHP II. DASH confirmed the meta-analyses as well as precedent indications from observational studies that dietary factors other than sodium markedly affected blood pressure (3, 12).For example, one of the preliminary studies (12) identified inadequate calcium intake from dairy products as the dietary pattern most normal in individuals with untreated hypertension. Another study (3), in which nutrient intake was assessed from the first National health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I), confirmed this dietary pattern in hypertensive individuals and identified the recounting absence of fruits and vegetables in the American diet as the second best predictor of elevated blood pressure.These studies suggested that where intake of other critical nutrients is adequate, sodium intake at levels typically consumed in most societies might actually be associated with lower blood pressure. They also concluded that the absence of sp ecific nutrients (calcium, potassium, and magnesium), resulting from low consumption of dairy products, fruits, and vegetables, is associated with hypertension in Americans (3, 12).The TOHP II study adds to the substantial body of literature that challenges the public health emphasis on sodium restriction as the primary nutritional means of improving blood pressure. The issue is further complicated by concerns raised in several recent reports (5, 13, 14) that the long-term effect of sodium restriction on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality may be the opposite of what has always been assumed. The DASH study provides a clear rationale for focusing our public health strategy on adequate intake of low-fat dairy products and fruits and vegetables.The consistency of the accumulated data is evident when the blood pressure changes seen with the DASH diet (11) are superimposed on the blood pressure profile of Americans as a function of calcium intake from (3) (see the figure). According t o these data (3, 11), if the intakes of calcium and other nutrients obtained through low-fat dairy products, fruits, and vegetables were increased to the amounts readily masterd in the DASH study, the percentage of Americans with moderately severe hypertension (160/100 to 179/109 mmHg) would be decreased by nearly half, from approximately 9% to 5%.For the millions more with borderline elevations, the benefits are likely to be at least as great. Whether hypertension is genetic or environmental in origin, control of dietary mineral intake has a place in its management and prevention. As a society, we will not achieve the dramatic reversal in hypertensive heart disease that DASH and other studies clearly show is possible until we direct our efforts to the nutritional factors and dietary patterns that are actually relevant to this condition.In addition, diets low in fat but high in calcium, fruits, and vegetables are not prevalent in the subgroups of society at greatest risk for hyper tensive cardiac diseasethe elderly and African Americans. An added plus A diet low in fat but high in calcium, fruits, and vegetables is also consistent with reduction of two other major public health problems, osteoporosis and cancer (15, 16). The emphasis on sodium as the single dietary culprit is counterproductive to our significantly reducing cardiovascular risk for most of us (5) and diverts attention from the issues we need to address (17).Food products such as snacks and soft drinks added to our diets in recent years have supplanted nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, and milk. This shift in dietary patterns, and simultaneous suboptimal nutrient intake, is also far more likely to contribute to the prevalence of hypertension than salt, which has always been a component of the human diet. Humans may be unique in our propensity to develop hypertension simply because we are the only species with the capacity to manipulate our diets to our own detriment.References (1.) The Sixth Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High lineage Pressure, Arch. Intern. Med. 157, 2413 (1997). (2. ) G. Kolata, Science 216, 38 (1982). (3. ) D. A. McCarron, C. D. Morris, H. J. Henry, J. L. Stanton, ibid. 224, 139Z (1984). (4. ) J. D. Swales, Br. Med. J. 297, 307 (1988). (5. ) N. A. Graudal, A. M. Gallee, P. Gaffed, JAMA 279, 1383 (1998). (6. ) M. Muntzel and T. Drueke, Am. J. Hypertens. 5, 1S (1992). (7. ) Intersalt Cooperative Research Group, Br. Med. J. 297, 319 (1988).(8. ) J. P. Midgley, A. G. Matthew, C. I. T. Greenwood, A. G. Logan, JAMA 275, 1590 (1996). (9. ) H. C. Bucher et al. , ibid. , p. 1016. (10. ) Trials of Hypertension Prevention Collaborative Research Group, Arch. Intern. Med. 157, 657 (1997). (11. ) L. J. Appel et al. , N. Engl. J. Med. 336, 1117 (1997). (12. ) D. A. McCarron, C. Morris, C. Cole, Science 217, 267 (198Z). (13. ) M. H. Alderman, S. Madhavan, H. Cohen, J. E. Seatey, J. H. Laragh, Hypertension 25, 1144 (1995). (14. ) H. H. Alderman, H. Cohen, S. Madhavan, Lancet 351, 781 (1998).

Ethical Scrapbook Essay Example for Free

respectable Scrapbook EssayThe estimable scrapbook part two coincides with further evaluations in take care to 12 contemporary examples of contrary situations, and mess. With these 12 contemporary examples, in which further discusses each team members evaluation, and opinions of each example. These examples hold Police Acts of Kindness, People reaching out after hurri gite flaxen, Daughter display of Kindness, Acts of Vigilantism, federation Revenge, Diana, the Hunter of batch Drivers, Wo buy the farms Demand Respect, Salt March, agile Pickets, and Sit-ins. In addition, these examples overly let in Poll tax Non-Payment, Professionals committing crimes, in which Kenneth Lay, on with Stuart Greenberg, and James Traficant who represents unmarrieds who has the role of professionals committing such crimes. With these 12 contemporary examples, each team members refinement is to decide if the particular individual makes the topper decisiveness given the circumstances an d can iodin guarantee himself or herself figureing similarly in theses similar circumstances.With comparing 1s individual retort as a team, these responses leave behind put up answers pertaining to examples that generate an jibment between each team member. These examples entrust generate dis obtainment, along with the reflection of each disagreement in terms of an individuals personal values. With further detail, cardinal forget also answer the following laws for affecting as a unsloped Samaritan. In addition, Vigilantism becoming a part of the criminal referee administration when it extends, along with the circumstances of which one and only(a) whitethorn violate the law in regard to enforcing the law. geniuss opinion on well-mannered disobedience becoming effective with changes to the law, along with veritable laws to become in agreement when considering violating to change, and determining conditions that pull through at bottom a profession, excluding that o f criminal justice professions, in which contributes to unethical behaviors. Inaddition, deciding if the American order has become predisposed to ethical or unethical behaviors. Finalizing the summary is to identify the ethical considerations for both the futurity of the criminal justice system, and reducing ethical violations.With the 12 contemporary examples for each solution, team members forget tolerate the best resolution of ones opinion for every scenario. Police Acts of Kindness follow-upThe best close of an individual in regard to Police Acts of Kindness, one answers that the police officers went out of his or her jurisdiction to swear out children who are at a high-risk of involving themselves among other youth of troubling paths. These officers also assist with providing positive forces for the youth, instead of involvement in gang activity, and drug involvement. With this particular example, one may feel themselves acting in the similar circumstances of the poli ce officers. These circumstances involve the opportunity to help individuals, and remember one is making a difference in a nonher persons life. As a pass on, the experience becomes rewarding, and to wipe out the personal noesis that another individuals goals pay become meant.Hurricane Sandy roundThe best purpose of an individual in regard to hurricane Sandy, one may answer the outcome in giving freely. These acts of kindness and giving freely include free medical care to those who cannot yield medicine. In addition, an individual provides home electricity to charge cellphones of individuals to reach out to family and friends. If one could act similarly, individuals will not pay for medical care, and other non-perishable supplies.Daughter displays Kindness ReviewThe best contingent decision of an individual in regard to a daughter displaying kindness, one may also answer to have the assurance of the community is an amazing accomplishment, in which helps both the sister and au nt readjust to life circumstances. If one could act similarly, making a negative situation in turn for something good is a self-fulfilling accomplishment.Community Revenge ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to community revenge, an get word is the best resolution for this particular situation because of the involvement of the community, in which results with a positive outcome. If one could act similarly with this situation, one will become the target of vengeance for oneself, and other women.Diana-the Hunter of Bus Drivers ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to the hunter of bus drivers, law enforcement officials separate to provide justice for these women. As a result, these women begin to seek vengeance. If one could act similarly, one may also seek vengeance because of the traumatic experience these women endures.Women Demand Respect ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to women demanding respect, one may answer that the suffering of sexual torture by men results in acts of Vigilante. With the acts of Vigilante, women have the best possible decision by hauling these men to law enforcement officials personally.Salt March ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to the Salt March, Gandhi makes the best possible decision by defying the empire over the salt monopoly. If one could act similarly, one will become in agreement to achieving the best outcome for everyone and not what is best for the brass.Flying Pickets and Sit-ins ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to flying pickets and sit-ins because individuals believe to have better work situations for themselves, and coworkers. If one could act similarly, one will permit him or herself to better operative conditions.Poll Tax Non-Payment ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to canvass tax non-payment is the exposure of the leader, in which becomes an effective tax coll ection process. If one could act similarly, these actions are share the government and not hurting people one will permit his or her approval.Kenneth Lay ReviewThe best possible decision Kenneth Lay demonstrates is his ability of obtaining financial gain within a comp any(prenominal). As a result, Kenneth Lay did not to the full demonstrate accuracy of the business and mishandles a large deem of peoples money, in which causes he or she to commit suicide because they lost everything in the process. This individual did not make the best possible decision. If one could act similarly, one will not permit these types of actions by hurting those who has any involvement with the company.Stuart Greenberg ReviewStuart Greenberg did not make the best possible decision because he did not remain truthful with his cases, in which discredits his professionalism. If one could act similarly, one will not become in agreement to act as such because ones employment will become in jeopardy.James Tra ficant ReviewJames Traficant did not make the best possible decision in regard to his staff. If one could act similarly, one will choose not to take returns of innocent individuals.Reflection of Both Agreements and DisagreementsThe examples generating the intimately agreement between each team member include (1) Daughter displays kindness, (2) People reach out after hurricane Sandy, (3) Police Acts of Kindness, (4) Women demand respect, along with (5) Flying Pickets, and sit-ins examples. The most least favorable example by each team member is the Diana, the hunter of bus drivers, Kenneth Lay, along with Stuart Greenberg. These examples reflect an individuals personal value systems by the way, each situation displays unethical behaviors. adept Samaritan LawPeople have a natural tendency to help somebody in distress, he or she believes the moral obligation to help, and serve other people but on that point are a few that would rather watch a person suffer in agony rather than assis ting him or her. Jurisdictions should have a Good Samaritan law requiring an individual to help another individual if he or she becomes able, this can help provide the requisite assistance to the person until the proper authority arrives. In forthwiths day of frivolous lawsuits many people becomescarce to lend a hand and help a person in need. Individuals may choose to not become responsible for any damages one may create in regard to assisting another individual. Individuals may become more(prenominal) comfortable by recording events on his or her cell phone along uploading on YouTube. If there were laws requiring an individual to help another individual people in need can get the necessary assistance in a timely manner, and punish those that refuse to help someone in need. permanency of Vigilantism, and Ones opinion of violating the Law The Criminal Justice System no longer displays smashed management skills as new laws become into existence. These management skills will permi t defense attorneys to finding wave holes in regard to protecting his or her clients. Many believe he or she requires the fulfillment of pickings matters into his or her hands. Vigilantism should not become a part of any function if the criminal justice fails. In addition, just like the victim, the defendant has rights, and if he or she becomes innocent, the community must accept the judgment of the courts. in that location are many factors that influence the decision of the courts, in which most of the community becomes unaware of viable information. The one circumstance, in which the community obligates themselves with violating the law is to enforce the law in regard to the criminal justice system failing. In Detroit the community decides to take the law into his or her hands when the local authorities delays a bollix investigation of a 15- year old girl, and the suspect becomes set free (Garcia, 2013). Civil Disobedience suitable Effective in Changing the LawIn ones opinion, one may agree with civil disobedience becoming effective in regard to changing the law. Civil disobedience in ones opinion, ushers the equality for minorities, along with the civil rights movement stemming from the 1960s continues to develop changes in the law. These changes also include the antiwar sentiments of the 1970s has become a change into the present, yet not as a wellbeing for those who want to do away with wars. The tea party has a change with the way politicians approach certain circumstances.The change one disagrees with is the gun ownership, and situation rights. Gun ownership permits for more violence, and individuals do not fully understand the rules and regulations of gun laws. Individuals whopose these guns find themselves on the other side of the law because of lack of knowledge in protecting themselves, including his or her property. An individual cannot protect him or herself from an intruder entering his or her property because certain laws exist that prohibi ts this type of gun use.Existing Conditions within a ProfessionConditions that exist in a profession, in which excludes the criminal justice profession that contributes to unethical behavior include the role of leadership, and employees within his or her workplace are two examples of displaying unethical behaviors. The unethical behavior of leaders most frequently has consequences for him or her, along with followers, and his or her respective organizations (Chandler, 2009). Examples of these unethical behaviors by leaders in corporate businesses, religion, and government include individuals such as Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling of Enron, and former The United States Senator John Edwards from North Carolina. As a result of each of these individuals actions were one of pure humiliation.American Society, Ethical or UnethicalAmerican society can become a society of ethical or unethical individuals. Individuals who display ethical or unethical behaviors become an adaption at an early a ge. These behaviors establish the learning skills, and influences by adult peers. With the choice of becoming an ethical or unethical individual is the choice of the individual him or herself will permit to make.Ethical ConsiderationsAn ethical consideration becomes the rules, and regulations within any organization as well as the criminal justice system. One ethical consideration is to control the use of force by law enforcement officials. This ethical consideration requires a more strict, and ethical code of conduct for law enforcement officials. To reduce unethical violations within the criminal justice field, one must upgrade the punishment levels for individuals who violate the law. One may also believe in the efforts of a better policing practice, one must go through a series of training on a regular basis, in regard to keeping his or her skills up-to-date throughout his or her rush of law enforcement.ConclusionA person can take any 12 examples of different situations and cir cumstances and not everyone will agree and as a criminal justice major one will become willing to see things from another individuals point of view. Not everyone will agree with everything throughout life and acquiring a difference of opinion gives person ideas, and by obtaining different ideas one may work together as a team. If a person does not agree with someones way of thinking he or she may assume a persons ideas or thoughts are already correct. For most people he or she will become modify to another individuals point of view, or by determining ones surmise may become of the truth. Throughout this assignment there have been ideas agreed and disagreed about and by public lecture and listen an agreement was met.ReferencesGarcia, A. (2013, August 12). Vigilante detroit residents attack suspected rapist after police fail to act. Retrieved from http//www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/08/12/vigilante-detroit-residents-attack-suspected-rapist-after-police-fail-to-act/Chandler, D.J. (2009). The Perfect Storm of Leaders Unethical Behavior A ConceptualFramework. International journal of Leadership Studies, Vol.51 Iss. 1, 2009. Retrieved from http//www.regent.edu.acad//ijls/IJLS/Vol51s1-chandler%2012.pdf.

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Shakespeares Presentation Of Kingship Essay Example for Free

Shakespeares Presentation Of abilityship EssayIn atomic number 1 The IV Part 1 The Transformation Of Prince Hal Is Central To Shakespeares Presentation Of forceship. Loo top executive At deuce Different Scenes In The Play, Explore The Ways In Which Shakespeare Analyses Issues Related To exponentship And How Each Would Appear To Its Elizabethan referenceWilliam Shakespeare was born in 1564 in the town of Stratford upon Avon. He died in 1616 but is still today iodine of the most renowned playwrights of either cartridge holder. He has written 37 diverse plays in many different styles, for example comedy, history, tragedy, roman and others. Further more he is responsible for revolutionisinfulnessg English drama and hence refining through both his poetry and drama. He wrote plays that would read appealed to the Elizabethan volume this is why his plays are written in the rich language that was used at the time. His main audience would have been rough-cut people who coul d non read or write so for entertainment they used imagery. Elizabethan people would have either gone to the theatre, gone bearbaiting or cockfighting this was their idea of entertainment.Henry the IV Part 1 is establish on a true story lop in 1399 and is centred around the idea of kingship. This is due to the accompaniment that the Elizabethan public of the time were very interested in the lives of the terrifics and the idea of kingship. Even though it is set in the past the play is conkly designed for the Elizabethan public as it represents the end of the sure-enough(a) politics and the start of the new capitalism over feudalism.The key char make believeers in the play areKing Henry Bolingbroke (Henry the IV)Prince Hal Bolingbroke (Son of the king heir to the great deal)Harry Hotspur (Son of the earl of Northumberland)Sir John Falstaff (Prince Hals abetter _or_ abettor)The play is set in two instaurations. The questionable honourable life of the court, and the dark world of the tavern. Each with their prospective rulers for the court the ruler is King Henry, and for the tavern the ruler is Sir John Falstaff. In surrounded by these realms sitting in the middle is the Prince, Hal caught up between the want to please his father and his own whims. He cannot go too far down the easy bridle-path of dishonour nor can he be too much like his father for thusly he forget be the right kind of king.There are two shooters, which I intuitive feeling indicate the transformation that overcomes Hal and in which Shakespeare depicts to his audience the beginning of the end for Falstaffs realm. These are.Act II scene 4 and then Act III scene 2The first scene that I believe is appropriate to analyse that verbalises the beginning of the transformation within Prince Hal is Act II Scene 4. This would have been one of the most Gilbertian of all the scenes to the audience of the time as it holds many punch lines and represents a mockery of the crown. The scene s tarts with an example of Falstaffs deceptive nature, when he claims that he and his group of robbers were attacked by an ever-growing group of thieves who drove them off and won the stolen chest. What Falstaff doesnt see to it is that the group of thieves that drove Falstaffs group a elbow room were none other then Prince Hal and his friend Poins. When they reveal this incident to Falstaff and tell him that they know he is lying and that he fled like a coward, Falstaff thinks fast and makes up another(prenominal) excuse claiming that he knew that it was Hal and he ran so he didnt need to hurt the Prince. This part of the scene is make full with banter and so would have been very appealing to the audience.The most influential part of this scene is were Prince Hal and Falstaff act out what they feel the king pull up stakes say in his interview with Hal in the morning. Firstly Falstaff plays the king and Hal himself. Falstaff as king demands Hal to exile all of his friends who lead him astray except Falstaff who he claims is most noble of carriage. When Hal hears this he deposes Falstaff and makes himself the king. This is a highly ironic moment as the way in which King Henry Hals father came to power is by deposition.This time Hal acts more serious though it is clear banter is involved when he says there is a devil haunts thee in the likeness of an old fat man. This is the first time through out the play in which Hal reasons with himself and opens up and says it is Falstaffs fault that he is the way he is. Hal finishes his reflection of Falstaff with the naming of the man so far in the kings favour Falstaff that old white bearded Satan. so Falstaff pleads on his account to Hal claiming that he is valiant and sweet. He then begs Hal not to oust Falstaff from the company of Hal.Falstaff (as Prince Hal). Falstaff banish not him form thy Harrys company. Banish plump jack, and banish the worldHal replies with the famous line.Prince Hal (as the king) I do, I willThis concludes the play interview. The reason I feel that this shows the beginning of the transformation that turns Hal from the mad cap Prince into the heir to the throne is because I feel that at the point where he plays king he realises that eventually he will become king and that he will have the responsibility to banish people from his presence if they do not give him the correct direction. The insult of calling Falstaff the white bearded Satan indicates that he is the schoolmaster of the under world and the king of deception and lies. The most important line in this scene is (Hal) I do, I will as it shows the impending rejection of Falstaff, because for Hal to become king he must reject sin and corruption.These are the things, that Falstaff stands for. One way in which Shakespeare gets his message across to the audience is by using iambic pentameter. This is when he writes in lines of 10 syllables 5 are stressed and 5 are unstressed. Shakespeare uses the iambic pentameter to show when nobles are speaking. For a working class character then he uses ordinary prose. The way we ceremonial this is that Hal is the only noble that doesnt speak in iambic pentameter this represents that Hal is not yet immerged in his proper fictitious character at the court , he is more in touch with the dishonest world of the tavern.The next scene that I feel is influential is Act II scene 4. This is the scene wherein the actual confrontation between the king and his rebellious son where they tell each other how they feel. The scene starts with the king ordering all lords to leave the room so that he and Prince Hal can dress down in private. The king starts by demanding of perfection weather he is being punished for his taking of the crown and killing of the rightful king and if Hal is his punishment. Hal then says that most of the wrong things he has been accused of are just mutterings from newsmongers.King Henry rebukes this and demands Hal to be incorruptible to him , in addition he compares him to Richard II the skipping king who ambled up and down with shallow jesters . Hal says that he will be more like himself but Henry is still incensed and then says And even as I was then Percy is now. Now by my sceptre, and my soul to boot, he hath more worthy interest to the recite than thou the shadow of succession. Hal tells his father that he will kill Hotspur and so take all of his glories. King Henry then gives Hal some money to raise an army and lead it.The main thing that is clear throughout this scene is the disappointment of King Henry and the fear that Hotspur will depose him. During the interview Hal starts to talk in iambic pentameter and this could show his initiation into the noble world leaving behind his old common world. Throughout the interview it is plain that King Henry sees himself in Hotspur and fears it because he believes if Hal were King then a rebellion would be appropriate. In addition he sees Hal as a Richard figure as he a cts like a fool, by mingling his royalty with capering fools.More over he also sees Hals companion Falstaff as a threat not only because he is a bad role nonplus but also when Hal becomes king he mightiness give Falstaff some authority and he might abuse it or even worse might usurp Hal. This scene would have been very evoke to the Elizabethan audience, as they would not have seen a king in such a way in which they are not happy. It is unlikely that they would have realised that the monarch that they see is not the like behind the closed doors of a room, it would have intrigued them to see a family incident.In conclusion I feel that the scenes that I analysed were influential in the final result of Hal as he ended up King Henry V, who was one of the most renowned king of all time. This play shows the two worlds, which make a great king, I feel that if Hal had not experienced the world of the tavern then he would not have turned out as he did. For to be a great king Hal could not follow any of the role models presented to him. He couldnt follow down the path of Falstaff, as it was dishonest. He could not either follow his father the king as he both usurped and caused a rebellion. And he could not follow in the footsteps of Hotspur, as he was to blood thirsty and brash. So the mix between the world of the tavern and the court was just appropriate for the young Prince. And indeed he brought a balanced view to his role.

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Blood Clotting Essay Example for Free

Blood Clotting probeBlood clotting is an adaptive/defensive mechanism of the human body. Its primary purpose is to prevent the waiver of blood from the cardiovascular system from damaged blood watercrafts in order to avoid shock and come-at-able death. This accomplished by a process called coagulation wherein blood solidify at the site of harm through a complex process involving platelet aggregation and fibrin formation coupled with thrombin and a dozen different clotting factors. Though the mechanism is designed to prevent deleterious harm, clotting can excessively be harmful especially when inappropriately triggered such as in the case of strokes and infarctions. In the bind by Cathleen Genova, she discusses the findings of a report made in the April 17th 2009 appear of booth, a journal from Cell Press Publication, where researchers found a practical way of preventing life-threatening clots. The discovery index offer a new way to fight clot formation before it can e ven begin, according to the researchers. correspond to the findings, thrombin isnt the only player in the clotting process, in fact enzymes cognize as hyaloplasm metalloproteases have recently emerged as important players in platelet function and the biological science of blood vessels. cardinal of those enzymes, MMP-1 and MMP-2 can actually encourage platelet activation primaeval in the clotting process. If treatments were aimed at close up the MMP1-PAR1 pathway, a new way of treating patients with acute coronary syndromes may be developed. The advantages of such treatments, the researchers predict, would be that an MMP-1 inhibitor might be better tolerated especially since careful balance between the gamble of dangerous blood clots and the risk of bleeding must be kept in mind.Works Cited Genova, Cathleen. How Life-Threatening Blood Clots Take Hold. medical checkup News Today. MediLexicon, Intrnational Ltd. Accessed 23 April 2009 http//www. medicalnewsto-day. com/articles /146508. php ARTICLE http//www. medicalnewstoday. com/articles/146508. php How Life-Threatening Blood Clots Take Hold Article Date 18 Apr 2009 000 PDT When plaques coating blood vessel walls rupture and expose collagen, platelets spring into action to form a blood clot at the damaged site.Now, a new report in the April 17th issue of the journal Cell, a Cell Press publication, reveals how those life-threatening clots a leading cause of death in the United States, Europe and other industrialized countries get an early grip. The discovery might offer a new way to fight clot formation before it can even begin, according to the researchers. Compared to other diseases, blood clotting has been very well understood, said Athan Kuliopulos of Tufts Medical Center and Tufts University schooldays of Medicine.Nevertheless, he continued, many people still suffer from heart attacks, ischemic stroke and death as a root of clot formation. Drugs designed to inhibit clots through cognise pathway s are widely used by millions. They control well, but not perfectly. There is still an unmet need. Those drugs include aspirin and the so-called thienopyridines, including Clopidogrel (trade name Plavix). Scientists have known that a protein called thrombin plays an important role in clot formation as a potent activator of platelets. It withal cuts fibrinogen into fibrin, a fibrous protein that works together with platelets to form a clot.But thrombin isnt the whole story. Enzymes known as matrix metalloproteases have recently emerged as important players in platelet function and the biology of blood vessels. Two of those enzymes, MMP-1 and MMP-2 can actually encourage platelet activation, according to earlier studies, although the means were unknown. In cancer cells too, MMP-1 activates a receptor known as PAR1 the same receptor that is also responsible for receiving the thrombin manoeuvre on human platelets. There is abundant proMMP-1 coating platelets, Kuliopulos said.We tho ught maybe it was on the outside wait to be activated by something. Maybe it could be involved in an early event in blood clotting, before thrombin is around. Indeed, Kuliopulos team has now connected those dots. They show that exposure of platelets to collagen activates MMP-1, which in turn instanter cut PAR1 on the surface of platelets. Collagen is the first thing a platelet sees when a blood vessel ruptures or is cut. The MMP-1-PAR1 pathway activates another set of molecular players known to be involved in early clot formation, he said.Those activated platelets change their shape, sending out spikes and membrane sheets. Within seconds, they become more than sticky, adhering to the vessel surface and then other platelets. Moreover, they show that treatments that block the MMP1-PAR1 pathway prevent blood clots from forming in the presence of collagen, suggesting that drugs targeting this metalloprotease-receptor system could offer a new way to treat patients with acute coronary syndromes. harmonize to the new results, PAR1 inhibitors already being tested in clinical trials might have an added benefit, Kuliopulos said.Its also possible they might work a little too well, since there is a careful balance between the risk of dangerous blood clots and the risk of bleeding. An MMP-1 inhibitor might be better tolerated, he said. The researchers include Vishal Trivedi, Adrienne Boire, Boris Tchernychev, Nicole C. Kaneider, Andrew J. Leger, Katie OCallaghan, Lidija Covic, and Athan Kuliopulos, of Tufts University School of Medicine, Molecular Oncology Research Institute, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA. Source Cathleen Genova Cell Press

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The green revolution Essay Example for Free

The green renewing EssayThe green revolution was the worlds trigger to modern agricultural and a time of vast improvements in the worlds fight in hunger. New technologies such(prenominal) as hi yield variety seeds Chemical fertilizer and agricultural machinery lid this revolution and are still a big part of the way we produce food for the world we live in today. The green revolution saved A lot of small developing countries throughout the world.Food is straight off a mass produced all around the world in fields and distributed to countries in need as well as countries whos people are willing to pay for foreign and exotic foods. The green revolution has one enemy, The reproductive rate of the human species is exceeding the rate and which we can make food to pay it.

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John Steinbeck and his book Of Mice and Men Essay Example for Free

John Steinbeck and his agree Of Mice and Men EssayJohn Ernst Steinbeck was natural on February 27, in 1902 in Salinas, calcium, He came from a reasonably well off family. He doed his counsel through and through college at Stanford University, but never graduated, so in 1925 he regulate off to unfermented York where he tried to start his career as a writer, but he failed to have some(prenominal) of his writing published and thinked to California. He then published a few books and short stories. His first off novel, instill of specious was published in 1929, but attracted little attention. The readers also poorly acknowledged his following both novels, The Pastures of Heaven and To a God Unknown. Steinbeck then married his first wife, Carol Henning in 1930. But he still wasnt recognised in the world of literature until 1935 when Tortilla Flat was published. It received the California Commonwealth Clubs Gold Medal for best novel by a California author, and then his work became recognised off the beaten track(predicate) and wide. Steinbeck then went onto produce some of his greatest novels, including Grapes of offense, which was a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1939. The greatest bread Steinbeck was awarded for his writing was the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1962. John Steinbeck died on December 20th, 1968, in New York.The first book I read by John Steinbeck was Of Mice and Men and it is slightly two men who are im migrant American labourers. Together they have a conceive of to settle down and farm their own land or else than work for other people. So they join a group of farmers to earn the money, so that they can debase the farmland for themselves.These two booster doses are completely un standardized each other. One of them, who is c wholeed George, is a small brilliant man, and the other, Lennie, is a big, clumsy, sympathize with, but child-like man. The two men have been friends since they were children. But Lennie was non endlessly st upid, but became like this after an accident that happened when he was young. George is always with Lennie for comfort, friendship, but mainly as he is very fond and can work on a farm better than most people. George supports him, helps him and puts thoughts into his head, to try to him motivated. Lennie trusts George with everything and really determine their friendship. When the two friends finally get the money to figure out their dreams come true George takes advantage of Lennie and kills him, so that his dream is secured.In this book you are made to feel sorry for Lennie, as he was very caring, and even out when he killed the animals, and bosss sons wife, you know that he was only being friendly and caring, and just wasnt aware of his own strength. At the beginning of the book George seems to be Lennies friend, but by the end you realize that he is only utilise Lennie to fulfil his own dreams.The second book by Steinbeck I read was East of Eden. This book was set in the p eriod mingled with the American Civil War and the end of World War I. It is near the conflicts of two generations of fellows. The opening chapters describe Samuel and his family, and what living in Salinas Valley is like for them. The first generation is the kind, gentle, caring Adam Trask and his wild brother Charles. Adam eventually marries Cathy Ames who is a wicked, manipulative, but very beautiful prostitute. Cathy betrays Adam, with his brother Charles on the very night of their wedding. Later, after giving birth to twin boys, she shoots Adam and then leaves him to return to her former job.With the help of their Chinese servant Lee, Adam raises their sons, the fair-haired, charming, yet stubborn Aron, and the mysterious, clever Caleb, without telling them about their mother. The second generation of brothers compete for their fathers approval. In resentment Caleb reveals the truth about their mother to Aron, so he then leaves to join the army. At the end of the story, Lee m akes a great effort to help grasp the Trask family together, when Adam is lying in his bed dying, Caleb is overwhelmed with guilt because Aron has been killed in the army. Lee believes that if Adam gives Caleb his blessing for indirectly killing his own brother, he will able to move on in life, and not always feel so guilty.In this novel, although he is not a main character, Lee, their servant is a trade reliable friend to Adam, and helped him at his worst times, and managed to hold the family together, so the story wouldnt have turned out the aforementioned(prenominal) without him.The third book I read by John Steinbeck was The Grapes of Wrath. The book is set in California and it follows the terrible misfortunes of the Joad family, who like many others have given up their lives in Oklahoma in essay of employment in California. The book follows both their hopes and setbacks creating a true account of the American dream of the 1930s, as we observe their struggle to try to get b y with what little money and possessions they have.When the Joad family leave the Hooverville, which is an independent migrant camp and move to a government camp, because they cannot go steady a job at Hooverville. This camp is ashen and has a local government made up of migrant workers. For the first time since arriving in California, the Joads find themselves treated as human beings. However, when the work runs out they had to move on. Tom ends up killing a man who is responsible for the death of is just friend John Casey. They have to flee and find work picking cotton, and Toms presence there is soon spotted, and Tom has to go into hiding.The ending of this book, even though not dreadfully clear, does suggest a little hope for the Joads, but more so hope for humanity. I enjoyed this book becauseI saw a lot of things that all of these books have in common, and the most frank thing was that each book was about underprivileged people who were fighting to keep their lives and fam ilies together through many misfortunes. In Steinbecks books there is always an inferior character that keeps the people together, for example in The Grapes of Wrath Ma Joad tries as hard as she can to keep her family together, but apart from that you dont know often about her. And also in East of Eden the servant, Lee, holds the family together, and helped to bring up Adams children.The struggle between good and evil is the most dominant theme in these books. John Steinbeck shows that everyone has the potential to be a good person, or completely immoral. An example of this theme is in East of Eden, as Adam is a very kind and caring person, but Cathy is nasty and pitiless. Also in Of Mice and Men, Lennie is a gentle loving man, whereas his friend George turns out to be a horrible, ruthless person.Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath have a connection between the type of work the people do because they are both about people trying to make ends meet working on farms, trying to ful fill their own dreams. Love is another issue that all these books have in common, because whenever love is missing from a specific part of the story, the results become disastrous.The three of Steinbecks books that I read all have a very detailed and descriptive writing style, which adds to your satisfaction of his books, as you are given persuasive glimpse into the lives of others. The characters in Steinbecks books seem to come to life because of the vast perceptiveness of human courage to be able to choose between what is right and wrong Steinbeck has. I enjoyed development all of these books, because even though in some ways they were very similar, they all had a diverse storyline, so I didnt find the second and third story boring after reading the first one.