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What Is a Conclusion When Writing an Essay?

What Is a Conclusion When Writing an Essay?An essay cannot be concluded unless you want it to be. The reason is that a conclusion must be fully expressed in the body of the essay, and not have any space for interpretation. When writing an essay, you should also know that the ending of your paper can be in either the middle or at the end. However, there are several reasons for an ending in the middle of the paper, here are some reasons to do so.- Authorial Note: When you decide to end your paper in the middle, you will be leaving space for you to add a note in your author's note. In addition, you may also want to end in the middle as this means you have something to say. This is sometimes called the 'middle' because it gives you the opportunity to take up some time and speak in one portion of the paper, but then follow up with another paragraph of your own thoughts in another part of the paper.- For the Reader: Many times the topic of a paper, or the information given in it is very in teresting, but it can be hard to keep it all in your head and still give the reader an opportunity to be able to comprehend the whole of the material. An end at the middle of the paper, is usually a way to make this all easier for the reader. You will be giving them your summary of the whole of the material so that they can get an idea of what you mean and have a chance to remember it later on.- The Last Paragraph: This is the last paragraph, after all the discussion has been said, and the information has been explained. An end at the middle here is meant to give the reader an opportunity to look back to that point to see what more is being discussed or to go back to a previous point if they have forgotten.There are many other reasons why an ending at the middle ofa paper may be used. The important thing is that when you are writing an essay and ending it in the middle, the need to have it done clearly. There are times when you want to say a lot in the most direct manner possible, b ut there are times when an ending at the middle is a good idea.Remember that in writing an essay, you may have some topics you want to cover, but it can be hard to be able to say all that you want to say without slowing down the flow of the essay. Using an ending at the middle helps keep the topic lively and helps keep the reader interested in your topic.When writing an essay, whether it is an introduction thesis, or conclusion, it is important to use the opportunity to tell the reader everything that you wish to say. But using an ending at the middle is another way to give the reader the opportunity to think about the content of the essay and to continue thinking about it for the rest of the day.Completing the Essay: The final step is to finish off your essay by concluding it in the middle. You may use a special call to end the essay, or you may decide to end it in a paragraph of your own, or even end it all together in one big paragraph.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth It?If you are planning to attend a college but are uncertain about whether or not you should go to college then you should find out if writing an is college worth it synthesis essay is a good idea. After all, there are so many different factors that come into play when deciding whether or not to enroll in college. The fact is that college is a big commitment and the average student will spend somewhere around four years at college.Therefore, it is a good idea to really consider whether or not college is a good idea for you. You can get some advice from the people that you know before you make any decisions. However, if you want a full, comprehensive picture of whether or not you should go to college, then it is important to make sure that you take some time to do some research.If you want to be certain that you make the right decision about attending college then you should really take the time to learn as much as you can about the subject. This can help you figure o ut how to answer the question: is college worth it? When you are done with your research, you will have a better understanding of what it is that you are getting into and if you make the right decision then you will be able to find that college is right for you.One thing that you should consider when figuring out whether or not college is right for you is the cost of going to school. Although it might seem like a large sum of money, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should go ahead and enroll in school just because it's a lot of money. It is always best to do your research and find out what it is that you will be paying out when you go to college.Another thing that you should consider when you are thinking about going to college is whether or not you have the time. You can't be too busy if you want to make sure that you get all of the education that you need. While the job market may be great now, it might not be so great in the future.The last thing that you should consider wh en you are figuring out whether or not college is worth it is your personality. If you are one of those people who love to study and think that they should go to college, then you should definitely consider going to college. On the other hand, if you like to socialize and have a more laid back attitude towards college, then you should probably look for a less competitive program.Remember that even though it may seem like a lot of pressure to go to college, you should take some time to figure out if you can handle it. College is a big commitment and you should only take it upon yourself to go to college if you are completely comfortable with the prospect. Make sure that you are doing the right thing by taking the time to figure out whether or not college is worth it.Since so many people today are finding that they really want to go to college, it makes sense to figure out whether or not it is worthwhile for you. Whether or not you feel that it is worth it to go to college is entirely up to you, but you should make sure that you take the time to figure out whether or not you should go to college. After all, it is never a bad idea to take some time to figure out what it is that you want to do with your life.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Service Distribution free essay sample

A service can be defined as an essentially intangible benefit either on its own right or as a significant part of a tangible product which through some form of exchange satisfies an identified need (Palmer, 2001). From the dictionary it is said to be a system or organization that provides for a basic public need. Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user. A channel is simply a route and/or means. We can therefore say that service distribution channels are the routes through which economic activities are allocated, spread or positioned within a given area to create value and provide benefits to customers thus resulting in a desired change of state on the part of the service recipients by making these activities available. There are different types of service offers i. e. †¢Pure tangible good: These are primarily tangible goods with no accompanying service e. We will write a custom essay sample on Service Distribution or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page g. toothpaste, sugar, etc. †¢Tangible goods with accompanying service. Hybrid: consists in equal parts both service and goods e. g. a restaurant offers food (good) as well as ambience (service). †¢Major Service with accompanying goods and services e. g. airline travelers get both the service of transport and goods in form of food and magazines etc. †¢Pure service: is primarily a service offer e. g. massage, etc. Hotels, for example, may sell their services (typically rooms) directly or through travel agents, tour operators, airlines, tourist boards, centralized reservation systems, etc. Services are normally located where the target market is or at points convenient to them e. g. schools, banks, nightclubs, etc. Various factors come into play when choosing a distribution channel. Therefore those designing the channels have to decide what is ideal, feasible and available, but these have to be adjusted according to the situation at hand. Such factors include: Customer characteristics Size of the market, geographical dispersion, etc. Company characteristics The company’s objectives, financial status, desired degree of control, etc. Intermediary characteristics – what markets do they serve? Are they financially stable? Are they feasible? Etc. Competitive characteristics – will you use the channels already being used by competitors or your own? Environmental characteristics – political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and ecological factors. Channels chosen must be evaluated for: Economy – Each chosen channel will produce a different level of sales and costs. The cost of selling different volumes through a sales agency should be weighted against using the company’s own sales force. Control – How much power does the company have over the channel? A sales agency is an independent business firm seeking to maximize its profits and may thus concentrate on the customers who make the most purchases and not on the service offer at hand. Adaptive – channel members and the channels make a certain level of commitment to each other and have a certain level of dependency on each other for a certain period of time. In this highly dynamic market, the service provider must look for structures and policies that give him enough room to conform to the current market without incurring unnecessary extra costs. Services are typically distributed through direct channels due to their inseparable nature; however this is not an automatic limitation to a distribution system. There have been some innovations in the distribution of services, improving and increasing the number of ways in which services can be spread out. These include: Direct selling – This involves approaching the consumer directly and selling the service directly without use of intermediaries e. . via mail order, internet, door-to-door salesmen and telephone sales. This method is effective in that it allows the seller to obtain immediate feedback and can therefore easily change to suit the situation and the tastes and preferences of the would-be consumer. It also enables the seller to personalize the service to the customer’s specifications. DEMERITS. It is highly influenced by external factors. For example the targeted customer may be rude and /or hostile towards the salesman; language barrier and possibly transport barrier as well as weather may prevent the seller from effectively making his sale. It limits the geographic market that the service seller can reach. Franchising – This is the selling of goods or services of a company in a particular area as granted by the company. The company stipulates the details of the business e. g. layout, colors, etc. and in effect controls all the franchisee’s activities, giving him little or no room for innovation. Through this method the company can easily offer its services in a large geographical area. Franchisees often have to put up some level of capital thus saving the company that expense. The franchising company, therefore only has to give some sort of basic training or manual and a possibly a starter kit. DEMERITS. The franchisee may not have the best interest of the franchise in mind and may concentrate on maximizing sales at the expense of quality. He may also not have mastered the technical details of the service or handle the promotional materials as should be. With the absolute control from the franchiser, the franchisee can not include some of his ideas which may prove beneficial to the business. The franchisee may only have capital that’s enough to keep the business above water. Examples of franchises include Kenchic, Bata, Hilton hotels etc. Service integration – This is whereby services are linked together, particularly in the travel and tourism sectors e. g. some airlines liaise with hotels and car rental firms to provide their passengers with whole packages. This proves to be very convenient especially for the frequent travelers who don’t have the time to go through all these firms and also it tends to be cheaper than employing each of these services individually. DEMERITS Consumer preferences may, however, differ from the integrated ones. The standards of one of the firms in the liaison may not be at per with the others, this maybe detrimental to the reputation of the other firms. Examples include Safaricom in conjunction with Equity bank and Pesa Point. Agents: This is a person who typically sells direct on behalf of the producer e. g. insurance brokers. He is given express authority by the mother company to make sales in their name. He may deal with the products of only one company or with a variety depending on his contractual agreement with the firms.. Agents may be unscrupulous and dishonest and in the process destroy the name of the company. They may also secretly breach contract by dealing with competing products in an attempt to maximize sales and in effect downplay the firm. For example Clear Insurance Brokers, etc. Company staff: these are the sales staff under the direct employment of the service firm. They are on the payroll of the employing service firm. Their main duties include marketing the firm and promoting its service offers. The means and ways in which they carry out their duties is dictated by the firm. They undergo training and orientation into the firm after recruitment and selection. They may lack the proper skills to perform the job effectively and efficiently especially so if recruitment was not done properly. Retail outlets for the service sector. This involves selling the service in small ‘bits’ so to speak e. g. banks retail to individuals and other small account holders while wholesale in their case refers to corporate clients. With the increased need to have individualized, personalized services, more and more service firms have shifted their focus to the individual customer. This point of view reduces their expenses in terms of quantity and number of personnel committed to one client as opposed to several people being served at the same time thus increasing turnover.   Retailers may focus on increase in speed and the number of people that they serve instead of service quality and effective and efficient service delivery. Rapid mushrooming of outlets may lead to eventual collapse of the organization if not well thought out. Automated teller machines (A. T. M) – This is a computerized way of distributing services. They are self service booths or kiosks that allow the consumer to pick from a set of predetermined options by using an A. T. M card and a PIN number. They have been widely embraced by banks and are steadily penetrating into other service sectors e. g. the airline industry now has self-check-in terminals if one doesn’t have any luggage to check in. They are conveniently located all over and operate 24 hours a day. They allow service firms e. g. banks to deliver services to places where it might not be feasible to have a whole branch. They are prone to vandalism as there is little or no security around them. Breakdown in the network renders them useless. Rental services a number of service industries, especially those that have hybrid service offers, rent out their tangible products that go hand in hand with the service. A very good example is the catering industry which rents out its facilities e. g. cutlery and crockery as well as the services of the chef and the waiters. It’s cheaper and involves less hassle than when done by the company because these companies focus solely on their specialty.

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An Essay On Why I Should Have Voted For Hillary Clinton In The Election Is Necessary

An Essay On Why I Should Have Voted For Hillary Clinton In The Election Is NecessaryThe current Electoral College system is becoming increasingly untenable and as a result, an essay entitled, Why I Should Have Voted For Hillary Clinton In The Election Is Necessary, Is Considered A Must Read In The Political And Policy Sectors. While it seems to be to the advantage of candidates to have their names on the ballot, the list of political offices that are not even worth considering has grown to ridiculous proportions. It was not too long ago that George W. Bush would have received an overwhelming majority of the votes from the political realm, had he won.Current incumbent, Senator John McCain of Arizona, has refused to endorse John McCain, the Republican candidate for President and this has led to controversy and questioning by the media about the authenticity of his selection as the Republican candidate for the next Presidential election. The Republican establishment in Washington has ha d enough and many of the candidates running for the positions, think tank jobs, and committees will support John McCain or perhaps the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson who is, well, a Libertarian.As far as the Electoral College system is concerned, President Barack Obama does not believe that the current system should remain in place, since Senator John McCain of Arizona could have received more votes than either of the Republican Party's nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain. Indeed, even as Senator John McCain of Arizona faces calls to step down, the National Review Online, The New York Times and other progressive news outlets continue to question whether President Obama will follow through on his promise to make changes to the electoral system.You can find many of the questions about the electoral system at the website, and also at the 'Questions John McCain would ask' section of his official campaign website. And in light of what some political pundits say the system currently stands, you can see why this is being considered.The challenge is, if a candidate could win an election without having his name on the Democratic or Republican Party's electoral system, and then they do not run for office again, will they still have a seat on the United States' electoral college system? If Senator McCain was elected President, his future political career would be almost nonexistent. He would no longer be on the electoral college map for political positions.It should also be noted that the Presidential race is still a year away and many of the political and policy makers and think tank experts do not agree on a path forward or strategy. It is quite possible that the winner, President Obama, could actually end up being a one term President, something that is not too appealing to many of the voters who voted for Senator McCain. If he was to lose that election, will he have to retire, the American public has to wonder.Hopefully, this essay will she d some light on why the current system is outdated and why it should be abolished. This topic is worth considering and the government should spend the time to examine the possibility of making major changes.