Thursday, April 18, 2019

Housing Crisis in the USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Housing Crisis in the USA - Essay ExampleAlan Greenspan, as the loss leader of the Federal Bank definitely had a stake in this and in fact, he and his team seemed to deal too much faith in the theory of an efficient grocery that is able to regulate itself (Shiller 89). Yet, these ideas of a perfect market where competition in the context of demand and supply is supposed to create market equilibrium are fundamentally flawed. In such cases where deregulation occurs, it is always likely that there impart be a time when the market will collapse under its own pressure.The increasing income disagreement is a major factor that led to the housing crisis. Increasing poverty in America meant that some households are not able to have the proper income to own a house and this led to the cornerstone of a huge market niche that the banks could not ignore. These people who make the greater majority of the pupation in the United States had to achieve the American dream of owning a house, yet they did not have the means because they could not access the normal mortgages. When banks, through the freedom afforded them by deregulation, discovered this niche, they started giving subprime mortgages. The subprime mortgages were a high-risk ship and as would be expected, they ended up having a negative impact on the economy because some of these subprime customers ended up defaulting on their mortgage repayments.In this case of the housing crisis and the adverse situations that followed, everyone is to diabolic in a different kind of way. The banks were to blame for being careless and also for misleading people to consider that these products (subprime mortgages) were good for them. People seem to trust banks very much and always believe that whateverthing these banks offer is without any hidden agenda. When banks offered the subprime mortgages, it was easy for these people to believe that it was safe to engage in the investments. The individuals are also to blame because t heir greed overshadowed their rationality.

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