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Ethical Scrapbook Essay Example for Free

respectable Scrapbook EssayThe estimable scrapbook part two coincides with further evaluations in take care to 12 contemporary examples of contrary situations, and mess. With these 12 contemporary examples, in which further discusses each team members evaluation, and opinions of each example. These examples hold Police Acts of Kindness, People reaching out after hurri gite flaxen, Daughter display of Kindness, Acts of Vigilantism, federation Revenge, Diana, the Hunter of batch Drivers, Wo buy the farms Demand Respect, Salt March, agile Pickets, and Sit-ins. In addition, these examples overly let in Poll tax Non-Payment, Professionals committing crimes, in which Kenneth Lay, on with Stuart Greenberg, and James Traficant who represents unmarrieds who has the role of professionals committing such crimes. With these 12 contemporary examples, each team members refinement is to decide if the particular individual makes the topper decisiveness given the circumstances an d can iodin guarantee himself or herself figureing similarly in theses similar circumstances.With comparing 1s individual retort as a team, these responses leave behind put up answers pertaining to examples that generate an jibment between each team member. These examples entrust generate dis obtainment, along with the reflection of each disagreement in terms of an individuals personal values. With further detail, cardinal forget also answer the following laws for affecting as a unsloped Samaritan. In addition, Vigilantism becoming a part of the criminal referee administration when it extends, along with the circumstances of which one and only(a) whitethorn violate the law in regard to enforcing the law. geniuss opinion on well-mannered disobedience becoming effective with changes to the law, along with veritable laws to become in agreement when considering violating to change, and determining conditions that pull through at bottom a profession, excluding that o f criminal justice professions, in which contributes to unethical behaviors. Inaddition, deciding if the American order has become predisposed to ethical or unethical behaviors. Finalizing the summary is to identify the ethical considerations for both the futurity of the criminal justice system, and reducing ethical violations.With the 12 contemporary examples for each solution, team members forget tolerate the best resolution of ones opinion for every scenario. Police Acts of Kindness follow-upThe best close of an individual in regard to Police Acts of Kindness, one answers that the police officers went out of his or her jurisdiction to swear out children who are at a high-risk of involving themselves among other youth of troubling paths. These officers also assist with providing positive forces for the youth, instead of involvement in gang activity, and drug involvement. With this particular example, one may feel themselves acting in the similar circumstances of the poli ce officers. These circumstances involve the opportunity to help individuals, and remember one is making a difference in a nonher persons life. As a pass on, the experience becomes rewarding, and to wipe out the personal noesis that another individuals goals pay become meant.Hurricane Sandy roundThe best purpose of an individual in regard to hurricane Sandy, one may answer the outcome in giving freely. These acts of kindness and giving freely include free medical care to those who cannot yield medicine. In addition, an individual provides home electricity to charge cellphones of individuals to reach out to family and friends. If one could act similarly, individuals will not pay for medical care, and other non-perishable supplies.Daughter displays Kindness ReviewThe best contingent decision of an individual in regard to a daughter displaying kindness, one may also answer to have the assurance of the community is an amazing accomplishment, in which helps both the sister and au nt readjust to life circumstances. If one could act similarly, making a negative situation in turn for something good is a self-fulfilling accomplishment.Community Revenge ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to community revenge, an get word is the best resolution for this particular situation because of the involvement of the community, in which results with a positive outcome. If one could act similarly with this situation, one will become the target of vengeance for oneself, and other women.Diana-the Hunter of Bus Drivers ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to the hunter of bus drivers, law enforcement officials separate to provide justice for these women. As a result, these women begin to seek vengeance. If one could act similarly, one may also seek vengeance because of the traumatic experience these women endures.Women Demand Respect ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to women demanding respect, one may answer that the suffering of sexual torture by men results in acts of Vigilante. With the acts of Vigilante, women have the best possible decision by hauling these men to law enforcement officials personally.Salt March ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to the Salt March, Gandhi makes the best possible decision by defying the empire over the salt monopoly. If one could act similarly, one will become in agreement to achieving the best outcome for everyone and not what is best for the brass.Flying Pickets and Sit-ins ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to flying pickets and sit-ins because individuals believe to have better work situations for themselves, and coworkers. If one could act similarly, one will permit him or herself to better operative conditions.Poll Tax Non-Payment ReviewThe best possible decision of an individual in regard to canvass tax non-payment is the exposure of the leader, in which becomes an effective tax coll ection process. If one could act similarly, these actions are share the government and not hurting people one will permit his or her approval.Kenneth Lay ReviewThe best possible decision Kenneth Lay demonstrates is his ability of obtaining financial gain within a comp any(prenominal). As a result, Kenneth Lay did not to the full demonstrate accuracy of the business and mishandles a large deem of peoples money, in which causes he or she to commit suicide because they lost everything in the process. This individual did not make the best possible decision. If one could act similarly, one will not permit these types of actions by hurting those who has any involvement with the company.Stuart Greenberg ReviewStuart Greenberg did not make the best possible decision because he did not remain truthful with his cases, in which discredits his professionalism. If one could act similarly, one will not become in agreement to act as such because ones employment will become in jeopardy.James Tra ficant ReviewJames Traficant did not make the best possible decision in regard to his staff. If one could act similarly, one will choose not to take returns of innocent individuals.Reflection of Both Agreements and DisagreementsThe examples generating the intimately agreement between each team member include (1) Daughter displays kindness, (2) People reach out after hurricane Sandy, (3) Police Acts of Kindness, (4) Women demand respect, along with (5) Flying Pickets, and sit-ins examples. The most least favorable example by each team member is the Diana, the hunter of bus drivers, Kenneth Lay, along with Stuart Greenberg. These examples reflect an individuals personal value systems by the way, each situation displays unethical behaviors. adept Samaritan LawPeople have a natural tendency to help somebody in distress, he or she believes the moral obligation to help, and serve other people but on that point are a few that would rather watch a person suffer in agony rather than assis ting him or her. Jurisdictions should have a Good Samaritan law requiring an individual to help another individual if he or she becomes able, this can help provide the requisite assistance to the person until the proper authority arrives. In forthwiths day of frivolous lawsuits many people becomescarce to lend a hand and help a person in need. Individuals may choose to not become responsible for any damages one may create in regard to assisting another individual. Individuals may become more(prenominal) comfortable by recording events on his or her cell phone along uploading on YouTube. If there were laws requiring an individual to help another individual people in need can get the necessary assistance in a timely manner, and punish those that refuse to help someone in need. permanency of Vigilantism, and Ones opinion of violating the Law The Criminal Justice System no longer displays smashed management skills as new laws become into existence. These management skills will permi t defense attorneys to finding wave holes in regard to protecting his or her clients. Many believe he or she requires the fulfillment of pickings matters into his or her hands. Vigilantism should not become a part of any function if the criminal justice fails. In addition, just like the victim, the defendant has rights, and if he or she becomes innocent, the community must accept the judgment of the courts. in that location are many factors that influence the decision of the courts, in which most of the community becomes unaware of viable information. The one circumstance, in which the community obligates themselves with violating the law is to enforce the law in regard to the criminal justice system failing. In Detroit the community decides to take the law into his or her hands when the local authorities delays a bollix investigation of a 15- year old girl, and the suspect becomes set free (Garcia, 2013). Civil Disobedience suitable Effective in Changing the LawIn ones opinion, one may agree with civil disobedience becoming effective in regard to changing the law. Civil disobedience in ones opinion, ushers the equality for minorities, along with the civil rights movement stemming from the 1960s continues to develop changes in the law. These changes also include the antiwar sentiments of the 1970s has become a change into the present, yet not as a wellbeing for those who want to do away with wars. The tea party has a change with the way politicians approach certain circumstances.The change one disagrees with is the gun ownership, and situation rights. Gun ownership permits for more violence, and individuals do not fully understand the rules and regulations of gun laws. Individuals whopose these guns find themselves on the other side of the law because of lack of knowledge in protecting themselves, including his or her property. An individual cannot protect him or herself from an intruder entering his or her property because certain laws exist that prohibi ts this type of gun use.Existing Conditions within a ProfessionConditions that exist in a profession, in which excludes the criminal justice profession that contributes to unethical behavior include the role of leadership, and employees within his or her workplace are two examples of displaying unethical behaviors. The unethical behavior of leaders most frequently has consequences for him or her, along with followers, and his or her respective organizations (Chandler, 2009). Examples of these unethical behaviors by leaders in corporate businesses, religion, and government include individuals such as Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling of Enron, and former The United States Senator John Edwards from North Carolina. As a result of each of these individuals actions were one of pure humiliation.American Society, Ethical or UnethicalAmerican society can become a society of ethical or unethical individuals. Individuals who display ethical or unethical behaviors become an adaption at an early a ge. These behaviors establish the learning skills, and influences by adult peers. With the choice of becoming an ethical or unethical individual is the choice of the individual him or herself will permit to make.Ethical ConsiderationsAn ethical consideration becomes the rules, and regulations within any organization as well as the criminal justice system. One ethical consideration is to control the use of force by law enforcement officials. This ethical consideration requires a more strict, and ethical code of conduct for law enforcement officials. To reduce unethical violations within the criminal justice field, one must upgrade the punishment levels for individuals who violate the law. One may also believe in the efforts of a better policing practice, one must go through a series of training on a regular basis, in regard to keeping his or her skills up-to-date throughout his or her rush of law enforcement.ConclusionA person can take any 12 examples of different situations and cir cumstances and not everyone will agree and as a criminal justice major one will become willing to see things from another individuals point of view. Not everyone will agree with everything throughout life and acquiring a difference of opinion gives person ideas, and by obtaining different ideas one may work together as a team. If a person does not agree with someones way of thinking he or she may assume a persons ideas or thoughts are already correct. For most people he or she will become modify to another individuals point of view, or by determining ones surmise may become of the truth. Throughout this assignment there have been ideas agreed and disagreed about and by public lecture and listen an agreement was met.ReferencesGarcia, A. (2013, August 12). Vigilante detroit residents attack suspected rapist after police fail to act. Retrieved from http//www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/08/12/vigilante-detroit-residents-attack-suspected-rapist-after-police-fail-to-act/Chandler, D.J. (2009). The Perfect Storm of Leaders Unethical Behavior A ConceptualFramework. International journal of Leadership Studies, Vol.51 Iss. 1, 2009. Retrieved from http//www.regent.edu.acad//ijls/IJLS/Vol51s1-chandler%2012.pdf.

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