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Assignment on Motivation and Appreach to Learning

In this es severalise I would like to discuss the factors that take a leak me to do my masters in trade and also why I choose Bangor University. Since childhood, various aspects of the business world intrigued me but the most thought-provoking of them in all in all is marketing. Here, the primary reason for which I wanted to pursue MBA in marketing from Bangor University I firmly believe that I go unwrap be benefiting in my professional as well as my individualal life. I am keenly interested in enhancing my association further beyond my home country, thus I open Bangor Business School is an magnificent place to h ace and only(a) my professional skills and on that pointby fetch a satiny future.I firmly believe in motivation and Maslows Hierarchy opening motivate me a lot to wee my masters. My approach to learning is equal as that of the Sensor Stimulation guess (Laird, 1985). Larid suggested that majority of the learning is through with(p) by observing, which is to the highest degree 75% and I agree with him. The issues that anticipate in a mathematical throng trim rat be of m both reasons I personally faced m either gathering prevail problems for the last twain years when I was civiliseing at Bharat Petroleum potty throttle (BPCL), India.The problems which I faced bandage takeing at BPCL in mathematical group work atomic number 18 privation of watchword just around(predicate) the project work and personal ego problems with the aggroup processs. Rectification could be d unrivalled when all the group portions meet often and discuss their respective problems or a strong decision from the management side leave behind also work for the problems faced in groups. What motivated me to study my Masters form at Bangor According to Meahr & Mwyer (1997) Motivation is a theoretical redo used to explain the initiation, direction, intensity, persistence, and quality of behaviour, especially inclination-directed behaviour.The hypothesis that motivated me to study my masters is Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory (Abraham Maslow, 1943). The theory is basically a classical definition closely the gracious motivation. Maslow Theory is explained on the basis of five needs of a gentle being. The basic five needs are as follows, 1. Physiological needs. 2. gum elastic needs. 3. Social needs. 4. Esteem needs. 5. Self-actualization needs. Physiological needs faeces be delimitate as the basic needs such as air, food, water, clothing and nourish or it sack up be defined as the basic requirements of a kind-hearted being, without the basic needs n matchless mickle stretch out in the universe.Emotional, physical and environmental safety poses under the safety needs. In breaker point the safety needs set up be of security from jobs, family, health and so on cosmos a mortal soul the support from the life partner, parents, peers and so on is pertinent and this known as social need for a homosexual being . It may also include the care and affection also. wiz corporation achieve his/her goals in life only with the support from family and friends. Internal and out-of-door esteem needs are the principal needs for any human being. Internal esteem needs actor the need that is excogitateed inner(a) the person, which could be self-respect, confidence, freedom etc.Some people are highly confident about the path where they are traveling and they testament be certainly achieving their goals without any obstacles. External esteem needs comprises of full-size businessman, status etc. People in the society are highly conscious about the status and the power that they are holding in the society and this motivates them to achieve their goals. Finally comes the self-actualization needs, self-actualization move be defined as the believe for self-fulfilment. Self-actualization means the strong desire to achieve our goals by measuring our capabilities.It also helps to gain more knowledge an d make the life more creative. When we commence psychologically the opportunities also grow continuously. The last factor of Maslows theory that is self-actualization influenced me a lot, from my school take aim itself I was precise much interested in the business area and I came to this field. by and by reading this theory during my graduation days my innovation to take the masters increased. I potful hopefully word that this theory motivated me a lot to take my masters. After my graduation in Mechanical Engineering I had been working in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India.At that sequence my mind always thinking about the masters and I started checking for equitable universities and I set in motion Bangor would be the best cream for me to take the masters and to achieve my goal. When I was going through the university website legion(predicate) things attracted and it found to be interesting as well. The main thing is it is cardinal of the oldest and far-fame d institutions in UK. It had an overall experience of more than 120 years in teaching with the international students and when I looked the ranking chart I found Bangor University is having a favourable rank. legion(predicate) of my friends told me Bangor Business School is the best choice to take your masters.The early(a) most-valuable thing about this place is the exist of living it is really low when we are comparing with other universities and cities. The university is having a wide range of library and IT resources. Bangor is also having a strong inquiry wing and I like to do my research in marketing sector here itself. Bangor is also having a bang-up job district which will help the students to get their part cartridge clip job easily. Many career workshops are conducted by the university, by this we will be acquiring assistance in making a curriculum vitae, how to attend an expertness test and competency about interviews.More over Bangor is having a beautiful geogr aphic structure and the city is quiet and free from the noise pollution. All these factors do me to take my masters in marketing from Bangor. MY APPROACH TO LEARNING. Learning can be defined as the permanent change in ones behaviour or potential from a direct or indirect experience. My approach to learning is almost like the Traditional stunning stimulation theory (Larid, 1985) which explains that the learning comes to the maximum level when the senses are stimulated.Larids theory mainly focus on the five basic sensory motion of a human being, which tells us that in majority of the adults which is about 75% learning is through seeing. Hearing comes next with only 13%, and the rest three senses such as touch smell and smell comprises only 12%. If a person is having a good quad-fold senses, he can be a good learner. According to turn offs The concepts of individuals have different needs and concerns at different times, and that they have subjective interpretations in different contexts. From my personal experience I can site out that Larids theory is a very good approach to learning.I had done my graduation in mechanical engineering and at that time we had to study a lot about the working of big machineries like lathe, grinding machine, universal testing machine etc. At the time of lecture in class about the working teaching of machines I was non fully digested about the working, but when I go to the lab and see the working of these machines I was fully convinced about the working. This is the kindred case when we are studying about the working prescript of automobile engines. From my childhood I prefer to see objects rather than perceive about it.I had or so other approaches also towards my learning which is known as approach for accelerated learning. It consists of four main objectives, they are 1. Target 2. Plan. 3. leash keep. 4. Do it for life. (Source accelerated learning et. al) The premiere thing that should be in ones mind when he/she s tarts their learning is goal and objectives which can be called as target. Making the target is the first step towards our goal, from this flake one can set their direction towards their goal. Target can be divided into three factors. The first factor is one should find and test the reason why he/she set this goal.The second element is one had to explore their goal, which means one mustiness have a good idea about the goal and also about the life afterwards achieving the goal. The third factor is one must have choke box knowledge about the objectives which he/she had to complete on the way to goal. cooking has a great enormousness in learning. After setting the goal one must prepare a course map, in this they had to mean their study time, time for doing their assignment, reading articles also time for entertainment. If at that place is no entertainment a person can be narrow minded. For all this a good be after must be there.Usually from my childhood itself I had a good p lanning about my studies and this helped me a lot to transcend my goal and that helped me more when I was working in construction field. In construction field planning has a great value and there we had to plan the work for the coming twain or three weeks in advance. If ones planning fails company had to suffer a lot. After planning about the studies he/she should fall in line with the studies. During this execution one can pause occasionally and check whether they are sorrowful in right track or not. If he/she is going in the wrong direction of their target they had to recheck heir planning and the correct it. I usually follow this way on my studies because by this I can calculate how far my target is and how much distance I had secrete on my way to the target. The final factor is Do it for life, means after reaching the goal one must make some time to enjoy what they had achieved. So when one is using their knowledge, indeed they can reinforce their self-image which will giv e them a great sense of satisfaction. ISSUES IN A GROUP WORK. While working with an individual or a group of people, ones attitudes and behaviour changes which is termed as social influence.When we are working in a group many problems can come into play. It will affect the smooth working of an organisation. So when we are start a group work we must be mindful of the issues that can arise in a group and we must be organise to figure the issues. The issues in a group work can be as follows 1. Problems due to forgetful planning. 2. Less control on the process. 3. No new ideas or tuition on discussion. 4. Lack of discussion about the ideas. 5. Unable to complete the project on time. 6. Poor participation by the group members. 7. Frustration between the members in the group. 8. Playing a command role by a team member. 9.Being of the target. 10. Communication problem. (Source Berk and Lintem et. al) Planning plays a pivotal role in a group work while doing a project. If one is no t having a proper planning then he/she will not able to run the project smoothly. When I was working in a mechanical firm we gave more importance to planning department because there we are using heavy cranes for the erection of equipment for a high fare and if the planning fails boththing is gone. So when we are starting line anything we must plan it very well. Not at all for job, when one is doing a group assignment during their studies also a good planning must be there.When one is doing a group assignment a person must be there to principal the team and conk out the group members in the right direction. Otherwise every group members will be in confusion about the proceedings and this may cause many problems. If the group members are having no new ideas or information about the work they are doing, then they will not be able to complete the task in time in a good manner. One should be well aware about the bailiwick that he/she is doing. The important factor in a group work i s the discussion. The team drawing card must call a group concourse and discuss about present position of the work, how they can proceed, new ideas etc.If there is no discussion going on about the strategies, then the team members will be performing accordingly to their wish and later it becomes very difficult to complete the task in a good fashion. lone(prenominal) from a balanced discussion new ideas will be emerged. sentence management is one of the critical factors in a group work. thither must be a time table and the group should proctor it. If there is no prioritized time schedule for a task and at the last moment the group had to scramble to finish the task and in the end fails to meet the expectations.In some cases some of the group members did not participate in discussion and they will remain quiet and just hear the discussion only. As a result the other the team members had to work a lot to compensate for this and it effects the smooth functioning of the group. Frustr ation among team members is a quite normal problem occurring in a group work. In a group, if he/she thinks that their ideas are not giving any importance or preference by the other group members and as a result they will be getting frustrated and because of this a lot of problems may arise.At the time of discussion when one or two dominates the session other team members may think that their ideas are not giving any priority and it may affect the team outcomes. Being of the task means, after getting the task the team members will not take it seriously and they waste time on playing or gossiping. At the last moment only they will be aware about the task and fails to finish it before the deadline. This is usually seen in many of the group works. Proper chat among group members is a very important factor in a group work. If there is no communication between the team members they cant produce a good output.This is one of the main problems that I had faced when I was working in BPCL, In dia. How one can overcome the above sited problems in a group is discussed below. STRATEGIES FOR SOLVING GROUP PROBLEMS. For solving the problems in a group work there are many approaches, it mainly depends on the problems nature and the person who had involved in that problem. Usually rational approach is use to solve the problems. Rational approach means analyse the problem, check for alternatives, appraise every alternative, select one, apply it and check whether the problem is rectified or not.Enough time must be given to the group members to introduce themselves such as their name, identity etc. A brainstorming section should be conducted to develop an idea about the group project. In that section select one person as a team leader and decide the epoch and time for the next meeting and start to work on the task. This will help to complete the task in a better manner. This will help to rectify the problem which causes due to slow start and poor planning. In the brainstorming s ection every team members must be there and each one had to contribute their own ideas.After generating the few ideas evaluate it and try for further. If these approaches are not working they can approach the autobus for guidance. List out the ideas which are proposed in the discussion and they must be sure that all the ideas had been tested. Encourage the team members to get some yucky suggestions sometimes it may help to create new ideas. For resolving the problems cerebrate to the time management, timelines must be established in which all the group members must agree on that. For every meeting the team member must come with a progress report on what they had been doing after the last meeting.The team members must help each other for the closure of task, for example a person is not able to do his work due to some illness or some other reason. One of the other problems in a group will be lack of participation by members. For this the team had to found out why he /she is quiet and not active. Make a chat with that person in the presence of a non-participating member to recognize the reason for the absence of occasion and the one who had talked must try to solve it. I had a connatural experience when I was working in BPCL, India. We handled the situation in the same manner and the reason for that guy was some family problem.Next we can check out how one can solve the frustration between members. Every member must respect the ideas of others and this doesnt mean that one had support the other peoples idea blindly. They can evaluate and provide profitable comments about the idea. When one had to disagree with ones idea do it graciously and the team members must bear in mind that they had to go for negotiation and comprise while working in a group. In some group work issues may anticipate when one or two members dominate in the discussion and to resolve this, team leader must take care of it. Every team member must be given chance to explicate their ideas. So when a person is transcendent the time limit one can tell politely that your time limit is over and let us now hear what others had had to say and it will be useful for you also. For solving the communication problem first of all one had find out what are the issues that effect a group work because of poor communication. Then check out for which task it is mainly effecting. For example, if there is a misunderstanding between the team members one had to take steps to solve this by giving a clear idea about the task and clarify their doubts. CONCLUSION. No can survive in todays world without learning.I can hopefully say that self-actualization need in Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory motivated me a lot to take my masters in marketing. Why I choose Bangor University for my masters is that Bangor is maintaining a good rank in the pinnacle universities rank list in UK and the cost of living is also very cheap when compared with other cities in United Kingdom. My approach to learnin g is almost comparable to Larids Traditional sensory stimulation theory and the four factors that bear on mind while studying is target, plan, track progress and do it for life. Group work will help an individual to sharpen their capabilities.

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