Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Music and Color (which ones positively affect employees,which ones Essay

Music and Color (which ones positively affect employees,which ones negatively affect them) - Essay Example â€Å"Music in the workplace promotes positive mood, sense of team, improves alertness and can lessen the event of accidents† (Marshall 2007). There is a mood threshold beyond which productivity rapidly decreases. The high value attributed to the use of light music rather than classical music partly reflects the generally low level of effectiveness achieved by classical music. â€Å"Music â€Å"motivates workers, decreases boredom and leads to increased productivity perhaps because people work in time with the beat† (le Roux 2005 cited Marshall 2007). Music also means that people can learn more effectively and work more creatively, and hence sustain stress more effectively. Ability to work together harmoniously, or cope with unforeseen circumstances, points towards people feeling healthy, having a sense of well-being, having high morale and being able to accept more responsibility. In general, music allows people respond to work situations more positively. (Goodman 200 7). Similar to music, colors have great impact on employees and their mood. Pronounced colors have a negative impact on productivity increasing distress, low self-esteem and aspirations (Birren 23). In the long term, dark colors can have secondary effects on health and that visible flickering can have profound effects on the human nervous system. The trend towards darker colors is unlikely to affect health adversely, and may indeed be advantageous. The trend could have negative consequences for health if it were shown that the increasing levels of ambient light at night affect circadian rhythms. Improvements in brightness and the evenness of spectral power may be beneficial. In particular, the move towards a greater use of green, yellow and white is likely to be good for both health and performance. Intervention to ensure a healthy working environment should always be the first step towards improving productivity and work

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