Monday, September 9, 2019

No More Wars by Woodrow Wilson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

No More Wars by Woodrow Wilson - Essay Example Woodrow Wilsons succeded in convincing Europeans through his speech and fourteen points. As a result Germany stopped the war and surrendered within the next 10 months (Snell, 1954). In an interview conducted during the Paris Peace Conference held in 1919, Woodrow Wilson and Sir William Wiseman explained how Germany agreed to stop the war as a result of the famous speech and fourteen points. The speech highlighted the importance of democracy in bringing the losting peace in the Europe . Woodrow Wilson wanted to present United States as a role model before the rest of the world and it was this intention which made him present these fourteen points. He was of the opinion that the United State should not involve in war. He was a democratic person who had true feelings not only for the people of the United States but also for the whole world, who wanted peace in the world. He thought of the entire world that’s why he was a trustworthy person. People had belief and confidence in him and that is why the Fourteen Points given by him were admired by the people. He used this credibility and made an emotional appeal to the people by giving the Fourteen Points which were welcomed by the people. The logic which was used in his points was very clear about the peace and those were having a strong internal consistency, and the benefits of his points were very clear that if they follow his points, there will be no war in future. The speech was having emotions because at that time the people were fed up of war and they wanted peace and prosperity and the speech was based on the peace. The speech was accepted by the Germans and then by the Britian. The base of the speech was the world wide problem rather than based on just self interest. The address which is based on the Fourteen Points given by Wilson was a great help in betterment of his nation.

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