Sunday, March 10, 2019

Comparison between Ancient China and Singapore Civilisations

Who am I? I am Aicirt, a term traveller. Recently I travelled to the impression demeanor in Ancient China. Was it interesting, you might ask? Indeed it was, which is why, I have decided to compare two aspects of life in the proto(prenominal) civilisations with life in Singapore today.My first aspect would be applied scienceThe briny variation between the technology in the proterozoic civilisations and confront day Singapore is that the technology in the previous(predicate)ish civilisations was non as highly advanced as in Singapore now. Singapore is truly much highly advanced in technology than in the primal civilisations. An voice would be many another(prenominal) Singaporeans depend a lot on electronics such as their pass onphones etc. Whereas in the early civilisations such as the Indus vale civilisation and Shang civilisation, there was no such things as electronics. In fact, there was no electricity at all The beside example I am giving is that when reservation goods such as vases and otherwise objects, we currently use machines to founder them and design them. On the other hand in the early civilisations, all the objects were made by hand and were intricately designed using bones or sharp stones etc.However, the early civilisations and present day Singapore have something in common with quality to the aspect on technology. The technologies in twain the early civilisation and life in Singapore today share the same things which include making tools, weapons and craft objects etc. Even cooking is present in both of them. In both times, the hoi polloi have of all time tried to make life better for themselves by trying to different methods to complete their jobs efficiently.The next aspect I will compare is the Transportation.Transportation is a very(prenominal) important aspect to compare. Traveling to the early civilisations made me realise that the people there used little point ( scarce small boats) for trading purposes. otherwise than that, they seldom used transport. In Singapore, transport is used widely. For example, we take buses, cars to naturalise or attend school.Firstly, I have noticed a proportion when I travelled to different early civilisations such as the Shang civilisation. The simile is that in both the early civilisation life and life in Singapore today, people transport by land and water. Even though, the time gap has a big difference, we both share the same role of transportations. This shows that over time, the type of transportation may have had modifications but the main idea of traveling by land or water did not change.Next, I shall point out a difference in the transportation between present day Singapore and early civilisations. The main difference is the modernization of the transports available in both times. Currently now, we have many different kinds of transportations to choose from. We can take the MRTs, buses, ferries or cars for short or long distances. For much further di stances, we can take aeroplanes or ships. However, during the early civilisation life, the types of transport were less and much less modernized. You will plausibly ask what they are, then. Well, they differ a lot. In the early civilisations, transportation modes only consisted of small boats and perhaps carts driven by larger animals such as bulls or cows.What I valued about the people of the early civilisationsI admired the people of the early civilisations for their ability to be open object to new ideas and the ability of thinking of ideas to rectify their lives. They often tried to improve their lives by using their limited technology to allow themselves to complete labour with more efficiency. They had determination to complete and overcome everything, every obstacle faced. They always knew and wanted to improve in the way the live, their lifestyle. For example, in the Shang civilisation, the people introduced void activities to their lifestyle. They created board games such as chess using stone. I admire them for being resourceful too. The people were able to develop some smorgasbord of technology by being able to use harder materials such as stone and metal to create objects so that they were more durable.They could make inscriptions and embark or carve on hard objects. This showed that they planned whatever they were passing game to do before attempting to do this. This is a good dexterity- provision before embarking on doing. I think I would like to adopt this ability/skill to prevent rash decisions which may result in some(prenominal) mistakes. provision goes a long way. A quote I heard several times is If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Therefore, the people of the early civilisation were successful as they had steadfast determination and well planning. An example of well planning would be the Indus Valley civilisation. In Mohenjo-daro, a main city of the Indus Valley Civilisation, it was a very well planned city with many cosmos buildings and the worlds first complex underground drainage system was there.The people of the early civilisation put in their best even if it seemed unlikely that they would succeed.In conclusion, I admire the early civilisation people for being immovable and persevering in doing whatever they do, overcoming obstacles, finding solutions to their problems such as closure the irrigation flood problem etc.

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