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Of Mice and Men - George and Lennie seem to have a very close friendship :: English Literature

Of Mice and Men - George and Lennie seem to have a real destruction friendship throughout the story.Of Mice and MenGeorge and Lennie seem to have a real close friendship throughout thestory. This is strange because they argon completely contrary from eachother mentally, as well as physically. The author tells us that Georgeis a small, quick and defined man. He is the leader of the dickens men andmakes all the plans. Lennie respects him a great deal. Lennie is huge,and very strong, but he has the mentality of a child. He reliesheavily on George, as he cannot fend for himself. He always tries hisbest to imitate Georges actions and an example of this is when the dickens men are at the beach. George lay back on the gritrock and crossed hishands under his head, and Lennie imitated him, raising his head to seeif he were doing it right. This shows just how much Lennie looks upto George and wants to be like him. It is not, however, a aslantfriendship. George must be very close to Len nie because he goes to a jam of trouble to make sure that they both stay together. When Lenniegot himself into trouble in Weed George didnt abandon him they ranaway to a different ranch together. I think George relies on Lenniefor companionship because of the unfriendly and lonely environmentthey are in. he obviously cares about lennie because he says, God,youre a lot of trouble. I could get along so easy and so nice if Ididnt have you on my tail. I could live so easy and possibly have agirl. If George wanted to leave Lennie and change his lifestylecompletely, he easily could. But he stays with Lennie throughout thewhole harbor so they must have a special friendship.In product line to George and Lennies friendship, Curley and his wife donot seem to have a very good relationship at all. Even though they aremarried, the two of them are never seen together in the story. Theyalways claim to be flavor for each other, but never find one another.At one point in the book Curleys wife co mes into the bunkhouse andflirts with the men, whilst pretending to be looking for Curley. Sheasks Slim if he has seen Curley. Slim tells her that Curley went intothe house and she obviously hasnt been looking for him very well. Weare then told her reaction to his answer, She was suddenlyapprehensive. Bye Boys she called into the bunk-house and she

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