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Free Essays: Imagery in Ghost House :: Ghost House Essays

Imagery in sense of touch Ho lend oneself Robert Lee Frost was born on Mars twenty-sixth 1874 in San Francisco and he died in Boston, January 29th 1963. Frost was greatly influenced by his move to New England at the age of 11, his move to England when he was 37, and so his return to New Hampshire a couple of years later. These periods disregard be seen in his poetry. His poems about life and death made him one of the best-known poets of 20th century and he won many literary prizes, including four-spot Pulitzer Prizes. Frost wrote poems whose philosophical dimensions transcend any region. Although his verse forms be traditional, he was a pioneer in the interplay of rhythm and in the poetic use of the vocabulary and inflections of everyday speech. His poetry is both traditional and experimental, regional and universal. The main(prenominal) reason why I chose Robert Frosts poem is because his poems are pretty simple and easy to understand. The poem I picked for this analy sis, Ghost suffer, is an extremely descriptive poem illustrating an old haunted house. The imagery in Ghost House is marvelous. This poem allows the reader to see the house as if they were standing on the front porch. You can picture an old hoary house, cover with vines and wild raspberries. There is a dying tree in the front yard with only one live branch on it. Underneath the tree there are two gravestones so covered in moss that the names cannot be deciphered. Right next to the gravestones is a spiritual couple standing middle of mist absolutely still and silent. On the front porch the current proprietor stands frozen, half(prenominal) by fear and half by curiosity. The poem is told through the eyes of the current resident of the house. The owner scared of his uninvited company. However, the owners opinion of the couple seems to veer towards the end of the poem. The theme of Ghost House seems to be that love can survive anything, even when the body does not. Although t he couple has passed away they still inhabit together. Another theme in this poem could be not to estimate a book by its cover. At first the houses owner seems to fear the ghosts, but he eventually comes to respect the cling that they still share.

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