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Jim Henson Essay -- Essays Papers

Jim HensonJim Henson once said, Follow your enthusiasm. Its something Ive always believed in. welcome those p impostures of your life you enjoy the nearly. Do what you enjoy doing (qtd. in Fionaurora). Jim did retributory that. He love puppetry and made many others love it too. The creator and a performer of the Muppets, Henson is known worldwide for his creations, which include shows like Se analogous route and The Muppet Show, and characters such as Grover, Elmo, Big Bird, the Swedish Chef, Bert and Ernie, and Miss Piggy to touch on a few. Jims most famous character was Kermit the Frog. Kermit remains the Muppet with which Henson is most closely associated. Through television and feature films, Henson developed the art of puppetry to sweet heights of popularity and storytelling capabilities, especially the ability to create sympathetic and emotional characters that ar humorous at the same time. Jim Hensons countless movies and television shows were loved by audienc es young and old, and they continue to have an impact on tidy sum nearly ten years after his sudden death. James Maury Henson was natural September 24, 1936, at Kings Daughters Hospital in Greenville, Mississippi. Jim was the twinkling son of Paul Ransom and Elizabeth Marcella Henson. He grew up in nearby Leland, where his father, an agricultural research biologist, worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. His father was busy working and his aim was more concerned with Jims brother Paul. As a outlet of this he was somewhat neglected. Jim turned to his grandmother, who he called Dear. She helped him develop his love of art and performing (Biography). He also enjoyed exploring the countryside near his house. He pass much of his time with friends by a little stream called deer Creek. Kermit always said he came from a small swamp in Mississi(WRITTEN BY ERIC G.*)ppi. Actually it wasnt a swamp, it was a creek deer Creek (St. Pierre 15). One of his childhood friends , nick learnd Kermit, would later become the name of Hensons most celebrated creation. When he was in fifth grade, his family moved to Maryland. At the age of fourteen, Jims life was changed forever after the Hensons got their first off television. He was fascinated. He once said, I loved the idea that what you saw was taking place somewhere else at the same time (qtd. in Collins). Jim loved puppet shows like Kukula... ...for his work that taught and entertained at the same tim(ERIC G.)e. His shows Sesame Street and The Muppet Show are two of the most watched shows ever. Jim Henson has stirred three generations with his artistry and will continue to for many years to come.BibliographyAndres, Natalie. A Man of Great Imagination. Jim Henson. 1997. Online. Internet. 3 Jan. 2000. lendable http// Biography of Jim Henson. 2000. Online. Internet. 3 Jan. 2000. Available http// x.htmlCollins, James. Time 100 Artists & Entertainers Jim Henson. 1999. Online. Internet. 2 Jan. 2000. Available http// pen/henson.htmlFionaurora. Jim Henson Biography. Fionauroras Jim Henson Page. 1998. Online. Internet. 29 Dec. 1999. Available http// Farlin, Jim. Jim Henson. Detroit News. 17 May 1990, 1A.Roush, Matt. Like Deaths in the Family. USA Today. 17 May 1990 1A.St. Pierre, Stephanie. Jim Henson, cleric of the Muppets. NY Dell Publishing, 1991.

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