Saturday, August 10, 2019

Project management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Project management - Essay Example The network diagram below illustrates the sequence of the Foundry project that is due to be completed within 25 weeks. This shows the sequence of different activities that will be undertaken. This constitutes project management that is commonly known as careful management of all the activities involved in a particular project (Burke, 2010). Project planning is also required in order to carry out all the activities and tasks successfully. This helps the people involved in the project to achieve the desired goals in undertaking the work. 2. The critical path in the project shows the longest sequence of events that should be completed on time in order to meet the project schedule with regards to its completion (Business Dictionary, 2015). Accordingly, each sequence that constitutes a critical path should be commenced after the completion of the predecessor. In some cases, these critical paths can be carried out simultaneously after the completion of the predecessor. In the diagram shown above, there are mainly three critical paths. The first one being pouring concrete and installing frame which ought to be carried out after implementing the first two components in the project. This path should take four weeks and effort should be made to ensure that it goes according to schedule in order to avoid delaying the project. The other important critical paths include building high temperature burner and installing air pollution device which take four and five weeks respectively. These activities should be completed within t he set time frame in order to ensure that the project is not delayed. Since these activities are long, they should be carried in such a way that everything goes according to schedule in order to avoid wasting resources. 3. The activity schedule of the project can be illustrated in the form of a table and it shows the different activities that would be performed in undertaking the project. This schedule shows the exact

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