Friday, August 9, 2019

Final Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Final - Assignment Example As a successful executive, I will think outside-the-box to come up with creative solutions to organizational problems and foster an open work environment where employees contributions are part of the solution. By allowing a flexible approach to problem solving, I will foster a workplace where creativity and different approaches to addressing a problem,no matter how different the ideas defer from the accepted norm,will all be considered In order to lead effectively as a manager needs,I need to learn to master the four basic functions of management; planning,organizing,leading and controlling. An effective leader will always be very good at listening;it is an unappreciated management skill that leads to a better understanding of the problems at hand,be it personal or organizational. Of the tree basic management skills previously mentioned,the most important attribute a manager needs is to develop in order to succeed is effective leadership skills . The key to effective leadership, managing diverse individuals and complex situations effectively is to master four of the basic functions of management;planning,organizing,leading and controlling. As a manager,the first step is to analyze the situation or problem at hand and formulate a plan which best addresses the needs of the project. It is important to me as a business profession to become proficient at analyzing complex situations and coming up with innovative solutions to a problem. In order to hone my analytic and planning skills,applying the same level of care and analysis to certain everyday problems will help me become better at analyzing and planning solutions in my future professional career. In the organizing phase as a manager, I must be able to evaluate the employee skill-sets as well as identify the most suitable individuals for a specific tasks. Through taking the initiative to become a leader in any group environment

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