Monday, March 25, 2019

Phaedra Essay -- essays research papers

Theseus was the word of honor either of Poseidon or Aegeus the king of capital of Greece. His mother was Aethra. The unfruitful Aegeus consulted the Delphic Oracle and was told not to untie his wine skin until he returned home. He did not understand what the oracle meant and so visited his friend pansy Pittheus of Troezen. Realizing that Aegeus was going to beget a powerful son immediately aft(prenominal) the celebration feast for his safe return to Athens, Pittheus made his guest sot and put him to bed with his daughter Aethra, and so Theseus was conceived. Before he go away for home, Aegeus took the pregnant Aethra to a great boulder underneath which he determined his sword and sandals. He told her that, should she have a son, she must wait until he was strong enough to raise the boulder before she sent him to his fathers court. after Aegeus departure the wily Pittheus said his daughters lover was really Poseidon. When Theseus came of age, Aethra explained that he was heri tor to the Athenian throne and he retrieved the sword and sandals. On his journey to Athens he slew several desperate bandits, a fearsome son of Hephaistos, and a dreadful sow, the daughter of the monster Typhon. At Eleusis, then a kingdom separate from Athens, Theseus was forced to accept the challenge of a grapple match with its king, Cercyon. The aggressive ruler died as a result of the contest, so Theseus became king of Eleusis, which he later added to the Athenian kingdom. On his arrival in Athens, Theseus learned that his father A...

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