Friday, February 15, 2019

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Searching for Truth in A F atomic number 18well to Arms If The sunniness Also Rises was one of the best books I have ever read, accordingly A Farewell to Arms is Truth. I simply cannot believe that these books constituteed so long without my k flatledge of how grand they are. I consider myself to read constantly, to a greater extent than almost anyone I cheat, and here in less than a month I read two books that are undoubtedly among the best I have encountered. When I finished A Farewell to Arms I was of course stunned by the death of Catherine and the baby and Henrys sudden solitude. What happens now? I felt, as I so often do when I finish a book that I want to go on forever. This is infinitely more difficult with a book that has no conclusion, and A Farewell to Arms leaves a reader not only emotionally exhausted but also that as alone as Henry and with nowhere to go. The entire work was a strugglee of where it was discharge and what was going to happen next, and then to st op the way it did was unfair. Now, Ive read enough essays charm deciding which would be the topic for my class presentation that I know many people see that the unfairness of life and the insignificance of our free give are apparently the most important themes in the book, but I dont agree. I also dont agree that it is a war story or a love story. Exactly what it is, though, is not clear to me. Cant art exist without being anything? There isnt always an explanation for everything. War and love are obviously important themes in the book, and the relationship between the two is explored by Hemingway and, somewhat, by Henry. In the first two Books we are in the war and the war is overwhelming. In the last two Books we are in love. And, just as the first two Books are peppered with love in the epoch of war, the last two Books are tinged with war in the time of love. cast SPECIFIC EXAMPLE OF THE PEPPERING AND THE TINGING. WHAT EFFECT DOES THE PEPPERING AND TINGING HAVE ON THE NOVEL? THE CHARACTERS? The triplet Book is the bridge between the two stories and it is not surprising that it centers on the escape.

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