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The policy and implications of the British Government’s

The prodigious spirit is undoubtedly the most universal jubilation of global unity ever achieved and the continuation of the same forget everlastingly be an integral part of international cooperation and globalization. In this regard it is an laurels for any city in this world to phalanx the exceeding Games since doing so bestows some(prenominal) opportunities for such a city and its dwellers. The prodigious movement has had to incriminate in many ways depending on its leadership in a bid to wreak it more(prenominal) integral, independent and reach a wider audition than before (Constantine, 2000).This changes has necessitate the need to adopt modern and innovative practices to the presidential term and running of Olympic affairs in order to cater for the fiscal and logistical obligations of the management perpetrations and to be able to organize superior games n b drivewaycast them to a world audience. The IOC presidency of Samarech saw the international direction a cquire rights to sell broadcasting rights to media companies in a bid to make the IOC financi every last(predicate)y independent. Furthermore, they developed an Olympic brand that could be sold to companies who would practice it as an exclusive tool to market their products.This brand becomes one of the biggest relocus revenue earners for the Olympic committee since acquiring the rights to use the brand is an extremely high-priced affair. The IOC is responsible for choosing the drove city for the Olympic Games and so enjoys immense advocator since an interested city has to convince the committee that it is capable of hosting the games and upholding the standards that are indispensable for the victor of the mammoth games. These catch led to unethical conduct of slightly bidding committees who have tried to influence the award of this honor by offering bribes to committee members.The idea of having the Olympic Games held in the U K is non new. Several bids have been put fo rward in historic long time by the city of Birmingham and Manchester without much success since the Olympic committee saw it as a lack of inscription on the U K authorities and interpreted their bids as not being severe enough. However, there has been a change of attitude amidst various stake holders who have been seeking an avenue of effecting a growth in elite sportsmanship by ensuring that elite English athletes are runn forums to compete and excel and thence earn U K respect in the sports arena.Some concern has existed in the in business leader of the U K to be among the very top medal earners in the Olympic Games and efforts have picked up momentum to correct this deficit. It was therefore clear that drastic measures will have to be taken in order to draw the necessary attention which hopefully would translate to more attention on sports funding and a significant progress in the success of U K athletes (Gibson & axerophthol Booth, 2009)The momentum to host the Olympic 201 2 games was not easy to build due to a lack of commitment on the part of the central government. in that respect were questions as to the viability of capital of the United Kingdom to host the games due to several factors that many saw as a stumbling trap to the success of the games. However, there was general consensus among the various ranks of private groups in all sectors that the competitiveness of capital of the United Kingdom as one of the major and important cities in world arena was under threat by emerging powers.Others matt-up that the U K governments have continuously failed to give priorities to games in a nation plagued by obesity and idle youths. Therefore, several groups of people and the media contend a significant role in forcing the government to concede to be the guarantor against the total cost of hosting the games. On July 6 2005 the president of the Olympic committee announced that the 2012 games would be hosted by capital of the United Kingdom acting as th e climax of a process that had taken over 7 years to become reality (B O A, 2009).The bid committee popularly cognize as the BOA initiated in the early days a abundant PR campaign that sought to gain the approval of the government and displace public support for the bid in the hope that doing so would give them the necessary edge to beat the other competitors. The team used a strategy of persuading all involved of the diverse benefits that were to be reaped following the success of the beads among them public exposure, improved expatriationation, employment and housing improvements.The success of the commonwealth games in Manchester acted as a booster for the team since it showed the commitment and ability of the country to host large games events. And thus the effort of this committee, the government and several other contributors led to the successful biding and the process of building the necessary facilities to host the games is underway. Hosting the Olympic Games poses ser ious challenges to any country due to the great infrastructural and logistical needs of the project.The games are expected to cost nearly 9 one thousand million pounds for the building of the Olympic village and the upgrading of other vital sectors including upgrading of existing venues and the road and rail system. There is a worry that the games might cost the tax payers more money since it is expected that the current budget might not be sufficient to cater for all the requirements. Another challenge is the transport system which is below standard and there will be a need to improve it and expand it if the games are to go on smoothly (Briginshaw, 2006).Another challenge is the need to provide the venues and management committees with modern technology in order co ordinate the games effectively. Lastly is the problem of the Olympic bequest and how the various equipments and facilities will be put to use after the games. There are those who feel that most of the venues and assist ing facilities in the Olympic village will be converted into schools and technical institutes for games development for the benefit of London youths.Furthermore, this is estimated to develop over three thousand permanent jobs for the local people. Most significantly it is hoped that the Olympic Games will increase the level of sports participation in the U K including for those who are disabled (Rose, 2009). Bibliography B O A 2009, London 2012 Olympic Bid An Eight Year Journey, Viewed 8 May 2009, <http//www. olympics. org. uk/contentpage. aspx? no=268>. Briginshaw, D 2006, An Olympic Challenge, International Railway Journal, Viewed 8 May 2009, < http//74. 125. 113. 132/ look?q=cachezVQ6EWubIj8Jlibrary. kmi. re. kr/BibAttfile/0000050180200607. pdf+challenge+of+london+as+an+olympic+venue&cd=19&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ke&client=firefox>. Constantine, S 2000, History of the Olympic Games, Seaburn Publishing, New York. Gibson, O & Booth, R 2009, Halfway to the openi ng ceremony, London 2012s progress report, Guardian, Viewed 8 May 2009, <http//www. guardian. co. uk/uk/2009/jan/15/london-2012-olympic-games-seb-coe-boris-johnson>. Rose, E 2009, Disability Sports, London 2012, Viewed 8 May 8 2009, < http//www. london2012. com/>.

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