Friday, February 7, 2014

Word of Thanks

The Sta. Monica Academy Religious Community headed by our ener determineic principal, sr. Evangeline P. Algaba, O.S.A., teaching and non-teaching personnel, proud parents, eachy awardees, guests, friends, visitors, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. When I was told to get through a speech, an verbalize of thanks, I was dumbfounded and scared because I will be, again, speaking in preliminary of a promote and Im still astonished and wondered if I actu totallyy be to be hither, talking in front of you, my fellow awardees. While preparing my speech, however, my memories of a class of sleepless nights during exams, the wo(e) of fashioning the projects, and the anxiety during reports which I am sure all of us here experienced, made me believed that all of us here deserve to be on this stage and I free this address of thanks. The mere fact that we were able to surpass all the challenges in the Sta. Monica Academy, the center of excellence in Baao and perhaps in the good Camarines Sur, is already a pride that we should carry along. To reference Winston Churchill, achievement is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to confront that counts. I believe that all of us were homophile(a) in our own ways. We have shown these past months the nerve to repress the misgiving of fiasco. And this courage will always be our conception to get going on to another(prenominal) milestone. My fellow awardees, we come from distinct grades and year levels. But despite these differences, our common ground is the esteemed authorize that our teachers, mentors and this institution endowed to us. As we step onward to another goal, the lessons we learned from these people will always be our unparalleled gift that no one can trade away(p) from us, but will be ours to keep forever. Hence, given this opportunity, grant me acknowledge these people who are worth our sincere gratitude for they have it away a great role behind our success. To our dearest mentors, on behalf of all the Monic! ans, thank you very much. We know you exerted a wad of effort in...If you want to get a full essay, deposit it on our website:

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