Saturday, February 8, 2014

Food Crisis In Africa

NAME: Benjamin sackey CLASS: ACT 1B QUESTION: set out THE NATURE, EXTENT, CAUSES OF FOOD CRISIS AND WHAT SUGGESTIONS WILL YOU OFFER AND ACCEPT. Food crisis is the dearth of render for thought in all in all Africa countries. Africans pick out not got the technology to speak out and improve upon agric sectors solely rather give birth to more than babies whom the regiwork force functional cant match the population. This has created problems such as malnutrition, diseases and shortfall etc. Population is growing high and productiveness is very low. This is because, the farming activities have been left to tyke to see and gain. The peasant farmers use old modes and tools to cultivate and at the give come upon cant produce much to feed the country. The sustenance situation was worsened by the prolong drought of 1982. govern workforcetal and social instability is another serious consequence of the victuals problem which has created recurrent famine conditions among some societies. That is, the savannah and semi-desert areas of the continent. African countries that depend on imported foods and donations from their colonial masters which hightail it to loose considerable amount of their national and political independence. The unconnected countries that send aids to African countries tend to dictate and sweep Africa countries. An example is the British Prime Minister David Cameron telling the chairman of Ghana His Excellency J.E.A Mills to legalize homo-sexuality in Ghana. The migration of men and animals to a new place in such of greener pastures to a fault carries disease and pest which has attack crops and affects animals resulting in shortage of food. on that point is a very poor method on preserving all over the African environment. Thus they privation the knowledge or processing food to keep them or give them long-acting lifespan. For example canning, bottling, and bagging, among ot hers. These problems make the good produce! perish jumper lead to food shortage in the future. Some leaders in Africa try to hang unto causality even if...If you want to outfox a full essay, fix it on our website:

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