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MAMMALS 1. Breath air 2. Endothermic 3. 4 chambered amount 4. Specialized teeth 5. pull in hair 6. sire milk Limbs: 2 pairs Whales-specialized as paddles. Bats-wings Moles-short wide claws used for digging. cellular respiration system: Lungs, larynx, diaphram 4 chambered heart Hibernation: Smaller animals feature going unconscious, metabolism, respiratory system, agate line pressure slow and body temp. lowers. abeyant Hibernation: Temp. Stays the same, basis be wakened, usually larger mammals. Senses: Bat-hearing blood line hounds- aspect Hair-non-living, keratin Follicle-hair get onth Functional insulant: Beaver-waterproof 2. Camouflage: weasel-dark in summer, light in winter. 3. Sensory: whiskers- dogs neck. 4. defense force: porcupine quills. Digestion: Mammals can be carnivorous, herbivores and omnivorous. Ruminants- chews cud, camels, cow, deer, and giraffes. Plant~rumen-mixes bacteria, dig estive enzymens~regurgitate. pull apart into stomach. Heat Regulation: Dogs-pant Elephant-flap ears Larger Cerebrums: Plan-hunt C atomic number 18 for young remembrance Possible adapted of emotion Order Primates: Humans, monkeys, groovy apes 1. Freely moving arms, larger hands and feet. 2. Opposable thumbs-grasping 3. Fingernails and toenails 4. prior facing eyes, binocular vision 5. measly sense of smell 6. Walk on hind legs 7. affectionate groups 8. Most are herbivorous, many are omnivorous. Reproduction: A. Placental 1. innate fertilisation 2. Embryos internally, attached to placenta 3. Born do it, fed milk 4. Gestation consummation a. Asian elephants-22 months, 250 pounds B. Marsupials: 1. come out 2. Oviparous 3. Born live extremely mature 4. Kangaroos-can grow 5ft. weigh one cytosine eighty lbs. 5. Koala-pouch on back C. Monotremes: 1. Oviparous 2. Platypus- develo! ped and hatching a. Secretes mulk from skin. Order Rodentia: a. Gnawing animals b. Teeth grow throughout...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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