Friday, February 7, 2014

Johari Window

Ali Barnes I-Comp Miss Yeater October 17, 2012 Johari windowpane The Johari Window is a heuristic or hawkshaw used for reflecting your personality traits. There are quadruplet windowpanes, the open, device, hidden, and the un loven. These four windows will describe me in those four divergent areas of my life. To contain the Johari Window our class will be utilize a website c everyed prezi. After using Prezi to create my Johari Window I fancy to be an expert to where I nucleotide use this parvenu technology source in college. sooner than Microsoft office, which cost a lot of money? The first window Im going to communion ab sustain out is the open window. The open window is going to take on areas of my life that everyone knows about me. Even if you werent sure if you knew me you would cool it know this. almost mickle at my high prepare know I play hoops for the school, some hazard I even play footb exclusively. Ive bee play hoops for 3 years. Besides basket ball people also know me to be really outgoing and funny. and if if I had jokes like Kevin stag would my life be perfect. Most of the time when cracking jokes and messing round, Im hanging out with my besotted friends. everyone knows my group of close friends. But not provided do we mess around and crack jokes. Times can get real serious, and sometimes even physical playing video game, everybody that knows me, understands that I neer lose. My next window Id like to talk about is my blind window. My blind window is going to take areas of my life that I practiced naturally. Things that I do all the time, but dont notice when its happening. You normally dont bear attention to it until someone points it out. Ever since I was little I would always microchipe on my tongue, I have no clue why. As I got older I asked my mammy if I always firearm on my tongue when I was little because my friend had told me that mean solar day that I do it all the time. It turned out she knew t he self-coloured time, she didnt tell me be! cause she legal opinion it was cute. Not only did I not know I always bit my tongue when...If you want to get a full essay, clubhouse it on our website:

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