Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis of Acts Key: ¼= Continuation of a separate ¹= refinement of a Section Paragraphs|Immediate| major Points|Major Sections|Theme|| (Periscopes)| setting||||| |||||| 1:15|1:126 Before|I.|1:18:3||| entry|Pentecost|1:12:47|Early church building in||| ||Pentecost|capital of Israel|1:128:31|| 1:611|¼|¼|¼||| The Departing||||The Lord of all|| of saviour||||preached to all|| |||||| 1:1214|¼|¼|¼||| Their|||||| establishing of|||||| disciples|||||| |||||| 1:1526|¹|¼|¼||| Replacing|||||| Judas, Matthias|||||| chosen|||||| 2:12:13|2:12:47|¼|¼||| divine Spirit|Day of||||| descends on|Pentecost||||| Pentecost|||||| 2:142:36|¼|¼|¼||| jibe preaches|||||| to Jerusalem|||||| 2:372:47|¹|¹|¼||| 3000 saved|||||| |||||| 3:13:10|3:14:31|II.
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|¼||| tool and bathroom|Apostles|3:15:16|||| heal the feeble|persecuted for|New|||| beggar| treatment the Nazarene|Community of|||| ||Believers|||| 3:113:26|¼|¼|¼||| Peter preaches|||||| a molybdenum|||||| sermon|||||| 4:14:12|¼|¼|¼||| Peter and John|||||| arrested|||||| 4:134:31|¹|¼|¼||| Peter and John|||||| stand in the lead|||||| the Sanhedrin|||||| 4:324:37|4:325:16|¼|¼||| A sharing|Caring||||| company of|community of||||| believers|Believers||||| 5:15:16|¹|¹|¼||| popular opinion of|||||| Ananias and|||||| Sapphira;|||||| Apostles|||||| perform|||||| numerous|||||| miracles|||||| 5:175:32|5:175:42|III.|¼||| Apostles|Apostles|5:1712:25|||| arrested again,| refuse Jewish|Preaching in|||| freed from|leaders and|the midst of|||| prison by an|conti nue to|Persecution|||| nonsuch and then|pr! each Jesus||||| stand before| delivery boy||||| the Sanhedrin|||||| 5:335:42|¹|¼|¼||| Gamaliel the|||||| Pharisee gives|||||| advice|||||| 6:16:15|6:18:3|¼|¼||| Selecting of the|Preaching and||||| Seven| demise of||||| |Stephen||||| 7:17:53|¼|¼|¼||| Stephen gives|||||| his defense|||||| |||||| 7:547:60|¼|¼|¼||| Stephen stoned|||||| to death|||||| 8:18:3|¹|¹|¹||| Saul (Paul)||||||...If you want to yield a full essay, regulate it on our website:

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