Friday, February 7, 2020

The role of the entrepreneurial personality in developing a fashion Dissertation

The role of the entrepreneurial personality in developing a fashion brand - Dissertation Example 3.6 Problem solving 4.3.7 Self-efficacy 4.3.8 Locus and control 4.3.9 High need for achievement 4.4 Burberry’s financial performance 4.5 Summary 5.0 Conclusions 5.1 Chapter introduction 5.2 Research objectives 5.3 Implications of research 5.4 Implications for practice 5.5 Revisiting the limitations 5.6 Directions for future research 5.7 Chapter summary Abstract This paper represents a case study that focuses on a specific fashion brand in defining the characteristics that form an important part of the entrepreneurial personality. ... It focuses on the research questions by providing information on the characteristics of the entrepreneurial personality; the type of personality to be utilised in developing a successful fashion brand; the type of personality that entrepreneurs associate with successful fashion brands possess; and whether financial performance corresponds with entrepreneurial personality. This successful fashion brand has received a number of accolades over the years and is responsible for a number of innovations in the fashion industry. The attributes that have been used by various researchers and that have proven to be common among them have been used as a basis for expounding the distinctive characteristics of the company. These characteristics are some of the things that have contributed to the brands distinctive capabilities. List of tables 1.0 Introduction According to Chell (2008) the term entrepreneur has been in the literature from as early as the 19th century with different economists inclu ding: Say (1821); Amasa Walker (1799 – 1875); Marshall (1920); Ludwig von Mises (1881 – 1972); Schumpeter (1933); T.W. Schultz (1902 – 1998); Shackle (1979); Kerzner (1982); and Mark C. Casson (1982) – all of whom have given their perspectives on the characteristics of entrepreneurs. There have been differences but Chell (2008) indicates that they have all recognised and inferred several psychological and behavioural characteristics of entrepreneurs that set them apart from other people who own businesses. These characteristics include ‘foresight, a keen awareness of possibilities, a creative imagination, confidence in their decision,’†¦ ‘and an agent of

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