Sunday, November 17, 2019

Social Questions and Answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Social Questions and Answers - Essay Example From this paper it i clear that the U.S. society would collapse due to the different cultures mixed together. Marx felt the Capitalism would fall a long time ago. Weber would feel that because the United States has differing opinions that it would fall, as would Durkheim. What each individual did not take into account was the American system is not rigid. It is flexible to change, so if something does not work the citizens can change it. The American culture grows and reinvents itself everyday. That is why it has lasted so long.This study outlines that Marx had a Conflict Theory. He believed that the workers would turn on the richer class in the capitalist society. Marx thought the poor people would revolt against the rich people. What he did not take into account is everybody has a fair chance to become rich, so the poor does not focus on the rich, but how to get rich. Durkheim used Functionalism. He believed that a society was a single essence. The society was driven on differences and similarities. The society can be more than just a single part, but the single parts make up the whole. Once again Durkheim thought America would collapse upon itself because of too many different parts. That is what makes it work though. Max Weber had the Interpretive Theory. He believed societies worked through intentional and unintentional actions. Weber thought that the interaction in America had too much conflict.

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