Friday, October 18, 2019

Plan organize and deliver group based learning Essay

Plan organize and deliver group based learning - Essay Example I’ve looked at this unit of competency to see how conflict resolution suited and noticed there is an entire section dedicated to it – ‘Deal effectively with issues, problems and conflicts’. I need your urgent help. Can you please provide a training session that deals simply with this issue for my new staff, ASAP. I had noticed there have been a few conflicts between my new and existing staff over various issues and feel this topic needs to be our first priority. I can give you 40 minutes next Tuesday morning to conduct the session. The following information may assist you with delivering this subject: 1. It is hoped that using mutual respect and open communication to discuss the issue that a resolution can be reached. This will include all parties concentrating on the problem and reaching a solution. No personal or derogatory comments from either party will be tolerated. 3. If conflict continues to occur due to this issue, mediation in the form of HR Personnel will be used to have a round-table discussion. If either employee is found to be in breach of the Town & City Cinemas Code of Conduct, reprimand steps will be taken. People should be treated as individuals with rights to be honoured and defended. Respect empowers others to claim their rights and to achieve their potential. Respect for the rights of other people is the basis on which individuals become members of a community and accept their social responsibilities to behave with integrity. The principle of taking personal and professional responsibility requires not only that people avoid doing harm to others but that they exhibit courteous behaviour upholding the standards expected of all members of the organisation as part of achieving a common good. In so doing they are expected to protect the rights of others and respect the diversity of cultures and peoples. Those well-positioned enough to assert their rights

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