Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Argument of Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Argument of Evaluation - Essay Example "The Artist† truly deserves the award it scoped as the ‘Best Picture’ movie during the 2012 Oscars. The movie leaves its audience with real pleasure in the way Hazanavicius makes use of tics and trick of silence together with care and wisdom. He goes further to include musical emotional rhythm emulated from some of the best movies ever witnessed. "The Artist† fluctuates between sad and funny and changes the sound age dawn into an individual tragedy presented to the audience as silent melodrama (Scott 3). The nostalgia used in the movie is instructive as witnessed in the scene where Valentin and Miller are seen tap-dancing on each other sides reminding the viewer of the visually inventive of how early films developed on sound could be. The other scene is when Vlanetin has a conversation with a policeman without title cards reminding the audience of the good silent movie it is. Such scenes call for a lot of imagination from the viewers hence they are fully involved and absorbed in the movie (Bradshaw 4). It is a miraculous form of entertainment that unexpectedly expresses a good deal about the pride of men and emotional literature. The final film of ‘the Artist’ was released in the year 2011making it one of the most joyful and heart-swelling silent movies and was screened in white and black, projecting it in an old fashioned Academy ratio boxy. Some of the lines in the movie are observed to be occasionally printed on dialogue intertitle cards. â€Å"The Artist† is places among the long tradition group of movies and it revolves around a film star who is established together with a young actress who is beguiling coming from the early Thirties and late Twenties Hollywood (Bradshaw 4). This was the period which was marked by the talkies rise. As the settings and pilot of the movie bring out the scenery of singing in the rain, the movie pulls in a different direction to Donen and Kelly’s sonically and visually screen music that

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