Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Take Networking to the Next Level Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Take Networking to the Next Level - Assignment Example This experience helped her realize that networking as we know it’s much too superficial to allow individuals to really find a connection and be able to utilize our connections and interpersonal relationships. Building an effective network is not just about searching for jobs, is about getting to know individuals on a personal and professional level, their experiences, skill set, interests and their passions. It’s about connecting individuals, helping each other, and learning how we can be an asset to each other on a professional and personal level. Tashee worked diligently for years at a company where she provided her best efforts to achieve the best results in her work. Four years later the company told her that she was under performing which came as a shock to her. Feeling insecure rediscovering networking through her professional association helped her better know herself, her strengths, goals and her networking colleagues helped identify her weaknesses and work in t hose areas that needed further development. CRITIQUE As the article states creating an effective network is not just about handing out a business card and a hand shake, is about building and nurturing interpersonal relationships. The process of building an effective network is a continuous process where we build a solid foundation for any future situation that might come up, from staying ahead of the competition through sharing information to finding an expert with a particular core competency. It's not just about meeting people, but getting to know them in a professional and personal level. It is not about interviewing a person, but an exchange of information where simple questions such as where a person went to school, what their hobbies are, and gaining insight about their personalities, their future goals, aspirations and what makes them tick is the key to building rapport with the individual. People in general like to talk about themselves and our job is to probe, listen, show genuine interest and have a real conversation where we share relevant information about ourselves since networking is a really a two-way street. Although the article provides some general insights about how to network effectively, it does not go into details as far the right techniques and guidelines to gain people's trust and create real relationships and effectively network. The art of small talk is the starting point of any relationship, whether is professional or romantic. Never underestimate the power of casual conversation, since most networking starts here. Expand your horizons by engaging in conversation with people you meet through your normal routine not only at work, but also in your everyday life (Hope). As a rule one must be genuinely interested in building relationships with others in order to network effectively. If one is not careful a simple networking conversation can turn negative really quick if the other person can tell that you are not genuinely interested, but are using them as a means to an end to gain information about their contacts and not as a mutual learning experience for both parties involved. There are many reasons why networking can help drive career success. Effective networking can he

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