Thursday, September 12, 2019

Health Services Strategic Marketing Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health Services Strategic Marketing - Coursework Example Porter’s value chain is significant as a marketing strategy since the manner in which value chain undertakings are conducted influences the cost of product and profit. The value chain emphasizes on systems and the process of changing inputs in to products that are sold to consumers. Porter identified two groups of activities that are essential to any business. Primary activities are necessary in the process of developing, selling, preservation and sustenance of a product or service. Support activities serve as back-up to the primary activities (Fortenberry, 2010). An example of primary activity is Bingham Memorial Hospital’s prescription for customers which depends on effective procurement process of medicines by the organization as a support activity. Another example is human resource management that is a support activity to primary activities such as operations, inbound and outbound logistics as well as sales and marketing. Response to Carla Setzler’s Script Indeed, the consumer purchasing decision is influenced by whether or not he/she perceives the products of a health care organization as valuable. Consumers attach value to employee competence, which is demonstrated by efforts of the organization to train and recruit professionals with the necessary competences. Customer service needs to be highly valued especially the first contact between the customer and the organization because it influences his/her perception regarding the value of product and service offerings (Rothaermel, 2012).

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