Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Evaluation Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evaluation - Movie Review Example The story revolves around a family where the father is a loser, the mother is a drunkard and the protagonist is a frustrated son trying to escape such dilemma. To do so, he often goes to his friend’s laboratory. During one of his visits, his scientist friend shows his invention, a time-machine; when all of a sudden, a group of thugs riding a van shot at the doctor. As he tries to escape the criminals, Marty rides the time machine which brought him to the past. His travel did not only offer adventures but a chance to help his father become a better man. Indeed, this is a unique way of presenting the common plot of stories of making things right. The protagonist living in his parent’s teenage world is also a wonderful way of doing â€Å"flashback† although of course it is not called a flashback because the scenes should be current. With such presentation of the story, it is awesome to think about a story sequentially unfolds but still is able to bring the audience back to the past and back to the future. The plot is pure genius and it exceeds my expectation of a good plot. Theme should always be a criterion for judging a story especially when it extends to various aspects of life. Obviously, the theme of Back to the Future is about changing for the better, perseverance and love. Nevertheless, sometimes, it is not the obvious that makes things great but the inconspicuous. I agree with Rubin Safaya who wrote about easily dismissed scenes that portray a well-thought theme. In his article, Safaya mentions the joke about the former actor Reagan becoming the president and Lou becoming one of the early colored politicians (2010). Such portrayals imply the theme of living the American dream, that nothing is impossible for a person who is determined to make his way to success. The actors are have well-played their parts to make the story come to life. Among the many reviews on

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