Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ethical Frame Work Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ethical Frame Work - Research Paper Example ct, performance and ethics of nurses is supposed to be guaranteed and information about the patient not to be divulged to anyone without the consent of the patient. In The National Health Service (Venereal Diseases) Regulations 1974 (Halsbury et al. 2010), which is in line the article, states that confidentiality can be breached for the purposes of treatment or prevention of that health condition. This is applicable to the case in the article where the patient’s medical condition required treatment and that could be done only with parent’s consent and hence that information about the cervical cancer had to be disclosed breaching the confidentiality code (Nathanson Feb 24th 2000). This was the ethical decision that the doctor had to make in order for the patient to receive treatment and proper care. The first step is to identify how that problem will affect the individual. In the case, if no treatment is offered and in time, the patient could spread it to others and she could also die. The second step is to identify who will be affected by the decision not to breach the confidentiality and in this case it’s the sex partners and parents. Then you should analyze the values of those to be affected and especially the parents in this situation because of the medical costs and responsibilities of the cancer. At this point make the decision which will be beneficial to the patient’s health condition, which means finally deciding on the course the course of action before it is too late for the patient. In this case, the doctor should convince the student about telling her parents for her own health safety and treatment (Jasper 2007). The ethical framework of decisions requires an individual to be very familiar with the issue under discussion, then think about it very carefully examining its pros and cons, decision on what to do should then follow, after which communication of the decision to the patient/ client is necessary and try to convince them about the

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