Sunday, August 25, 2019

Emotional and Physical Symptoms of Depression during Pregnancy And Research Paper

Emotional and Physical Symptoms of Depression during Pregnancy And Different Ways of Treatment - Research Paper Example While most pregnant mothers use antidepressants to manage prenatal and postnatal depression, this study proposes other significant measures that can do better that antidepressants. The method for this research is a mixed method approach. The qualitative part of the study is observation and interviews while the quantitative part is considering the number of patients presenting symptoms in different health centers for a period of one year. Statistical analysis of the data obtained would help in determining the prevalence of depression in pregnancy. There is evidence suggesting that women have a higher prevalence of suffering fro depression during pregnancy. The fact that this presents adverse effects to the mothers places emphasis on the need for addressing the issue. Cases of pregnant mothers suffering from depression and stress are likely to reduce in the events of increased awareness on the contributing factors of stress and the necessary measures to curb them. In order to solve this, the health sector should find appropriate treatment for pregnancy depression. Pregnancy depression refers to a mental situation of pregnant mothers, whereby they are sad and feel they do not want to do anything. The present research paper will aid in highlighting the common symptoms of pregnancy depression and the appropriate treatment measures that pregnant mothers should take into account to address this problem. Accordinmg to the World Health Organization, pregnancy depression is currently an epidemic affecting many mothers across the world. Most pregnant mothers are highly affected by prenatal and postnatal depression. Since pregnancy depression is not â€Å"protective†, adequate treatment is necessary for pregnant mothers. Most pregnant mothers do not understand the necessary appropriate measure to address this issue and therefore, this field needs further research to educate mothers on how to cope with such

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