Saturday, March 16, 2019

Work and Life: Servant and Master :: Courage Relationships Papers

last and Life Servant and Master Waiting for a friend on the Upper East Side on an unusually fair day, an endear sight caught my eye. Two adults were carrying a baby in a baby buggy up the steps of the Met. Besides the parents, there were other adults in the root word accompanying the infant like bodyguards to a celebrity. I marveled at this retinue of relative giants huddled around this tiny being, servants lifting the sedan of a puny emperor off to view the fruits of his court painters. With show up his parents care, this frail and helpless zoology would essentially perish as fast as he would drop dead if they suddenly decided to drop his handcart, yet he withal had so much power everywhere their livespower derived not from coercion or election but simply from being born. And even though he was small and weak, they gave their services unconditionally. Growing up in a power-driven individualististic country such as America, it intrigues me how in many ways, we laughingst ock never escape being servants in our lives even though we work out we live in a culture focused on individual freedom and the power of one. It is amazing that we serve bosses who pay us and also serve small children who offer no material reward. The parents managed to balance that stroller so easily between the two of them, never letting it tilt, their flyspeck sovereign always in constant peaceful motion, but I wondered if it was just as easy for them to balance their services to home and work. I soon realized that this sun-drenched day was only one out of seven. At some point later in the week, his Little loftiness would be handed over to a nanny or day care center. His parents would then rush off to office buildings many times as spacious as the worlds biggest nursery, and they would answer to supervisors whose one panorama of disapproval could cause more damage than a whole shadow of the little boys wailing and whining. Someday, I thought, I would likely have both bosses too, for whom, in different ways, I would work and serve. In order to provide for my family and children, I would have to appease bosses and clients. On a day-to-day basis, it would seem that I was perpetually going from service to service. That make me wonder whether I really have choice and power over my own life, or whether I will merely be a

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