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Succubus Revealed Chapter 21

You would calculate the first moments of my new life, with a individual, would be magical and wonderful. Mostly, they just hurt.Ow. non quite the same withtaboo interminable healing, eh, sweetie?I squinted into Hughs grinning face. He stood in front of a huge window, stern lighten up into blinding radiance. Turning my head, I slowly valuateed the rest of my surroundings, winning in the familiar signs of a hospital room. I was lying on a bed, an IV in my arm, next to some beeping machines with indecipherable readouts.I glanced back at Hugh. Can you close the curtains? Or move to the an a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) side of me?He shut the curtains partway, still keeping the room lit precisely no presbyopicer to eye-searing levels. Better?Yeah. Thanks. I shifted slightly, trying to assess my bodys injuries. t here was soreness in my ribs, a feeling of constriction when I breathed. Part of that was from whatever hurt theyd sustained and the rest was from the bandages tightly captive around my torso. All the better to keep me from making subjects worse, I supposed. How . . . how long kick in I been in here?Recent tied(p)ts were still multi removediousness of a blur. In some ways, the trial felt give care it had encounter seconds ago. Yet it also had the dream care quality of something that had occurred last century. It was hard to cast my mind around.Well, utter Hugh, your bodys been here for intimately four days. You on the other hand . . . oh, you came back to us or so two days ago.You could ordinate? I said.His smile grew wry. You for irritate what I do for a living. When you were in Hell, you didnt have a soul.I didnt have a soul in the first place then, I pointed out. I mean, technic completelyy it belonged to Hell, overcompensate?Yes, but even if you dont avow it, you still possess it. You cant function or exist without it. Our souls are interchangeable . . . oh, I dont know. Its identical theyre encased in amber. Theyre thither, and I can canvas them inside us. Theyre just inaccessible, in a way thats different from humans. When you were bygone, you had nonhing. Not even a tagged soul. in that respect was just kind of a . . . hollow darkness within you while you lay here.I shivered, not liking the image. And now?And now? Hughs face softened, taking on a look of wonder that Id never before seen on the usually ill-hu mored and snide imp. Oh, sweetie. When you came back, I was here . . . and it was like . . . fuck, I dont know. Im terrible at similes. It was like the sun, subsequently an eclipse. You think of thats bright? He nodded toward the window. Thats zippo. You have your soul back, unfettered and unrestrained . . . and its amazing. Its beautiful, so beautiful. Ive never seen anything like it.Is it . . . is it tainted? I mean, Ive done things . . .You get it back shiny and new. Thats in clause 13.2.1. Its a sign of how confident Hell is about never having to give souls back. Dont worry, he added. A goofy grin had started to spread over my face. Even the top hat people have a few screwups. Youll break your soul in in no prison term. Its like a car. Loses its value when you drive it glum the smokestack.Just hopefully not to the same degree as before, I muttered. A new, panicked thought came to me. I was pretty confident of the answer, but I had to ask. And my body? Which one is it?The same Georgina we all know and love. There are also stipulations about that, for succubi freed of their contracts. It would get messy giving you back your original body and figuring out what to do with you as far as side and time. So, youre simply reinstated with your soul into whatever body and location you were last in. He pa employ. Im fairly certain its never happened to any succubus before.Thank goodness I wasnt in the kind of body tawny-brown was when Jerome was summoned, I remarked. She had been wearing a truly horrendous shape, but since we were all cut from our powers until Jerome s restoration, shed been stuck in it. Although, to be honest, if it meant having my own soul, I wouldve taken that body. I wouldve taken my original body. I wouldve taken anything. The physical trappings were nothing.Carter gave us a recap, Hugh said. He shook his head, smiling. I cant believe you gambled on both(prenominal) contracts. I wouldve run off with the positive(predicate) thing.I couldnt, I said, mentation back to the events of the courtroom. Even if he hates me, I couldnt abandon exercise set. I couldnt have enjoyed the rest of my life, knowing he was damned.He doesnt hate you.But he I know, I know. Hugh wouldnt let me finish. I know what he said, but he was still in the throes of grief from that fucked-up hypnosis. That was too oft for anyone to handle. Carter talked to him when you got back explained what happened.My heart lurched. Was that a good or bad thing? I was beginning to gain some glimpse of just how invested Carter had been in my situation (and Seths), but had the angel sincerely been able to fix everything so easily?Did . . . did Carter change Seths mind about me or something ?Hugh shrugged. I dont think he needed to. If things hadnt panned out like they had that night with the car I think you and Seth wouldve had a very interesting conversation. I think hed started to come around. Its why he was there.No, I said, disbelieving.I talked to him, sweetie. Do you really think all that love could have just been thrown past so easily? And he was here, you know. He was by your bedside until . . . well, yesterday, actually. Then he had to leave for his tour.His tour . . . I blackly remembered Andrea mentioning that, how it had become a contingency with her recovery. Speaking of Andrea . . . if my contract was off the table, Hell would have no former to continue messing with her. She could be left in peace to heal on her own. He went yesterday?Somewhere on the East Coast, said Hugh. Im sure you can find it on his Web site. You were the one who always promote him to update it, after all.I smiled at that, thinking of how reluctant Seth had been about the digital age. I gestured vaguely at my prone body. likely just as well that hes gone. I need to heal up. by chance . . . maybe well talk when hes back.Hugh eyed me, staying silent.What? I demanded.Hes going to be gone two weeks, said Hugh. That much I know. You sure you want to clasp that long?Ive dwelled a long time al effectuate, I pointed out dryly. barely my point. Look, I dont have any delusions about my soul. I made my cream and am content with fate. But if I were you? If I had my soul and the likely for a new life? Fuck, Georgina. Id go after Seth, wherever he is, the instant I could hobble out of my bed. Youre mortal now. Its easy to wait a little longer when youve got all of eternity on the line. You dont anymore. Youve wasted the time you have playing Hells games, bickering back and forth with Seth and who hes been. ending it. Go to him, as soon as you can, and fix this.You sound like Roman. As soon as I said his name, a cardinal memories came crashing down on me. Oh my God. Roman. I cant believe what he did.I know, said Hugh sadly. Carter told us that too.Why would he do that? I asked, knowing Id never have a satisfactory answer. Oh Lord, Hugh. I left him there. I neglectful him.You did no such thing, scolded Hugh. You had no choice in it. And its not like he was conned or tricked. He knew for a long time he wanted to do this. After we filed the petition, he grilled me constantly about contract details and Hells legal procedures. He wanted to do this. He prepared for it. He was just waiting for the chance.I squeezed my eyes shut, horror-struck I would cry, as I remembered him defending me in Hell. A vague memory came to me, the night before the game. . . . Roman had had something to tell me but had held off. And when Id floated supra my body, just before Id faded away, Carter had said he had to go get Roman. Theyd plan ned on all of this. Roman had known what was happening and had been ready to depart. Hugh was right. Roman had wanted this.That didnt get hold of it any easier.I opened my eyes. What do I do?Hughs face was kind as he regarded me. Dont make Romans sacrifice be in vain. He wanted you to be happy. So go be happy, sweetie. Go to Seth.Any response I mogul make was interrupted when a nurse came and discovered I was conscious. She scolded Hugh for not getting her and went to summon the doctor. Hugh gave me a sheepish look as she did. It was a carryover from being immortal, when I wouldve healed so fast that we could easily stop modern medicines assistance. The doctor, a fortysomething woman named Dr. Addison, soon appeared and performed a few prior tests on me, as well as giving me the rundown on my condition.When she was finished, I asked, How long do you think Ill be here?If everything progresses like it should? she mused. Id say you can be discharged in three more days. And youre go ing to have to take it easy.Three more days, I perennial mournfully. Being human was going to take some getting used to. As a succubus, I wouldve recovered from this in twenty-four hours. There wouldnt have even been any taking it easy afterward.Dr. Addison scoffed at my dismay. Honestly, after getting hit like you did, a week total here isnt bad at all. You took some nasty hits, but really, this couldve been a lot worse.When she and the nurse left, I saw Hugh scanning his phone. What are you looking at?Seths schedule. In three days, hell be in St. Louis.Hmm, I said.In four, hell be in San Francisco.Thats close, I said. Relatively.Itd give you an extra day in there to recover, said Hugh.An extra day, huh? I teased. What happened to not wasting a whizz day as a mortal?My point about not wasting time still stands, said Hugh. He grinned. But even I can be realistic. Take the extra day. You need it for the logistics of travel, if nothing else. But not a single day more.Get out and liv e life, huh?If youre up for it.I thought about his words, thought about Seth. I nodded, not caring whether hopping on a plane right after being discharged was crazy. I was human now. Crazy was in the job description.Im up for it, I said. Book me a flight to San Francisco.Hughs tutelage was on his phone again. Sweetie, I already am.

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