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Skill framework for the information age

Skill fashion model for the information ageIntroductionIn this report, containing what is Skill Frame serve for the randomness eld (SFIA), how is SFIA works and how is SFIA been utilise recently. The c beer management system been indite is carapace oil company which using SFIA Version 3 started from 2008. suspense 1In 21st century, the fast growing and moving up of technology, so on that point argon demand of some identifying attainments for IT professionals and improve their functional effectiveness. To overcome the problem of identifying the needed skills, a trust adequate to(p) and understandable fabric is needed, building-up this fabric always a ch to each one(prenominal)enging task.SFIA, which stands for Skill Framework for the teaching Age (SFIA) and also pronounced sound like the name SOPHIA.SFIA is a referencing spear for people to identify and understand Professional IT Skills to build an effective Information Systems (IS) with using Information Communication s Technologies (ICT). SFIA also created for busy people who are managing IT professionals, and wish to improve results. SFIA is a framework that including two-dimensional which is Work and take aim of Responsibility. SFIA can be a reference script for those in the altogether drug user who dont understand IT skills, and it specialises professional skills which needed and provided diagnostic information.The purpose of SFIA is to help employers of IT professionals to freeze off the project risk, retain employees, have more(prenominal) effective recruitment and affix quality and efficiency of IT function. The correct skills would help the employers have a best way to make a proper career way for the staffs. SFIA origin describes SFIA as SFIA enables employers of IT professionals to carry issue a range of HR activities against a common framework of reference including skill audit, planning future skill requirements, ontogeny programmes, standardization of pedigree titles and functions, and resource allocation.SFIA is built as a simple two-dimensional matrix, one axis of rotation shows the skills in categories and subcategories, another axis describes the different levels of responsibility and accountability for IT staffs. SFIA including 86 skills, each of the skills has an overall definition and then recognized seven level skill with more expatiate descriptor. at that place are total amount of 295 descriptors. For user easier to recognize the areas of work in IT, the skills are separated into Categories and then separated again into Subcategories. The half dozen Categories are defined in Strategy architecture, Business change, Solution development utensilation, Service management, Procurement management support and Client interface. on that point are some Subcategories in each Categories to make the information and definitions be more detailed.There are seven levels of responsibility in SFIA, all of the levels define 4 key dimensions of respo nsibility which is autonomy, influence, complexity and business skills. For easier to refer, the levels are luck in number from 1 to 7 with a simple description aim 1 FollowLevel 2 AssistLevel 3 ApplyLevel 4 EnableLevel 5 Ensure, adviseLevel 6 initiate, influenceLevel 7 countersink strategy, envisionSFIA makes the presidential term to provide what is the theorises requirement or capability to the interviewee and there is no fixed conditions for the job. Managing and developing skills are the main points due to twain employees and employers. By using SFIA, the organic law identifies each roles which needed to make the act upon of business be successful. Through SFIA, the interviewee will be helped to map their skills and intimacy within an IT job, and also makes individuals career path much clearer. Capability of soulfulness would be the main characteristic from the management cycle. SFIA also used by the organization to measure and evaluate skills to the industry s tandard, other than that, SFIA can be a model to plan training activities to the staffs and determine skills gaps between the time. heading 2A career management system of a organization has been research and reference which is SHELL Oil Company. As all of us know, SHELL petrol station located everywhere in our kingdom and SHELL is the largest oil company in the world. In 2008, SHELL used SFIA V3 Based IT Competence Framework. To improve the business demand, SHELL designed the new IT Competence Framework to help them reach the task. The character of IT in SHELL is refreshing which means the what is the method for SHELL to provide IT services from is refreshing, so SHELL has created a New Integrated Delivery Model (IDM). There are some different set competences for new / different IT job families, which needed by the new IDM. So SHELL changing the IT competence framework and improve the chances for IT learning and development.Why SHELL choose SFIA as their framework. Because of SHE LLs main market is not on Information technology (IT), so SHELL rather to use a built and mutual framework than to build a framework by own self. SHELL as a worldwide organization, so they have to able to overcome all of the interests, and SHELL just can choose the only workable competence model which is SFIA. SFIA provides the chance to SHELL to benchmark themselves and comparing with other major(ip) user. The earlier framework using by SHELL started in 2001 which is BSC exertion Structure Model Ver.3 (ISM3). SFIA Plus was designed to map with the ISM3, SHELL were able to map ISM3 with the SFIA Plus and SHELL gain confidence in framework. correspond to SHELL, We were able to map the Shell Job Grade structure to SFIA levels via the routine guidance between ISM3 and SFIA.. SHELL had a step forward by changing to SFIA framework.The new framework in SHELL list out the skill / knowledge to the individuals must required Analytical Thinking, Attention to Detail, organizational Awarenes s , Decision Making, Goal Orientation and etc. These make the organization and the individuals have and know the basic condition for the job application. The framework describes the jobs and competences in few steps 1. A position is including in a job family 2. Defined the job family by using SFIA 3. Determine the proof points to each job family which has a competence visibility. 4. Staff develop a ain competence profile 5. Comparing the personal profile with the job profile to identify development needs 6. Plan staffs future career by using job map.SHELL had launch MyIT portal and booklet, which use to implement and use of the new IT Competence Framework. The MyIT provides IT staff about the information which needed in the services, and descriptions of the IT competence and the different levels for every line in the organization. MyIT also provide the learning and development chances of job and for each IT functional Competence. There are 4-box models that use to learn and develop ment guidelines to address competence gaps fictitious character Materials, Training Courses, Professional Experiences and On-the-Job+Coaching.

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