Monday, March 18, 2019

Overloking Potential Honor Roll Students :: essays papers

Overloking strength Honor Roll StudentsOverlooking Potential Honor Roll Students? Everyone wants their school to be the best. They want them to devote the best sports teams, perform the best over all on standardize tests, and invite the best extra curricular activities. This is what the University High School admissions board has in mind when looking through the applications usually numbering around 750-900 for the bordering school year to offer admission to only 150 of those applicants. In reality, they divide the applicants into districts according to where they live, then subdivide those into racial groups. After those have been considered is when they look at who has the potential to offer University High the most, in a variety of areas. They have to accept a true number of students from from each one district and a certain amount of students of different ethnic backgrounds to be seen as politically correct. The question being posed here is whether or not that is to the be nefit of U-High. During the course of trying to answer that question, two sides of the disceptation are to be considered. The first is that the panache that it is being done is the fairest way in making sure that at that place is no racial or economic diversity. The second side to the argument is that there might be a larger number of gifted students in a certain group that can not all be admitted into U-High because it could be seen as if they were being favored. Both sides of the argument will be examined more carefully. To mother with, in the past, our country has demonstrated great racial discrimination. There was segregation, and there were also hate groups. There were people that believed that people other than whites were low to those of white skin color. However, lately there has been a wonderful realization in our society. The majority of our society views it as wrong to discriminate. It is seen as politically incorrect. Though there are no laws telling people ho w to think, there are, however, laws that prohibit discrimination in the workforce and most important to this issue, laws prohibiting discrimination in the educational system. To ensure and mostly to prove that there is no racial hatred towards any ethnic groups, U-High adopted a red-hot way to process the applications of possible future students. They now have a quota of students with certain ethnic backgrounds to meet.

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