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Robert E. Lee this Confederate commander outgeneraled McClellan. Jefferson Davis first and lead death chair of the confederacy, he wasnt a very good president even though he served at the Mexican war.Ulysses S. subsidisation wasnt good at anything leave off war, but he was one of the outdo at that. With the help of gunboats, Grant captured two major Confederate forts build up Henry on the Tennessee river and fort Donelson on the Cumberland river. The latter exploit gained him a nickname. When the Confederate commander asked for surrender terms, Grant replied No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. From then on, Grant was known as unconditional surrender Grant.Abraham LincolnStonewall capital of Mississippi commanded an army from Virginia. Got the name Stonewall for being the main rason the confederate won the first battle of bull run.William T. Sherman commander general appointed by Grant to command the Union army in Tennessee. His army was capa ble to fight I way from Tennessee through Georgia to the Atlantic shore and then move north through the Carolinas.P.G.T. Beaureguard commander general for the confederate army, April 12th 1861 he gave order to fire the cannon at Fort Sumter. This was the start of the Civil War.William McClellan Copperheads Northern DemocratsIronclads first type of submarines. Did not exploit a big role but where new technology do during the war.Ft. Sumter By the time Lincoln was inaugurated this was one of the last two forts in confederate states that remained in Union hands. It stood at the mouth of the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina. It was built out of heavy brick but was within voiced range of cannon positioned on the nearby shore. Confederates wanted to take support of this fort because it symbolized union power. On April 12th when the first shots were fire on Ft. Sumter is began the Civil War. Battle of Antietam First battle of Bull Run here(predicate) at the little creek of Bull R un Northern soldiers confronted an every bit inexperienced Confederate army. The civilian population was similarly unacquainted with the realities of war. In Washington ladies and gentlemen put on their best clothes and mounted their carriages and horses. Carrying childs play baskets and iced champagne they rode out to observe the battle. At first the Union forces had the speed hand. In the middle of the day more Virginian troops arrived with Stonewall Jackson. The do a very strong stand which gave their general the name Stonewall.

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