Sunday, March 24, 2019

Genii’s In the Making Essay -- Science Technology Mechanics Essays

Geniis In the Making molecular machines of nano technology will increase, by orders of magnitude, our individual and collective capacity to transform desires into material reality(Crandall, viii). What is the finis of technology? Most answers include some form of ways of increase speed, or decreasing size all for the ultimate purpose of convenience. Ok, so what is convenience? Convenience is the skill level at which something can be achieved, in other words, how desires can be met. So the true goal of technology is to assist in meeting desires. The quicker and smaller technology is, the easier it is to obtain those desires. Nanotechnology is the newest wave of technology that will potentially get out a huge breakthrough in technologys goal. Though not a science secure as of yet in our world, it is hold for the time to make its momentous break though into the modern world, pitch with it a global effect on the human way of life.Nanotechnology is be as a technology ex ecuted on the scale of little than 100 nanometers, the goal of which is to control individual atoms and molecules, especially to create estimator chips and other microscopic devices (Websters Dictionary, 1999). In the early 1970s an MIT student by the name of K. Eric Drexler came up with the idea of manufacturing things, both biological and non-biological, from the molecular level up. Drexler noticed the amazing talents of natural biology and wondered if humans could pantomime biology on a mechanical level, what if you were able to design them molecular machines and take them to do, locally, the kinds of thing you see them doing in nature, but yet have those part molecular machines fit together in a new way to make apattern... ...M., Lewis, J. (1995). Prospects in Nanotechnology Toward Molecular Manufacturing. New York, NY John Wiley & Sons, Inc.4)Random House Websters College Dictionary (1999). New York, NY Random House, Inc.5)Hengerer, R., Illsley, M. Nanotechnology and Business The Power of Being Small. 03/07/05 S. Is Nanotechnology historical?. (03/07/05), A. Q&A Former Intel Exec and Direction Les Valdasz. (03/16/05) cleSrc.jhtml?artivclID=60401273.8)Stodder, D (April, 2004). The Mobil Mandate. (03/16/05) word=18700554.9)Ricadela.A.( 10/18/2004). What the Future Holds. (3/16/2005) www.informationweek.com10)Ricadela, A. (02/01/2005). HP Reports A Nanotech Breakthrough. (3/16/05)

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