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Francesco Petrarch Essay -- essays research papers

&9Francesco Petrarch, was a man held in high regards of his peers. The life in which Petrarch lived, was certainly non unity of which many people could pee-pee had dealt with. A life of solitude, position love and, family misfortune that was endured. But, through hard workand perseverance, loyalty to the churches which lead to entire connections, he was regarded as one of the most influential persons and authors of his time.&9Petrarch was not a man with greatest of family lives. Born in Arezzo in 1304, to a family that had just been exiled from Florence, his family had to move to Incisa, Tuscany. Petrarch spent most of his childhood in Incisa. From then on, his father pushed him into the path of law. His brother, Gheredo, the most stable family figure in his life, later became a monk and throughout his life stayed in forgather with Francesco. Petrarch had another brother, who died at a very young age. His mother died when he was 15 years old, which was consequently when some of his earliest works have been recorded. At the age of 22, Francescos father passed away, which caused Francesco to attain a career. Giovanni, his son, was born illicitly in 1337. The relationship between the two was disappointment to Francesco. He describes him as "Intelligent, perhaps tear down exceptionally intelligent, but he hates books" He permit Giovanni live with him till he could no longer stand the cumulus of him and sent him to live in Avignon, at the age of 20. It wasnt until just onwards Giovannis death, of the Black Plague, did they start to write each other. Just before his sons death, Petrarchs friends though of Giovanni as a good person and wrote Petrarch about this. He never saw his son before his death but in his heading knew that he had started to get his life back together. He also had a daughter, Francesca, she gave birth to Petrarchs grandchildren one of which died during the Plague. This was of great disheartenment of Petrarch.&9 freque ntly to Petrarchs dismay he studied law at the University of Bologna and he earned his degree. Beyond the levels of his peers at an early age it was obvious the sharp presents he had. Moving from school to school he realized that his admittedly interests were in the ancient authors, not the law. He sought out and find manuscripts Cicero, Virgil, amongst others. When his Petrarchs father found these manu... ... earth,it is this quote that shows how much he loved Laura, even though she did not return this love.&9Francesco Petrarch, was regarded amongst his peers and superiors as a powerful man. After having been sent on many missions of peace by the Archbishop. The King of France and, the Emperor of Italy trying to persuade Petrarch to join them. In his writings, Emperor, Kings wanted copies of his books, friends and other great authors desired to own and read these books as well. A man that could write about feeling he had even though they were not respected. Having gone thro ugh death and disappointment within his family. It is hardly fitting that a man who over came all of these obstacles, be considered one of the greatest Italian of his time.&9Bibliograghy1. Bishop, Morris Letters of Petrarch (Indiana 1966).2. Dobson, Susana intent of Petrarch (London 1805).3. Einsenbichler K., Iannucci A. Petrarchs Triumphs (Toronto 1990).4.Wilkins, E. H. Life of Petrarch (Chicago 1961).5.Wilkins, E.H. Petrarchs Eight Years in Milan 1353-1361 (Cambridge 1958).6. Wilkins, E. H. Petrarchs Later Years (Cambridge 1959).7. Wilkins, E. H. Triumphs of Petrarch (Chicago 1962)

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