Sunday, March 17, 2019

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What major mental challenges do children face during middle childhood?In middle childhood children face many new challenges the challenge of conditioned who you are, the challenge to achieve, the challenge of peers, the challenge of family relationships, and the challenge of prepare. All of these challenges are touched by influences of peers and family relationships. 2. What important changes occur in a childs sense of self during middle childhood?A childs sense of self begins to rapidly evolve in middle long time and becomes more organized and complex. This sense of self is continuously revised with increase age and experiences. This grows with social experiences and out of contacts with others.3. What is achievement need, and what forms does it take?Achievement motivation is a tendency to show initative and attaining goals by increasing competence and encounter standards of excellence. There are two forms of achievement motivation one focuses on competence as such and one tha t emphasizes the judgments people make near competence.4. How have changes in the character of the family, such as increases in the equipoise of a single-parent and dual-wage-earner families, affected childrens psychological development? The changes in the nature of family can greatly affect a childs psychological development. These changes such as divorce and blended families pose challenges to children. These situations usually receive stress on all members of the family even though boys and girls react differently.5. How do peers contribute to development during middle childhood?Children are influenced by their schools culture and peers. This influence is positive if a schools culture and a childs family culture are similar. This plays a role in how children experience and interact with others , how they percieve themselves, and how they develop psychosocially.

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