Friday, February 8, 2019

Pressures Of Industry On Education :: essays research papers

With the high rate of adolescent unemployment an frugal reality, the secondary commandment system needs to concern itself with the occupational future of the youth of America. Vocational education provides students with an alternative to a college degree. When vocational education is used in conjunction with local industries, a unequaled relationship is formed in which both institutions preserve bring in. These benefits include the pursuit1. Educational institutions offer quick and ready access to facilities and trained personnel. 2. An turn of goods for services rendered allows for savings to pains and an opportunity for the institution to provide meaning(a) community service.3. A cooperative effort between education and industry is time efficient and cost effective. 4. Community, educational, and industrial interchange atomic number 18 raise and appreciated. 5. Opportunities for expanded cooperation between education and industry on future make are enhanced.6. Opportun ities for more active counseling roles in industry are expanded.Furthermore, the United States Office of Education 1975 policy paper states the following eyepatch initial implementation of career education bequeath be comparatively inexpensive, total educational reform is going to be expensive the old age of educational isolationism are past. It is time that our formal education system get hitched with forces with all other segments of the total society to meet the varied and continuing educational needs of both youth and adults all must join forces in providing appropriate educational opportunities for all citizens.During times of slow economic growth and high expert change, many industrial firms run into themselves needing few employees or are forced to replace their workforce with individuals who have updated technological skills. With this in mind, the education system should find ways to adapt to the rate of flow employment needs of the society. Of the several kinds of process-oriented approaches to educational change (e.g. year cycle per second education or acquiring a higher counselor-student ratio), career education represents the most logical and certainly the most available approach for attachment by career guidance professionals.By joining forces, schools and industries can find ways to benefit one another. Teaching job-specific skills in the classroom can provide students with the necessary background for participating in summer internships. These internships will provide students with valuable work experience that will make them some(prenominal) more marketable upon graduation, not to mention give them extra gold to save for college if they so desire. Summer work programs can also benefit the instructors so that they can keep up-to-date with the current advances in applied science that influence the industries which they support.

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