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Hormonal Replacement Essay -- essays research papers

THE PROS AND CONS OF HORMONAL REPLACEMENT THERAPYThe Pros and ascertains of Hormonal Replacement TherapyLaSalle University In this paper I willing be focusing on the positive and negative aspects of hormonal deputy therapy. To understand replacement therapy we first need to look at what occurs in a womens body du palisade menopause. As a woman is my 40s like so many others, I will be in need of this information in the not so contrasted future, and as such this topic serves a considerable purpose. Aw arness and educational activity in this area faecesful alleviate problems and make what could be a traumatic experience more manageable thereby raising the feature of ones life. Hopefully, women today will no longer sire to suffer done menopause, as most of our mothers did.All women experience menopause. on that point are periods of pre-menopause, peri-menopause and post-menopause. The period from pre-menopause to post-menopause canister be as longer a 30 years. Premenopause is the stage in a womens life when catamenial cycles are normal, or the reproductive years before the change of life. Perimenopause can be as long as ten years. This is the period when women go through what is sometimes called the change of life. This is the period when the signs and symptoms of menopause occur. Menopause is when you nurture had your final period and have been amenorrhea for one full year. brand menopause overlaps with perimenopause. It is the years after you have your last menstrual period. The ideal of menopause is similar in all women, but there are considerable individual differences. All women have a drop in their hormone levels. How their bodies react to these drops can vary significantly. Until fairly recently women have been made to suffer in silence.There are several malady processes associated with menopause. One of these diseases is osteoporosis. A bone density test can be ordered to help in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Estrogen helps bones draw an d hold atomic number 20 to keep the bones strong. Due to low estrogen levels in menopausal women the bones are unable to absorb calcium as well. A womens bones can become brittle. They can experience an increase in fractures. Bone is lost quickly in the 10 years after estrogen levels fall. Women who do not dribble hormones or osteoporosis medication can lose ... ...Estring 2.0 mg 1 ring $110.99Ogen cream $68.99Estrace cream &68.99medroxyprogesterone 5.0 mg 30 tablets $40.79Generic Provera (medroxyprogesterone) $14.59These drugs can be brought on line at higher quantities for or so less in price. For example you can get Estraderm, 8 patches, for $21.00. Premarin 0.625mg for $20.00 for 28 tablets. Provera 5mg is $45.00 for 100 tablets. Women need to be prepared to do their readiness when it comes to finding out the best price for HRT. Some of the other expenses women can incur are loss of time at work for ditch days due to the side effects of menopause. Doctors visits and labor atory testing to dissect if the women is goig through menopause. Also, if they are not sure what is happening to them or if printing from a previous time in their lives reoccurs women may need phyciatric cover to help them to realize what is occurring.

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