Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mass Communications Essay

Advertisers have only one mission to achieve and that is to withdraw attention of possible buyers so that this attention can translate into the real buying of a product or service. With this objective in mind, advertisers bet very much on meeting their advertise custodyts that adhere to motivations and stimulus of their train market. When advertisers know what things put ones a womans attention, they ar sure to be able to communicate their other messages afterwards.For example, for products and services that tar fix the women market, advertisers approach advertising activities on things that entrust make women stop, look and listen. For young adults, it would be giving men, beautiful clothes and anything that is consistent with prevailing fads. Motivations for older women would be braggart(a) men, anything for their families well being, anything to preserve youth and sweetheart.Besides physical points that advertisers use to decoy attention, there are other factors that help advertisers reach more audiences and that is to project interesting and convincing topics such as cause oriented, value compulsive campaigns. Some products such as Body Shop advertise their stay for women entrepreneurs worldwide. Products stamped with organically gr own, baby-friendly or smoke-free captivate women who are health and family oriented. Some advertisements such as beauty products get prominent doctors to endure their products and this adheres to the safety issues that their women market is privy of.Three ads that catch my appeal are Body Shop, Apple Macbook and Dove welt. Least appealing to me are understand Jeans, car ads with sexy girls sitting on the cars and the Marlboro ads.Looking into the list above, I realize that the advertisements I find appealing are the advertisements that insert societal concern and value to women as part of the companys merged mission and vision. Body Shop products are similar to other beauty products but their advertisement of helping suppliers from third world countries strike a chord inside me. Dove Soap commercials promote womens delivery of beauty that does not need surgery or alterations. For me, Dove Soap advertisements adhere to my own idea of ageless beauty.Stereotyping is often used in advertisements because it reaches more people who usually have the same notion of what men are, of what cars are and what women are. I believe that using womens body or mens body as a means to attract attention to a product or service is poor taste. It appeals to instincts and thereof borders the animalistic nature of the people that should not be turned on because it is almost like regressing to becoming an animal once again.A painful ads are advertisements that are tasteless. They do not respect any market-gardening and would trample on the sensitivities of peoples lives and uniqueness just to get attention. These ads get attention no matter what. Advertisers of gloomy ads believe that severeness or goo d publicity is still publicity. Bad ads do not have any effort to invest on social responsibility. It is fatal that bad ads proliferate more than good ads because they actually are the ones who catch more attention just by the mere fact that they are bad.Bad ads catch the attention of both informed and misinformed consumers therefore bad ads must be regulated and policed. The power of advertisers is tremendous in price of communicating beliefs and ideas to the mass audience. As for my part, I have to remain ready against advertisements that might catch my attention but have hidden persuasions that will lead to losing the treasured values I have. Especially being a woman myself, my support to bad ads will only hurt my own disposition and respectability as a woman. If I would want to be treated right, I must support advertisements that respect the role of women rather than abuse it.ReferencesBody Shop CommercialAtwan, Robert. 1979. Edsels, Luckies, and Frigidaires advertising the American way. red-hot York Dell Publishing Co.,Cohn, David L. 1940. The Good Old Days a autobiography of American morals and manners as seen through the Sears, Roebuck Catalogs 1905 to the present. New York Simon and SchusterEvans, George Heberton, younger 1948. Business Incorporations in the United States, 1800-1943. New York National Bureau of sparing Research, Inc.,

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