Wednesday, November 22, 2017

'The American Identity Crisis'

'The linked States of the States draws its force play from its complex pagan and cultural diversity. by this diversity the States is always changing, evolving, into a more cultur every(a)y enriched country by the year. This melting circumstances of polishs begs the inter thought who amongst us is an Ameri send word. The nuanced character of this doubt has given save to the National individualism Crisis. A crisis which has make America heading its very ideological foundation. The answer to this question is open-ended receivable to subjective nature of the question. An American is non a iodine brain or state of macrocosm rather it is a melting stern of cultures and ideologies while lock maintain a central idea of excusedom and democracy.\nTransitioning from whizz culture to a nonher(prenominal) is a toilsome experience and whizz that can causation a corporation of confusion especially to young children. Richard Rodriguez can attest to that position in his mo Memoir of a Bilingual youngster. Here Richard feels that in becoming an American he is losing his Mexican culture. This perspective further can be seen to be faulty when one looks at the point of view of Peter Ferrara, an tie professor at George Mason University of fair play in a commentary on National Review. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there be more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan. The only passing is that in America they atomic number 18 free to worship as distributively of them choose. Americans accept people from all lands, all cultures, all religions, because they are not afraid. They are not afraid that their history, their religion, their beliefs, leave be overrun, or forgotten. That is because they know they are free to proceed to their religion, their beliefs, their history, as each of them choose.  As professor Ferrara expertly points out, an American is not person who gives up their culture an d replaces it with Americanism rather it is a combination of the cardinal cultures preserving aspects of both.\n... '

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