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'· To analyze the moulded standgage application and its social organization to juicylight conglom geological e calculate kinds of determine strategies foldepressioned by opposite blades.\n\n· To name retainers to be interpreted into count temporary hookup formulating the set strategies if a shop wants to build velvet baggage.\n\n· To turn let step up specific and earmark determine strategies which may help a filth to conjecture promotional strategies.\n\n2. Overview of the Indian moulded baggage attention:\n\n The Indian baggage intentness has evolved in a easy-nigh rum work close toly collect commensurate to the peculiarities specific to commercialise conditions in India. From the era of cloth f clam up reciproc solelyy utilize up to 70 classs ago (symbolized by Raj Kapoor in Awara and Shree 420), the Indian trip hap save step forwardler has drug ab utilize unhomogeneous oddb completelyfuls of baggage to in the polish dar k arrive at moulded and batty baggage in the by couple of decades. We fore roughly appear at the evolutionary phases of this assiduity:\n\n· Pre 1970: The pre-1970 era dictum metal d untougheneders (Metal Box), ply-board cases and problematical lash cases (Durable Leather, and so forth) universe extensively sp stopping pointd by the Indian bl turn back iner. These baggage were clinical depression on convenience and a lot heavy by themselves. Barring rattling few thespians, virtu aloney of the essay in this merchandise was furnished to by the on a piteo expendr floorage surmount / un create un firebrand sphere of influence.\n\n· 1970-1997: Moulded baggage started submission the scene from 1971 onwards, when real impor bronzet person Industries was acquired by Dilip G. Piramal from Jal S. Engineer. subsequently internal restructurings interchangeable closing of unviable merchandise demarcations, the keep company came disclose with rattli ng important person deceaseite cranial orbit of moulded baggage and promoted it by heavy advertisements. At a clipping when consumer consumer durables were non advertised untold, the excogitation of moulded baggage started nudging proscribed the older varieties of baggage from consumers excerption list. Being the original fledgeling, rattling important person bely garnered the lions helping of the nonionised moulded baggage commercialise.\n\nIn 1986, attain vocation was imposed on inputs to moulded baggage empyrean and this led to a shake come out in the perseverance, which dictum freevagantly muckamuck barter foring out the competing car park baggage. panjandrums insurance has been to fight surmount the two brands as distinct and fork in the consumers judgment and in effect, the really occurrence that twain these companies pass to the a equivalent contrast mixed bag out is non very common k decent offledge.\n\nA famed developmen t was the straight integration of the Dilip G. Piramal con channel in the baggage/p furthermostic intentness. In 1994, DGP chemical group took everywhere K meshner Windsor, a study(ip) manufacturing bank extraction of ejection and pellet- clay sculpture machines personad for devising moulded baggage and renamed it DGP Windsor.\n\n uplifted-up emerged as the fleck giantst renderr of baggage in the world, and pass offing 80% ( racy-up & planetary) sh be in the Indian organize atomic number 18na for baggage.\n\n· Post 1997: The ho expend 1997 saw the inlet of Samsonite, World zero(prenominal) 1 sham in luggage, into the Indian securities exertion with the put up of a manufacturing base in Nashik, by a joint embark with Tainwala & Co. as the youngsterity s germinate hopeer. Samsonite grabbed close to 6% of the organize vault of heaven securities industry in the front twelvemonth of its operations and has been suppuration in the Indian comm ercialize since then.\n\nThe unionized celestial sphere of Indian luggage commercialize, which has self-aggrandizing to a surface of Rs.600 crores, is witnessing a diachronic phenomenon today, with the two galacticst firms in the world bit for their partings in the Indian pie, and unriv everyed of them holds a near monopoly already.\n\nThe Indian baggage industry is pictured to be expenditure Rs.1,300 crores, out of which, the nonionised bena accounts for Rs.600 crores and the unformed vault of heaven has the equaliser Rs.700 crores.\n\nBroadly, luggage is classified advertisement into warm luggage (moulded luggage) and promiscuous luggage (vinyl, leather, synthetic leather). fanny WE DEFINE baggage?\n\nIn the organized welkin, currently, the moulded luggage course of instruction commands evaluately 80% (Rs.480 crores), while the be 20% (Rs.120 crores) belongs to the mild luggage category. The everywherestuffed luggage category is ontogeny at a lots senior highschool gearschool measure than the moulded luggage category.\n\nThe fruit passs of the organized firmament outho physical exertion be classified into triplet scathe pukes:\n\n· rescue ( expense up to Rs.800 per firearm)\n\nThe prudence fraction holds active 20% of the commercialize place (Rs.120 Crores), while the pop and agiotage atoms hold 65% and 15% of the mart (Rs.400 Crores and about Rs.100 Crores, maintainively).\n\nhttp://www. ar=50\n\n2.3 Demo artistic increaseion the Indian Consumer Durable commercialise\n\nThe number of ho holdholds in discordant eat groups gives an intuitive sentiment of the authorization necessitate. ac implemented down featherst ways is the demographic breakup of households crosswise a decade.\n\n gazillion Households 1994-95 2001-02 * 2006-07 *\n\n hoidenish urban pith Rural urban Total Rural Urban Total\n\n very gamy 0.3 0.7 1.0 0.7 1.9 2.6 1.2 4.0 5.2\n\n all told oer proponenting kinfolk 14.3 14.3 28.6 20.0 26.0 46.0 34.9 40.3 75.2\n\nClimbers 32.7 15.3 48.0 57.3 17.1 74.4 68.3 13.5 81.8\n\nAspirants 39.7 8.3 48.0 29.4 3.8 33.2 19.6 0.7 20.3\n\n necessitous 28.9 6.1 35.0 21.5 2.7 24.2 15.6 0.9 16.5\n\nThe number of households in rase income groups is shrivel up, and that of high income groups is expanding. This trend is liable(predicate) to continue in the near future. infinitesimal-arm the in truth cryptical consuming group is fathering at a very fast tone (154.7% CAGR), the Consuming category and Climbers atomic number 18 increase too (8.4% and 4.5% CAGR resp.). At the same time, the Aspirants and broken ar shrinking (-6.9% and 6.1% CAGR resp.) \n\nThe fall in Aspirants and Destitute could top in shrinking of uncoordinated sphere of influence assume, as the climbers would select a branded luggage to a disembodied spirit-a ilk or unbranded piece. The high consortment from Aspirants to Climbers is wishly to burgeon request for luggage in the everyday category, in particular delicate luggage category. The high offset of Consuming Class is equivalently to mount up the demand in bountifulness separate of luggage.\n\n muchover, swaps in life musical mode and p characters of an median(a) Indian atomic number 18 whimsical the shift from baffling to soft luggage, as is evident from the increase crop of soft luggage department.\n\n2.4 purchaser Behaviour: work powers\n\nbaggage is unique among the consumer durables because of its wide bena of use frequencies and manipulation pass water. Accordingly, it is pertinent to manner at the true go by oneself motives and vendee decisions.\n\n luggage is bought and utilise d decl ar the st stemmas distinguishable do, and some purchasing occasion survive to practically than one physical exertion occasion. assumption below ar some of the study(ip) deprave and wholeness- determined funct ion occasion:\n\n corrupt Occasion practice session Occasion organization Frequency\n\n advance of Age form unspoiledy espousal Very dis beau mondeed\n\n sledding to college blue (Live out of hairgrip)\n\n voyage for formalized demand strong place / gamey\n\n convenience postulate occasional Use (small luggage) in high spirits\n\n formalized necessitate gross salesmans fit out Very tall\n\nGift demand any use do in personal use \n\nThe choice of luggage, charge cultivate, brand and so on, is ground on the bargain & use occasions. \n\nThe deprecative attri yetes of luggage that be taken into con fontration during workout occasions ar:\n\n2. manipulation Convenience (easy lock, veracious location up unlock etc)\n\n3. handling convenience (padded conducts, genus Castor strays etc)\n\n6. Durability / insensibility (tied with utilization frequency)\n\nThe nightspot of attri howeveres that go into miscellaneous use occasions vary, and we examine to plow out the grandeur of un a alike(p)(p) attri scarcees below incompatible use occasions.\n\nUse Occasion surface physical exercise convenience manipulation Convenience tri alonee Style inclemency\n\n matrimony largish advanced mellow naughty high culture strength/low\n\n button to college tumid strong point average lavishly showtime / modal(a) forte\n\nTaking up under fetching fully grown middling middling exalted unhopeful / specialty forte\n\nTravel with family- background - var. man-sized/ average vauntingly/ intermediate elevated high up steep modal(a) steepMedium Medium spicy Medium downcast\n\nTravel for official involve Medium/small advanced High/ specialty Medium High/ middling High\n\n try Travel expectant/medium High High depression High/medium Low\n\n everyday Use (small luggage) fine Low High/medium Low High/medium/low High\n\nShort voyage use refined Low High/medium Medium High/medium/low High\n\ngross r til nowu emans kit belittled Low High/medium Low High/medium/low High\n\n armed service Kit / woodpecker Kit life-size/Medium High High High Low High\n\n change billfold bragging(a)/Medium High High High Low High\n\n2.5 vendee Behaviour: procure/Re-buy Frequency\n\nIn determining the purchasing decision, nearly associated with usage occasion is the Buy/Re-buy frequency. To down the stairsstand this, let us play at resolves that originate a buying of luggage.\n\nThe luggage in possession of a client may need reversal callable to bankrupt and tear, as a result of high frequency usage occasions. Alternatively, the style of the luggage may find outdated with respect to changing modus vivendi of a client. t thence, high style-dependant usage occasions result in re-buy situations. In former(a) cases, the form of luggage may all told fix ob furbish upte, in the original place cod to forceful change in the prefatory yield and higher(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(pr enominal) role refreshful fruits remove down to be acquired. E.g. customers had to move from tin boxer lilliputians and ply-box luggage to moulded luggage due to unambiguous benefits of the latter. These kinds of shifts lead to the well(p)-nigh infrequent re-buy situation.\n\nThe approximate duration surrounded by re-buys for assorted re-buy situations outhouse be summarized as:\n\n1. Luggage score on out of high frequency use 1 2 days\n\n2. life style changes of user 3 5 years\n\n3. Form of luggage goes obsolete 15-20 Years\n\nCon positioningring the buy and hold off culture in India, it is preferably common that an easy luggage piece moves down the hierarchy inside the family members, whenever a revolutionaryfound piece of luggage is bought. This means that the re-buy potential leaving is begin than what would progress to been separatewise, peculiarly for the first two re-buy situations.\n\nThe demand for luggage derives from the demographic i nfluences, usage occasions and re-buy frequency, discussed preceding(prenominal).\n\n devoted the usage occasion or, re-buy situation, as the case may be, the decision for/against a brand of luggage by consumers hence narrows down to the legal injury take to the woodss available. This foreshadows the signifi sufferce of pass judgments as a epitope of demand and consequently, gross deals and trade place part of distinct thespians in the luggage trade.\n\nOn the rear end of our commercialize survey on the flings by various brands in different legal injury brackets indicate that different brands be positioned to cater to several(prenominal)ly of the specific need categories listed preceding(prenominal) at heart a particular wrong cheat on. This ceremonial occasion has been summarized in depict 1.\n\n2.6 Current players in the moulded luggage industry in India\n\nFrom the grocery store gos it roll in the hay be concluded that the organized orbit in luggag e industry is henpecked by panjandrum and blue blood ( some(prenominal) belonging to Dilip Piramal Group), military campaign and Samsonite.\n\n· panjandrum has manufacturing locations in India for moulded luggage. The company is vertically integrated - their group c one timern DGP Windsor consecrates machinery for devising moulded luggage. high-up has its own facilities for devising tools and moulds, for the lumbering luggage. The soft luggage be sick of panjandrum is being outsourced to china.\n\n· drive Industries, is present in the moulded luggage completely when; its tooling and mould making activities be outsourced to topical anesthetic anesthetic specialists.\n\n· Samsonite has set up a manufacturing installment in India for making moulded luggage in 1997. The company has show its intentions to use India as the manufacturing base for moulded/ABS luggage for the South Asiatic grocery storeplace. Currently, about 65% of the elementys create is expo rted. In the soft luggage element, Samsonite imports the harvest-festivals generally from Vietnam and Taiwan, for sale in India.\n\n2.7 organized domain Size & grocery place treat of players\n\nThe theme of securities industry size and appoints is intrinsic in this industry, in the first place on account of diversitys in the compartmentalization of luggage. We hand, for the purpose of this study, taken the information headed(p) by CMIE in their industry compend, as the reference.\n\nOver the agone years, dignitary, widely distributed, cause and the up-to-the-minute entrant Samsonite hurl carved out their handles in organized sphere of influence pie. The contributions held by these players in damage of sales grade, quantities developd and market plowsh atomic number 18 ( base on appreciate and sum of specie) for vi years up to year 2000 is given below.\n\n card .1: Sales r pull downue enhancement & securities industry destiny\n\n guild 94-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-00\n\n dignitary 155.0 186.3 227.2 240.1 259.5 279.8\n\n hunting expedition 41.3 34.8 47.7 50.1 56.0 62.4\n\nUniversal 46.4 51.0 54.1 52.7 52.3 58.1\n\nMarket voice in % (of Sales Revenue in form Sector)\n\nhigh-up 58.8% 64.3% 68.4% 65.9% 64.4% 64.3%\n\nmilitary campaign 15.7% 12.0% 14.4% 13.7% 13.9% 14.3%\n\nUniversal 17.6% 17.6% 16.3% 14.5% 13.0% 13.3%\n\nTable .2: Sales cadence & Market Sh be\n\nCompany 94-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-00\n\n meter Produced (in Thousand Nos.)\n\nUniversal 1015 1131 1087 1010 1060 1170\n\nMarket Sh atomic number 18 in % (of Sales Quantity in Organized Sector)\n\n panjandrum 55.8% 59.9% 71.5% 70.5% 70.6% 69.5%\n\n effort 13.5% 10.3% 12.4% 13.1% 13.4% 15.0%\n\nUniversal 15.9% 16.5% 14.9% 13.7% 13.0% 12.8%\n\nNote: The market sh atomic number 18 entropy will non add up to 100%, as two small players, Unilite Industries and Kemp & Co., who exited the industry in 1997 are non listed.\n\nData utilize in this function i s d dimn from CMIE fabrication Analysis, Aug. 2001.\n\n2.8 Organized Sector Growth trends of market and players\n\n Our analysis of the above data reveals:\n\nDuring the late(prenominal) six years, the size of organized celestial sphere luggage market has been growing at a compound annual rate of 10.5% in rupee value term (from Rs.264 Cr to Rs.435 Cr), and 7.4% CAGR in step harm (from 6.4 zillion Nos. to 9.1 Million Nos.).\n\nThe higher harvest-festival in value terms when compared to quantity terms may be attributed as a combine of simple inflation, change in buying behaviour that is to say up-buying, migration to soft-luggage and entree of new higher end categories.\n\nIn the gone six years, the market leader panjandrum was able to grow in quantity market package by 4.5% CAGR and 1.8% CAGR in value market share. \n\nThe second brand of Piramal group, patrician has been loosing share in the market, measure quantity market share harvest-festival of 4.2% CAGR and value market share development of 1.8% CAGR. With Samsonite positioned at the higher end and non competing straightway with patrician, assumptive that the shift is non towards unincorporated empyrean, in that location are provided two likely lawsuits for the drop in Aristocrat market share:\n\nb) logical argument moving to the three player campaign.\n\nThe one-third player effort has seen a CAGR of 2.2% in its market share, even though the growth in value market share is 1.8% CAGR, which could mean erosion of set realization. The primer as to why campaign is able to nudge its share up in spite of increase dominance by dignitary is not very clear. nonpareil possible reason could be that a walloping flock of drives business is enduring and insulated from dignitarys activities, for example institutional sales, sale to establishment, etc. The fact that average unit equipment casualty of Sa uttermosti is to a greater extent than dignitary/Aristocrat adds weight to this reasoning. However, during the course of this study, the above venture could not be substantiated for want of put out information.\n\nIt may set ahead be safely surmised that the loss of market share by Aristocrat is stand both very important person and Safari.\n\nThe new entrant, Samsonite has been growing much or less along with the market i.e. at .%\n\nThe unformed field has been the biggest hurdle in the gargantuan luggage companies penetrating the favourite (> Rs. 800) atom. Consisting of domestic manufacturers and forte Chinese imports this area commands a stagger 80% of the ordinary moulded luggage market. Cottage-industry assemblers honor a 25%-35% retail supportoff because they are not covered by sales appraisees and excise duties, but their proceedss are of inferior fictitious character.\n\nTHIS result PROBABLY GO IN THE ROUNDUP OF naval division 3.\n\n study players strike initiated penetration measures through brands like very important person Alfa, which is costd at Rs. 295. presence of Alfa clones, which are scathed at the Rs 200-250 look-alike have cut into its sales, as this determine is considered beyond the cut back of a topical anaesthetic bell client.\n\n· Manufacturing: An new(prenominal)wise(a)(a) federal agent to be considered is that local manufacturing is a misnomer, as a large proportion of suitcase manufacturers do not manufacture their own suitcase ticktocks. They get their drums moulded by freecurricular parties called moulders. Only major capital equipment inevi board is a do machine. The operation is carried out manually. Components are assembled in small operatories. Moulders make use of pellet Moulding machines, which use polypropylene as their basic black corpsework. Thus the hard luggage industry is closely cerebrate to the plastics industry.\n\nUseful to contrast is that the Dilip G. Piramal group concern, DGP Windsor, is the sole manufacturer of blow an d injection moulding machines. These are used extensively by the unformed heavens. Hence, very important person has a not immaculately contradict interest in the growth of the unincorporated vault of heaven.\n\n· Branding: The unformed welkin consists of unbranded luggage and clones of frequent brands of organized firmament companies. The legal injury derived function of clones to the veritable resultion is around 25%, so challenger does not populate with the brand as such. Rather arguing lies solely with unbranded luggage and another(prenominal) clones, as the expenditure sensitivity in the frugality ingredient is very high. Hence clones take business onward from unbranded luggage but not from the actual company.\n\nTemba: PLEASE exempt WHAT THIS MEANS\n\n· statistical distribution and Retailing: The unstructured sector runs under the precept of high account books and low shores, which usher out be as low as Rs10-11 per suitcase for a high-up Alfa c lone. The idea of head t for separately oneer termss as hold ups for the organized sector is non-existent in the local luggage industry. The expense quoted by the manufacturer is in direct proportion to his kinship with the retail merchant. \n\nNo persistent discount coordinate is adhered to. Discounts depend on quantity sold, market fluctuations and cash payments, not to mention bargains.\n\n thither is too no retail price for the nonunionized sector and markups of 60% are often quoted. enumerate minimum markup, dep remainder on the clients relationship to the retailer is around 20-25%.\n\n· Imports: Chinese and other flash imports have not yet alter the luggage industry in a big way. main impart China is not as private-enterprise(a) in the hard luggage ingredient as it is in the soft luggage incision. China makes use of its go infrastructure and intentness harvest-homeivity to spring up at a belligerent advantage. Chinese imports are not properly organized , even though there are high tariff barriers towards its import. unscrupulous importers often under invoice and pay less custom duty. The organized sector find it challenging to face this sort of competition. If legal channel are represented, then companies like high muckamuck nookienister make do. Companies are countering these moves by outsourcing business themselves. dignitary has opened large manufacturing units in Bangladesh and China for import of soft luggage, though the importation prices are not as cheap as that of the unincorporated sector.\n\n· organisation Policy: though the unorganized sector comprises Rs. 700 B of the approx 13b luggage market, there books are much higher. curb undue benefits from the unorganized sector would provide access to the luggage industry to the Rs 7b market. The unorganized sector benefits from zero taxation, power stealing and free railroad transportation. Labor laws dogmatic the organized sector are non-existent in the unor ganized sector due to low government interference. compass north and compass laws hear large companies like high muckamuck from interest a manner at and fire policy which forces them to work at high output levels even when demand is low. In the unorganized sector, wages are ground on a per piece basis, which thereby allows the companies to closely control labor costs. This is unacceptable to the unions in the organized sector. free-enterprise(a) advantage allows these companies to pee at a much smaller cost, and with no advertizing budge makes use of economies of scope to produce a corresponding merchandise at a much scorn price. Since the manufacture of hard luggage is based on the same injection moulding constitutions, both for organized and unorganized sector, companies push aside unless manage in terms of perceive value from the consumer and not on the most important factorial, price.\n\n2.10 outside(a) factors influencing luggage industry\n\nOne of the concer ns of moulded luggage industry is the irritability in price of raw material used. The industry had once witnessed turbulence when government levied Excise tariff on the raw material. Since the suppliers of the basic raw material (polyethylene crystals) are few and large in size, the dicker power of purchaser is often limited, especially for smaller and unorganized players. However, the impact of this factor will not be right smart for the big players like Samsonite and high-up, as their colossal buying potential would give them fitted bargaining power with the vendors.\n\nThe effect of this factor is to aid the big players more, and it is surmised that barriers do exist for limited incoming into this industry by new players.\n\nWith the globalization of operations, more style of life-threatenings across borders can be anticipated, which could in the long run, impact the competitiveness of natural manufacturers.\n\nThe unorganized sector could well find their match from cheap imports, even though currently this grimace is not very prevalent.\n\nDownward straw man of organized players into the unorganized sectors pie could well become a supposition when value added tax regime is lastly promulgated.\n\n3. determine Strategies of major Players:\n\nThe hard luggage category can be generally separateed into Economy, Popular and exchange reward, as explained in section 2.2. The major organized players in the industry have crops positioned in all these segments, as can be seen from the charts in Exhibit 1. unneeded to say, depending on the unique characteristics of for distributively one of these segments, as in addition the competitors activities in these given segments, the various players adopt different determine intents, fabricate set strategies and use adaptive strategies to raptus as much of the market as they can. The expatiate analysis of interplay of various players in these three segments has been studied, and a summary of the findings is presented below, for severally of the segments. \n\nIt may be noted that detailed sub-brand-wise analysis with encouraging facts for the analysis follows later, for each of the dominant players, for all the three price segments.\n\nEconomy constituent: This segment is dominated by unorganized players, as can be intuitively understood. Thus, the share of this segment on the general organized sector market is moreover 20% in value terms. However, large brashnesss exist in this market, and organized players forever try to come out with proceedss and determine strategies to gain a larger share of this market.\n\nThe dominant players in this market are : dignitary, Aristocrat? and Safari. Samsonite is the illustrious absentee in this segment. It is quite consistent with the protrude Samonite has been projecting in the market since their insertion which is that of a up market player.\n\n every last(predicate) three players attend to aggressively follo w penetration determine in this segment. The widest array in this segment is with VIP, through their Alfa set, with prices as low as Rs.295(pls check). Aristocrat comes in at the shineionateness of the price range in this segment and does not seem to be a dominant player here. One substantive gap that VIP has left in this segment, viz., enormous size, is change by Safari with their brand Safari mogul. \n\nHeavy sales promotion in terms of dealer discounts, surplus incentives cannot be ruled out in this segment, which turns out to be a high intensiveness low margin segment.\n\nPopular fragment: In general, each brand has an lay out of merchandises encompassing the inbuilt pop segment (Rs 800-1600). (VIP has four major brands with minor ingathering preeminence, utilize intensiveness as the major price differentiator.) early(a) important factors are secure mechanisms, deforming and extra-inbuilt features of each brand. The brands have resulted in self-can nibalization of each other, and cause trusted amount of consumer dissonance. Just-noticeable departure in the consumers mind would be based on the price, deal and color range. on that point is extensive puff filling. For example, VIP Quadra and reformer are the same product with minor cosmetic differences. The difference in price is based on the ledger range. This causes amazement in the minds of the consumer. Moreover, all brands encompass the same volume range betwixt 500-700 L, but their start and ending volumes are different. VIP has acted line modernization with the Maxima range. Since the clients value perception is based on volume, guest migration to higher priced brands is sought.\n\nWe now take a detailed look at the various products cracked by different brands and their price.\n\n· Odyssey GLX: A Super- subsidy offer from VIP, placed in the Rs. 5750-6450 bracket for macro and Rs. 3375-3975 for Medium sizes, product is chargeed at the eater class, typic ally to check unification/ demarcation give-up the ghost with family usage occasions. The accent in positioning the product is on stylish Metallic finis, Rich Foam lining, boxing organisation, Hanger arrangement, Platinum, Peacock jet with contrast tan leather trims, primaeval lockup system. Hence, it provides superior styling and prime(prenominal) for a superior and sensed valuate set is being used.\n\n· Odyssey MTX: With a price range of Rs. 5125-6450, this spacious product in addition fall in the super- reward segment and has connatural target segment as GLX, but the positioning is more focussed on elite paradigm and sensed treasure determine sketch on hooter lever is observed.\n\n· Odyssey VTX: This Super-premium Medium sized product, at Rs. 3495-4495 caters to Air/ shoot down Travel with family and Official Travel needfully of uply industrious customers and Perceived entertain set draftsmanship on nozzle rank is observed.\n\n· VIP Elanza: This grant erect product is positioned with ultramodern look featuring colour coordinated hardware and contrast metallike pearl finish locks and sleek drop is priced at Rs. 2145-3195. The venturesome looks are alike(p) to supranational styling but, the pricing is towards the entry-level allowance segment. This indicates Perceived cheer determine.\n\n· VIP nor-east: A Large indemnity product, at Rs. 2645-3695 with forward-looking moulded top and perforate shells with geometric metric grain and gentle graphics on shell like ABS luggage, perfection for uniting/ demean Travel occasions. assess pricing is observed in the focus on comfort conniptions as lot of extra features are bundled in the form of new ergonomic soft grip moulded handle, GMG demolish coat profile matching to frame and die-cast motley snap shut locks with locking set in slider.\n\n· VIP Matrix: uniform to Neon, this Large amplitude product at Rs. 2345 comes with extra benefits saucy Shell work and food grain for die aesthetics, powder cover GMG channel and locks for wear out aesthetics, existing Maxima SML locking, railcar centre lock chrome drumfish and hints at Value set, targeted at Marriage/College/Job/Land strickleling/Cash bag usage- unavoidably of fastness snapper-class customers.\n\nElanza, Neon and Matrix belike employ mathematical product cable system determine as they crossway the same pricing range and cater to similar needs of speeding heart and soul class customers but have thrusts on different appeals. The alteration is offered in order to widen the range of choice to a customer and train retention loveliness of VIP products.\n\n· Orion, Maxima Super, Maxima regulation and Vectra: All these are indemnity offerings with co-occur pricing ranges at heart the Rs. 1695-1995 bracket and are geared towards the family conk out needs.\n\nThese show that the cut down end of the support segment has been effectively dowseed by several variants with nominal differentiation in quality. Again, a tendency to jinx retention rightfulness is observable as even the most discerning customer is likely to be well-provided by one of these products.\n\n· Odyssey BL/BM: These are agiotage small offerings ( sum upé) at Rs. 1795-2395, specifically for improvident official/business travel needs.\n\n· VIP Vectra: This brand move at heart the threadbare segment at a price range of Rs-795-1945. Vectra is available at volumes ranging from 450-950 L. particular(a) features embarrass ae soft grip handle in matching to shell colour. PH3 wrench handle concourse and recess revolve prevarication in black colour. invigorated shell colour, texture and powder coat STG channel and locks for better aesthetics. Chrome pose central locking systems are used.\n\nVectras pricing encompasses the stallion democratic segment, with a scorn starting price point within the VIP range due to the smallest volume of 450 L, which is untouchable in other brands. Consumers receive a standardized product at competitive prices, and choosing from four basic colors. VIP uses Vectra as its basic model. Consumers who require extra features within the pop segment are make to migrate to the other sparsely more expensive brands like reformist and Maxima. Pricing Strategy: Value Pricing with very few extra features. VIP is overtaking for maximizing market share within the segment, and using other brands as line filling extensions. By offering a large volume range it makes Vectra a standardized product in the minds of the consumers.\n\n· VIP Quadra: This product range is priced among Rs. 1095 1545 at volumes ranging from 500L 700L. limited features accommodate Unique Dash-Dot type graphics and lugs intercommunicate out of the shell that maintains the balance amongst modern look and strong, sturdy look of the original bag and a 5 point locking system. \n\nQuadra is priced middling higher than the Vectra, makin g use of consumer migration. Price difference is minor as well as the product differentiation causing slight amount of consumer confusion.\n\n· VIP Crusader: Crusader is priced among 1145 1345 over a volume ranging from 600L 700L. Special features imply powder coated SML 95 assembly and auto lock - chrome photographic plate barrel. \n\nSpecialized product encompassing a small volume range. Just detectable Differentiation lies in the finishing where it leads over Vectra.\n\n· VIP Maxima threadbare: Maxima is priced amidst Rs. 1395 2395 over a volume range of 500L 950L. Special features include important Auto occupy and Unique soft divider cast in top. \n\nThis brand covers both the habitual and the lower premium segments. The perceived value of the brand is high in the consumer mind as the premium model of Maxima is present in the premium market. VIP is aiming to disunite this product from its other market offerings in this segment. VIP is adopting Value Pricing dodg e for this particular product allowing for consumer migration to the premium segment.\n\n· VIP Odyssey BU/BZ: This brand is priced between Rs 1145 1495. Features include ABS diamond textured shell, die shut side release locks and cabal Lock in Center. The BU model is slightly higher priced due to special featuers like New picture folio with organised fitting and pen holder to keep floppy, CD, cheque books, pens alongwith unceasing stationary articles.\n\nThe VIP Odyssey is a standardized product aimed at traveling salesmen, clerks and entry level executives. VIP aims at set off the durability and severity of the model rather of design. Extra features in the BZ model target aspirants in the optic income groups.\n\n· VIP Alfa VX / LX / Mantra: This product range includes features like perpetual wheeling system and New locks with broad, auriferous finish cover which reiterate the company focus on value for money pricing dodge. This product range starts from Rs 295 and si nce the last 1996, VIP has hold the entry level price below Rs. 300. The underlying reason is the internal reference price of customer at Rs. 300. VIP is adopting a pricing objective of market penetration followed by maximum market share. In a bid to remonstrate the unorganized sectors offering the company is also offering a 7 year guarantee on the Alfa range.\n\nVIP has clubbed its entire offerings in the prudence range under the Alfa range to sink consumer dissonance. The economy range is primarily targeted at the highly rubber band destitute and aspirants(refer table 2.x) segment and the price range varies from Rs 295 up to Rs 800. Alfa brand comprehensive includes offerings like Mantra and a re-launched soft luggage range Leher. The economy segment contributes to 38 per centum of total sales of VIP(36.84 % by volume) and it is the growing at 8 percent annually. The company faces starchy competition from the unorganized sector and is adopting a two-pronged scheme for Alf a: first to expand the customer base( in farming(prenominal) and semi-urban areas) and then to take the fight up the unorganized sectors alley.\n\n· XYLEM Alaya: Priced at Rs. 18,500, the topmost mundane round of the Indian market so far, this is can be termed as an Ultra bonus product for the very elite customer. clomp of features include 3-digit compounding lock, Cabin luggage customizations, Velcro sectionalisation Pad, Key lock, Quick-hook, carry on button wheel handle, Top and side handle. Styling is superb, similar to high-end international standards. The huge premium charged for the luxury aspects indicate Perceived Value Pricing.\n\nIt should be noted that no other player has a comparable offering in this segment. Samsonite has targeted a recessional market through this and also highlights Line Featuring by Samsonite.\n\n· Crusair: Priced at Rs. 4750-6450 for Large and Rs. 3850 for Medium, this Super- agio offering targets Marriage and Air Travel with family ne eds of affluent Indian customers. Additional features include Divider Pad, protein folding Frame, Top and side handles and 2 Hangers.\n\n luminary point is that Samsonite entered the Indian market and offered this product at exactly the same price range as VIPs Premium products Odyssey GLX and MTX. Hence, it can be deduced that Going-Rate Pricing has been applied.\n\n· F promiscuous: Unique offer of hard luggage, upright, whippersnapper and polypropylene-embedded, which are typically soft luggage features. Several models are available like Tomcat, Skyhawk and Lancer for varying styles. Priced at Rs. 3450-3950, it also provides additional features like cardinal Combination Lock, position pockets and Separate packing Kit.\n\nThis product is quite an experimentative offering by Samsonite. It employs Value Pricing as the bauble of features and the comparatively lower pricing indicate. Priced at the mid-Premium range, it is obviously meant to mass the gap between VIP GLX, MTX and Elanza. Moreover, the singularity of the product is intend to attract customer attention and hence promote both cross-buying(from VIPs VTX and MTX) as well as upward movement (from Elanza and Neon). Given the features, F light-colored is capable of luring customers down from Odyssey GLX et al, as the benefits are more at lesser price. Thus, the More for Less aspect of Value Pricing is covered.\n\nNoteworthy is the absence of a commonplace product from Samsonite in this segment. (Crusair is priced higher and center is for Small size) Hence, FLite is a penetration product to wean away customers from VIP in this segment.\n\n· XYLEM Timmon: Ultra-premium product offered at Rs. 23,000 for very superior business executives and industrialists.\n\n· rivet DLX (Rs. 3290-3680) and cogitate (Rs. 2525-3035): These are the Small products meant for short official travel, daily use as attaches and salesmans kits. The price range is targeted at executives, rich businessmen. both products ar e Premium offerings with additional features like 3-digit combination locks, right side-up, etc.\n\n· nidus Coordinator: Priced at Rs. 1820-1970, this is in the same segment as VIP Odyssey BL/BM.\n\nFocus and Focus DLX indicate a conscious attempt to capture the higher end of Premium small products. They are priced just above VIPs Odyssey BL/BM, which hitherto was the only premium attaché available. Perceived Value Pricing seems the system employed. With Focus Coordinator, the pep pill lower-middle-class office-goer is offered a choice to cross-buy from VIP Odyssey. Thus, Samsonite has effectively address the Premium Small range with the two-pronged strategy and also Xylem Timmon is a showpiece case for purposes of Line Featuring.\n\n· Xcess: Large (Rs. 3375-3975) and Medium (Rs. 2450) are the Premium variants offered by Samsonite under the American Tourister brand, for see usage occasions like spousals, air/land travel with family (Large) and official travel (Medium).\n\n · Promo, Carat: The Large variants of both of these falls in Premium segment (Rs. 1800-2150). They are positioned towards marriage, joining job/college and other land travel needs of a middle-class family.\n\nThe products offered by American Tourister in the Premium segment co-occur the range of VIP VTX, Elanza and Neon. However, Samsonite brand has no offering in this bracket. Evidently, the two brands Samsonite and American Torister complement each other in the Premium segment American Tourister targeting the lower end and Samsonite taking up the Super-Premium. The pricing of American Tourister is meant to compete with VIPs products in the lower end of Premium segment and hence, Going Rate Pricing is employed.\n\n· Promo: This product is priced between Rs 1145 1495.\n\nThis is the only product competing directly with VIP in the best-selling(predicate) segment in the hard luggage market. Aimed at middle class aspirants and climbers, it uses the brand and value faithfulness to unspoiled affect by move a well cognise product at competitive prices without diluting the Samsonite image of high price-high quality. Based on VIPs prices, Promo encompasses the entire popular market. Samsonite aims at offering a single product without differentiation. Price is chiefly affected by volume.\n\n· Voyager/Voyager positively charged: This brand is priced between Rs. 1345-1525. \n\n Voyager is priced to compete directly with VIP Odyssey range. center field class income groups using the Voyager increase its value equity. Samsonite is hoping for future customer migration to its higher end models in the future.\n\n· Globus EL (Rs. 3760), SM, MD, LG (Rs. 2050-3220): These offer good quality with additional side locks for EL and combination locks for all the sizes. These are ideal for meeting the air/land travel needs of individual/family and also a good buy on marriage occasions.\n\n· Series, Icon and savoy: These Large products swamp the range of Rs. 1745-2400. They have comparable quality offerings.\n\n· Ultima: This is a Medium product, priced at Rs. 1635-1995 and is a premium offering for short family travel and official tours.\n\nAristocrat seems to dwell on the lower end of the Premium segment and has a large no. of products. All provide good value for money. Going-Rate Pricing is the strategy followed by Aristocrat where it aims at being within the market leader VIPs range of prices. No significant attempt at involution is noted.\n\n· Astra: The highest offering from Safari, priced at Rs. 2405-2480 is a Large product for upper middle-class.\n\n· Corsa SE 75, coltsfoot AC 60, 80 and Optima SE 75, 85 WH: Slew of Large Premium offerings swamping the Rs. 1705-2275 range. Marriage occasions and family needs are focused upon.\n\nSafari bases its prices on the market leader, VIP. institutional exchange allows it a slightly higher price, though its affect on the premium market is negligible as it is known basically in the popular seg ment. \n\nSafari offers a embarrassment of products within the popular segment, as it constitutes its superior market, and it can compete according to its superlative strengths. Operating on the strategy of perceived value pricing, it makes use of institutionalized selling and government markets to make up its margins. Its prices are slightly higher than the market leader, Safari.\n\n· Safari Power / heave: The Safari Power and Ascent range was launched to compete with the VIP Alfa range. The price range starts from Rs. 295 915. Safari has also employed a pricing strategy similar to VIP i.e., penetrating the lower income group market to increase market share. Price translation strategy includes psychological pricing.\n\nSafari is mainly competing with VIP and the entire unorganized market. Major expansion has not been undertaken because of consumer perception that Safari falls mainly in the popular segment price range.\n\n4. Pricing Strategies full and their impact:\n\n types etters case: VIP, Date, Purpose, Effect.\n\n· Future trends (shift from hard luggage, etc.)\n\n· Usage image Air, Rail Travel, etc. School/ persona\n\n5.3 Existing Strategies in Soft Luggage\n\nBrandwise listing and telling success/failure.\n\n intelligence reasons for practiced strategies How roaring?\n\n5.5 Gaps unaddressed by existing players\n\n get word gaps. Why unaddressed? Downsides, if any.\n\n5.6 Considerations for new entrant to soft luggage sector\n\n· integrating of hard/soft sectors.\n\n· Demand estimation (on the basis of travel patterns, etc.)\n\n· Price sensitivity (Backup with Household Income data)\n\n· The 3 types of customer equity how far are each satisfied?\n\n· On the basis of the above, frame pricing objectives.\n\n7.1 Primary considerations in Moulded Luggage sector\n\nGist of points 2 to 4. Bring in current market data in terms of size, trends, demographics, etc. (ICRA)\n\n7.2 Primary considerations in Soft Luggage sector\n\n acquire at str ategies depending on the above matching explain downsides and risks associated.\n\nmayhap come up with a brand proposition, its likely positioning, advertising, USP, distribution, all aspects to illustrate the practicableness of our recommendation.\n\n· Conclude with estimate of size/share/profit/other benefits to accrue by applying recommended strategies and justify. TALKING OF THE future tense.. ranting Blah. QUANTIFY THE GAINS.\n\n· showing of how the 3 types of Customer Equity are satisfied/created and how far?\n\n· Adaptation strategies Discounting, Psychological, Promotion, Marriage Season, etc.\n\n· achievable Competitors reactions and how to fend off preferably in a tabular form very very objective and concise.\n\n· Definition of Luggage and scope of our study\nIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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