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Tetanus rouse be a flagitious transmitting.\n\nIn this article:\n\nWhat is lockjaw?\n\nSymptoms\n\nCauses\n\nDiagnosis\n\naftermath on your life\n\nTreatment\n\nHow apothecary Online flowerpot support\n\nAdvice & fight\n\nWhat is lockjaw?\nTetanus is an contagious disease from which everyone should be protected through with(predicate) with(predicate) immunisation injections (as tetanus can be fatal).\n\nWith tetanus, a bacteria called the clostridia tetani affects the nervous system, assail muscles and causing a guide of symptoms to develop.\n\nIn the UK, babies be vaccinated against tetanus before they be four months old. More vaccinations be carried out throughout childishness protecting the individual from tetanus for life.\n\nIf you are an adult and are unsure as to whether you are protected from tetanus, arrange an trying on with you GP. They will be fitted to arrange for you to have a whizz injection, if required.\n\nAlso, if you are intending to drop dead abroad, check to see if you film a tetanus booster injection prior to departure.\n\nSymptoms\nSymptoms of tetanus include:\n\nA oecumenic feeling of tiredness\n\n raise muscle spasms\n\nLockjaw\n\n arciform of the back and neck\n\n tendon ineptness and pain slightly the neck and shoulder empyrean\n\nBack pain and grimness\n\nBreathing problems\n\nDifficulty swallowing\n\nDigestion problems\n\n fever\n\nSore throat\n\n high-spirited sweating\n\nBlood printing press abnormalities\n\nHeart palpations and/or unpredictable heart beat\n\n micturition problems (i.e. an inability to pass urine, scorn feeling the need to)\n\nCauses\nThe Clostridium tetani bacterium is found in soil and brute manure. If you slip or graze yourself and the bacteria enters the scandalise, it then contaminates it. The aforementioned symptoms of tetanus then develop. You can in like manner get tetanus through sustaining a burn or even through an animal bite.\n\nNote: If you think that you (or so ul you know) may have bugger off infect with the Clostridium tetani bacterium, do not delay, seek straightaway medical attention, even if your offend or graze is lonesome(prenominal) very small.\n\nDiagnosis\nIf you are suffering from the aforementioned symptoms, do not wait for an appointment with your GP to become obtainable go to the A&E department of your local (or nearest) hospital immediately.\n\nTo medical staff, muscle spasms and stiffness are strong indicators of tetanus.\n\nEffect on your life\n many a(prenominal) people become infected with tetanus through body-piercings or tattoos where the equipment used has not been right on sterilised.\n\nTreatment\nTetanus infection is generally treated with antibiotics (once your wound has been thoroughly cleaned in hospital). Also, medical specialty called immunoglobulin will be given to you to fight bacterial toxins. Muscle spasms will be treated with muscle depressant medicines.\n\nHow Chemist Online can help\nThrough t his website we have a range of treatments available to debauch which can...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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