Friday, January 20, 2017

Cognitive Dissonance Theory and Racism

Since the field of neighborly psychology first began its investigation into the phenomenon of racism and prejudice, a topic of significant theories have been constructed in an attempt to in effect consider prejudice and provide metaphysical insight into the various slipway in which we as a society, individual(a)s, and psychologists ar to help convince this sizable global issue. such(prenominal) social mental theories acknowledge: Authoritarian Personality Theory, The defeat Aggression Hypothesis, Realist Conflict theory, mixer Identity Theory, Social eruditeness theory, Social Cognition and cognitive racket theory. Each of these theories has provided speculative insight into various aboriginal factors that are relevant to the formulation, maintenance, and panorama of prejudice. However, of all the social psychological theories that have attempted to effectively conceptualize prejudice and in so doing develop ways of reducing its grossly insalubrious effects on the individual and society, Festingers (1957) theory of Cognitive Dissonance seems genius of the more or less relevant to the clinical applications of working with racialist individuals, primarily because the theory provides clinicians with both significant conceptual and mulish insight into devil of the simple psychological elements that are most relevant to the process of help clients change their racist or prejudicial viewpoints in treatment, to wit the relational process that exists amongst an individuals cognitions and the behavioral consequences that occur as a result.\nThe theory of cognitive dissonance, according to Festinger (1957), postulates that pairs of cognitions can be either related or unrelated to cardinal another. If two cognitions are related to one another, they are considered then to be either harmonized or dissonant. For two cognitions to be consonant one must follow directly from the other; they are considered dissonant if the inverse of one cognition f ollows from the other.... If you want to entrance a full essay, revisal it on our website:

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