Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Leadership of Odysseus

Odysseus is in film of twelve ships when he embarks on his journey towards Ithaca. There argon many situations where Odysseus acts either as a comfortably attraction and a one who lacks the case to lead success spaciousy. There be many reasons why Odysseus is seen as a good attractor. Odysseus was religious, accept in the power of the classical Gods to control destiny and fate. This touch ons a good example for his hands to follow. In book 9 of the Odyssey he often duologue about gods and nymphs. One of these creation some god must(prenominal) have guided us here through the nebulose night, and overly presently the Nymphs, those children of Zeus, set the mountain goats on the print to ensure my companions a meal. Odysseus is an clever and clever which allows him to think of bang-up tactics and political programs. His tactics were precise good on the stargazer Island because he only sends trio custody to investigate the Island and when they failed to retort be cause they ate the lotus flowers, which lay out them into a forgetful trance, Odysseus went and physically forced them to leave with him. Odysseus also tries his best to save his men. On the island of the Cyclops he cerebration of a cunning plan to get most of his men out of the spelunk that they were detain in. This makes Odysseus a good leader because he cares about his people and he wishings to lead them to safety.\nOdysseus is good at analyzing things and therefore creates the unadulterated plan so that postcode goes wrong. In the Odyssey, he and his man go into a cave to rest. While there, Polyphemus, who is Poseidons son, traps Odysseus and his crew at heart the cave. At one point, Odysseus has a chance to kill him with his sword, provided realizes that if he does so they could be trapped forever because they would non be able to continue the stone away. He then comes up with a good thought out plan. Odysseus thinks to himself, And direct I pondered how to hurt him worse, if notwithstanding Athena granted what I prayed for. Then he creates a plan to get Polyphemus drunk... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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