Monday, October 17, 2016

Prevailing Wars in the 21st Century

As soon as the clock struck dozen on the eve of January 2001, the pitch filled with gleaming fireworks. It was the climb up of the 21st century, a bare-ass millennia, and the human civilization was celebrating the dot of its prosperity, which was largely brought upon by scientific marvels of the past two centuries. n onenesstheless barely nine months later, a terrorist attack would mark the low of a new chapter in humanitys all-fired history. After the attack, militaries of the just about supposedly powerful nations would mobilize to persist what they saw as a threat to world quiescence. inside months, a well forth nation became, socially and economically, more or less entirely crippled, and an other plunged ass into civil war. Millions, in the consequence of the September 11 attack, were make to suffer at the workforce of a few miscreants actions and at the words of even few politicians.\nWars have been an integral, unavoidable fit of human societies since thei r liveence. Regardless of all the\nadvancements humans have make thus far, world peace seems like a out-of-town dream. Our technological breakthroughs have helped us progress materially, but failed to value what we perhaps need most: moral ethics. No other living beings treat one of their own as brutally as humans do. Although erudition propels the world today, and has no grammatical construction for peace, and was never meant to provide a moral upbringing. It trick buoy be used for progress, but it can be used just as much for destruction. The Japanese and Germans, with all their technological superiority, chose a path of annihilation. One can argue, I suppose, that science do them too arrogant.\nNevertheless, the question body: why do wars exist today when most of us, if non all, are well advised that all the\nresources wasted on warfare could be divert somewhere more originative? Appropriating military expenditures\ninto eliminating poverty & illiteracy, for example , would be a much more profitable venture. Do the antagonists\n non under...

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